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My career goals are to eventually own and operate my own video production company and rental house.  


Hello my name is Rob Weidner and I currently go to school at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.  I have skills in many different areas of technology, I am a passionate leader, and an efficient learner.  

Work experience


Weidscreen Productions

Weidscreen Productions is a video production company that was started my sophomore year of high school.  I have worked with NFL Films, ESPN, Chicago Bears, Fox Chicago, CBS Chicago, Gigi's Playhouse a downs syndrome awareness center, and many other organizations. 

The types of videos vary from short films, to music videos, to corporate work.  

For more information and to watch some of my videos visit




I went through a year of training in a multitude of different areas revolving around the technology field.  The last three years at DePauw I will be interning with the school either on or off campus doing technology projects.

May 2012Sep 2012


Association Technologies

At Association Technologies, I worked on a broad range of projects including extensive web design, software development, and workstation integration.  I learned a great deal about real world applications of products and software for non-for-profit associations.  

May 2011Dec 2011

Executive Producer

D3TV - DePauw's channel

Board member of D3TV, DePauw's very own television channel.  I have worked as a Director of Scheduling and the Executive Producer who oversees all productions for the channel.

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Production Intern

Innovative Inc.

Worked as a production intern for Innovative the summer of 2011.  Did work for the Super Bowl Host Committee, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Roche Diagnostics, as well as other companies.


Jon Coffin

I worked for Jon my sophomore year of college.  I worked as a consultant for the new DePauw website and publications.  I also produced videos for DePauw including the kickoff video for DePauw's 175th Anniversary fundraiser.

Doug Fellegy

I recently met Doug and he has been a great supporter of my work and a knowledgable reference of the video industry.

Larry Abed

A person who has given me ample amounts of opportunities and resources to thrive on DePauw's campus.  A person I look up to very highly.  

Jeff Doles

One of my greatest mentor's who has always stood by my side and pushed me to do my best.

Portfolio Items





DePauw University

Currently I am a part of two highly selective honors programs at DePauw University, Media Fellows and ITAP.  


High School

Barrington High School

A lot of who I am today stemmed from my experiences at Barrington High School.  My passion for multimedia was born my freshman year and the interactions I had between my peers and superiors helped shape who I am.  I was privledged enough to work in conjunction with the Chicago Bears, CBS, NBC, NFL, ESPN, Gigi's Playhouse, among others.

Studied in my Information Technologies Associates Program.
C++ programming
Used Microsoft Visual Basic in a Data Structures class.
Java programming language
Studied Java with BlueJay and in Linux using Eclipse.  Used in Intro to Computer Science, Object Oriented Development, and Computer Systems.
Final Cut Studio 3
I currently use Final Cut Studio 3 for all of my editing needs.  I have used Motion to create graphical intros for DePauw's weekly live newscast "The Source" among other things.
Technical Consultation
Consultation services offered for computers, networks, websites, even home theaters!
Adobe Creative Suite 5
I am very knowledgable of the programs within Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 5.  I have used Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Media Encoder.
Graphic Design
Designed my website using Adobe Dreamweaver and update it with as many new ideas and techniques as soon as I learn them.  I am constantly trying to make my website better and trying to learn more about coding.  I know the following languages very well:   -HTML and CSS -PHP -Java -Visual Basic
Have worked with videos for many years now.  Will shoot, edit, direct, produce nearly anything worthwhile.  Please visit my website to see examples of my work.   Currently I use the Canon 7D as my main video and still camera.  I have a lot of experience using the camera in video situations and have a shoulder rig as well as full audio gear.  My post-production workflow includes my Macbook Pro and FireWire 800 hard drives, with a final product exported at 1080p to stream on the web or onto DVD.