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I am looking for opportunities to make creative projects happen, to streamline and innovate systems, to empower people, to grow imaginations.


  • Inventive thinker with lifelong experience posing and dissecting problems.
  • Cultivates wide awarenesses: pulls them all into the thoroughgoing abilities to see, plan, communicate, and adaptively respond. Solves on a team, in the lead, and independently.
  • Knows and loves the web.

Work experience

Nov 2010Present


Waveguide Lights

Responsibilities: Design and fabricate biofeedback devices for autism therapy. Collaborate with and support team of electricians, programmer, cabinet maker, and electrical engineer, designers, and physician. Plan device commercialization.

Jan 2009Present

Content Engineer

On with Your Head

Responsibilities: create, optimize, and distribute portrait and paper toy content. Socially engage customers online. Capture, analyze, and follow up on site statistics and web presence metrics. Develop and update website.

Dec 2010Feb 2011

Online Marketing Specialist/Project Manager

Sanctuary Media Group

Responsibilities: Web design, html/css programming, building and maintaining websites, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media research, managing project requirements, liaison with programmers, senior strategist, lead marketing strategist, sales reps, and clients.

Dec 2008Jan 2011

Marketing Manager/Editor

Egg Up

Responsibilities: Develop brand language, social media programs, and marketing approach. Design, develop and maintain website. Develop international contributor base, content, features, and delivery methods. Promote content and contributors. Co-develop prospecting and sales approach. Review and streamline business operations.

May 2007Oct 2009

Lead Designer

Rprovision Media, LLC

Responsibilities: Head web, print, vector, facade, and signage design. Develop and review projects with clients. Manage projects and oversee production staff, programmers, and designers. 

Jan 2006Jun 2006

Cast Member

Walt Disney World

Responsibilities: Operate Space Mountain, patrol parades, plan and perform Magic Moments, absorb the whimsy and the masterful execution of fantasy.


Rick Provence

I managed design projects and supported company development for Rick's media and design company.

Rick and I have worked together for many years, shared tips, pushed design, and co-owned a company.

Matthew Kolodziej

Matt is notable at the University as professor very much invested and succeeding in the career of his personal art. He has been an advocate and example to me.

Ann Ewart

I designed much of the Egg Up sales approach and materials in collaboration with Ann, gaining her good eye, clever mind, and close experience of customer responses.

Chris Auman

Chris brought me onto the Sanctuary Media Group team to take on his retinue of daily seo, social media, client interaction, web design, development, and updating functions.

Chelsea Blackerby

Collaborator on various projects including Pixelsit web design and social marketing.



Web Design

Selected Design

Branding & Identity: Egg Up


Communicating, branding and evoking. Tending to grammar and flow. Copywriting, story writing, template-based contract writing, tweeting, blogging, and adapting to other social network needs.
Project Management
Understanding (listening to), supporting, championing (intending their lifelong success), and empowering a team. Putting people in the places that best suite their aptitudes and deep interests. Providing tools, developing ideas, seeking best solutions. Creating a balance of freedom and structure.
Drawing means seeing, solving, and communicating. Good drawing creates beauty, efficiency, and understanding or emotion. This skill informs all of my work.
Stone Carving
Marble, limestone, alabaster. Hand and power tools.
Search Engine Optimization
Keyword research, blogging, tag use, knowledge of helpful plugins, continuing education.
Web Development
Keeping abreast of technologies. Applying communication sensibilities and visual innovations. HTML, CSS, WordPress, social media integration and search engine optimized construction.
Graphic Design
Hierarchically conveying information.Embracing clarity. Creating brand voice and graphic distinction.
Social Media
Creating relevance and relationships. Understanding networks. Giving to receive and giving to give.
Content Engineering
Content marketing, creating content and creating engagement opportunities, generating contacts, tapping passions, analyzing results and modifying efforts accordingly, knowing and continuing education on social outlets.
Metal Smithing


Jan 2004Dec 2008

The University of Akron

Honors Program, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, NSCS Gold Key Nominee, multiple Dean’s Lists, Philosophy Club, Student Art League.

3.853 cumulative GPA