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Work experience

Jun 2014Jul 2014


Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

As a member of the Sculpture Garden & Museum I was counted on to clean the sculptures, organize shelves, work the register, enter data into the computer, shadow tours, and develop my customer service skills. I worked alongside many of the other coordinators to assist in any job they needed done.

Jun 2013Jul 2013

Food Prep

South Plains Food Bank Kitchen of Hope

As I worked at the SPFB Kitchen of Hope, I assisted in Food Prep under the supervision of the manager, Tammy, and my job coach. I assisted in packaging, cooking, and deliering.

Jun 2012Jul 2012

Bagger, Waitress

United Supermarkets

In the summer of 2012 I worked at the United Supermarket in Lubbock, Texas. I worked in the restaurant Henry D's, bakery, and as a sacker. I worked in each part of the supermarket, learning the skills I would need to find work in my town.


Apr 2012May 2014

Minimum Plan

Cooper High School

I am on the Minimum Plan, which includes no foreign language. I participated in Bel Canto, (the beginners Choir) in 2012, and in 2013 I moved up to Les Cheaunteurs, (the advanced woman's choir). I am now a participant in AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination - college prep).



I am always early or right on time, you will never wonder where I am.


I know very well how to throw on a smile and greet people. 

Great Attitude

I am very outgoing and I have a great attitude when dealing with customers. I pride myself on how I treat customers and fellow co workers.

Honors, Activities, Awards

Cooper High School

Les Cheanteurs (2013-2014)



Diane Sykes

Mrs. Sykes was my boss while I was at the Sculpture Garden. She taught me how to organize and prepare for daily activities  and log data into a website.

Melissa Russo

Mrs. Russo was my former AVID teacher. She accompanied me in mastering my communication skills. She was a big supporter in me.

Cara Naizer

Mrs. Naizer was my former Choir teacher. I spent two years learning more than how to carry a note from her. Under her guidance, I was taught how to support my peers and be a team member.