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Short Bio

I was born in Milan Italy, where I studied Languages and Communications. Worked in Music PUblishing (copyright administration and artists liaisons) and as a freelance Journalist. In the earlier nineties I moved to London where I worked as a language tutor and as a journalist, and became Science and Technology correspondent fo Il Sole 24 Ore (1990-1995)  and  then for international publications (including Der Spiegel Online and The Financial Times).

I worked as a project manager and consultant specialising in distributed interactive digital systems, and eventually devoted myself almost entirely to R&D developing advanced systems prototypes I have  a portfolio of research projects and professional publications.  Here a list of projects and publications. I  live and work internationally (various countries in Asia, Europe, US) working  as researchlecturer, project manager and consultant  in applying advanced intelligent systems to social innovation, humanitarian and general problem solving.   Multilingual (English  Italian Spanish German


I obtained a BA Hons in International Business (SBU London 1990)  then a Masters in Information Technology, (UKC Canterbury 2000) and a PhD in Systems Engineering (University of Strathclyde 2012), 

Ongoin lifelong professional training in various disciplines

Professional EXperience

Dec 2008Current

Consultant (Research, Systems Analysis and Design)

Institute fof Socio Technical Complex Systems)

Research and consulting in compled  systems analysis and design, with emphasis  on Socio Technical Systems Engineering. Interfaces and Interaction Design, Mixed Method Research, Universal Design, Various Engineering Design and Management Projects

Example of talks and tutorials:

EMCSR Vienna April 2012 -  Symposium on Systems and Cybernetics

ISSS Hull 2011

Formal Analysis of Knowledge networks, University of Stirling UK - 2011

SCONE (Scottish Computing Network of Excellence), Edinburgh  2010

WIMS Norway 2011, on ACM  Proceedings

EUSEC 2010 Sweden

DEST - IEEE 2008, Tutorial on Collaboration

Jan 2003Present

Technical Expert, Evaluator, Rapporteur (Contract)

REA (Research Executive Agency, Brussels)

Provide ICT technical expertise, evaluate research projects proposals

Jan 2013 -Feb 2014 Visiting FacultyIndian Institute of Technology

Visiting faculty at IIT Mandi, Computer Science and Engineering Department - Lecturer and Researcher . Teach graduate and postgraduates, web based information systems and socio technical systems engineering courses to graduates and postgraduates. Organize seminars and set up ICT and sustainability projects

for selected calls. Work remotely with distrubuted teams, write technical and evaluation reports via web based interfaces

Jan 20052014

Research Analyst 

Cutter Consortium

Research and publish reports on leading edge Information Technology. Gather insights of what's ahead.  Advise  on key technology developments 


Jan 2013Feb 2014

Visiting Faculty

Indian Institute of Technology

Visiting faculty at IIT Mandi, Computer Science and Engineering Department - Lecturer and Researcher . Teach graduate and postgraduates, web based information systems and socio technical systems engineering courses to graduates and postgraduates. Organize seminars and set up ICT and sustainability projects

Jan 2004Dec 2008

Lecturer, Researcher

Mae Fah Luang/PSU University

Develop course content, deliver seminars, Lectures and hands on classes  in Information Technology, Software Engineering,  Systems Engineering, Quality Management, Operations/industrial  Management, E-commerce, HCI., Communications. Write and mark exam papers, supervise graduate and postgraduates students dissertation and projects, initiate and lead  academic and research initiatives in relation to eLearning and eGovernance,  Open Source and participatory  models. Attend and co-organize world class academic and community based workshops and seminars, publish papers and give presentations. Manage Greater Mekong Region community projects, with an eye on human rights issues, and within the broader framework for ' sustainable development'.


Contributed Orbicom/UNESCO Chapter

Jan 1995Jan 2004

Various tasks (media, consulting, journalism, publishing management)


London based Science and Technology Correspondent  for high profile Business Press Sole 24 Ore.(1995-2000). Visited tech labs worldwide such as PARC in Palo Alto and interview top scientists and researchers . Researched and Published articles for the Financial Times, IT Week and other international, high profile IT and Business publications, some commercial copy-writing.

General Management , project management and Independent media consultant for medium sized international clients,  (London, New York, Hong Kong). Publishing management (bookstores, hospitality, events and customer liaison). Teacher and lecturer in modern languages and business communication (various schools and universities, London (95-96). 

Founder and main slave at (2001-2003), the first  independent online magazine devoted to content management news.


Some Skill

Software/Systems Engineering

Systems lifecycle Engineering (software)  Requirements, Concept, Testing  Maintenance,  Project Management, Distributed Architecture, Knowledge Based Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Joint Optimization

Operations Management
Management, coordination, planning, budgeting
Train, coach and Lecture on technical, communication and business subjects and different languages (English main, Spanish, Italian)
Systemic Problem Solving
Radical, systemic approaches to problem solving across all areas of operations. Design, planning, and management of complex and evolutionary socio-technical systems . Analytical synthesis, root cause analysis. Situation assessment, problem solving, communication, contingency management, planning.
ICT/Open Office (and Microsoft) productivity tools , word, text, spreadsheets, images and digital files processing Web based applications (HTML, XML, some PHP) Data analysis and visualisation
I am bilingual Italian-English, and I am fluent in German and Spanish Understand and speak basic French. Started to learn chinese (standby language)
Systems Engineering and Management
lntegrated systems processes across the board,socio-technical system of systems, member of INCOSE complex-systems, system science, academic work groups.
Teaching and Supervising (Grad and Postgrad)
Constructivist, post constructivist teaching style Problem based learning techniques create innovative lesson plans based on existing curricula create and manage innovative learning materials and activities Adopt diverse teaching methods and approaches communicate effectively course knowledge Train student and personnell Evaluate learners performance and provide constructive feedback Fill specific knowledge gaps and train for examinations/certifications Examine, score and rank
Writing (technical and educational literature), Speaking, Public Speaking Editing (English, Italian) Online Editorial Production
Research and Research Management
Original, independent and critical thinker Can identify systemic flaws and forecast systemic failures Carry out state of the art reports and literature reviews Identify knowledge gaps in the fields of study Identify areas for knowledge innovation by intercepting the curve ahead of time Devise ad hoc methodologies to tackle complex systemic problems Using mixed method research approach and evidence based research Devise and implement evolutionary research plans Communicate and organise and dissemination of research outcomes and new knowledge Evaluate research outcomes and their impact Evaluation of cost/benefit analyses of research programmes
General Management and Communication
Day to day general problem solving using innovative practices and new technologies. Critical Path Optimization across all fields of practice, particularly transformational operations, innovation. Knowledge and Information Dissemination