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Work experience


Principal, Director of Web Services

Centric Technologies
  • Created an e-ticketing and flight scheduling/business management application for newly launched regional airline which reduced personnel resources and generated over 400 inquiry e-mails within 90 days 
  • Developed a custom document management system for a CPA/Financial Advisor that improved operating efficiency and reduced costs
  • Developed a custom reservation/e-commerce and business management system for a meal assembly business that was the sole business system for the company


Nautilus Marketing
  • Developed company marketing strategy and created marketing materials including logo, positioning statements, taglines, print and electronic collateral for numerous clients
  • Led the design, development, and optimization of dozens of commercial websites including static sites, database driven stes, and e-commerce sites
  • Increased traffic and conversion rate through focus on information architecture, usability, persuasive design, and business objectives

Independent Consultant

Independent consultant working with small to mid-sized businesses to increase sales and profits, optimize operations, and maximize marketing ROI.

  • Improved customer transaction rate for an automotive company by 80% by creating a CRM system that also increased referrals by 110%
  • Developed an online strategy for a start-up luxury travel company that minimized the need for additional personnel, provided business management software applications and generated the first revenue stream for the business

Co-Host & Producer

Cleveland Business Radio

Cleveland BUSINESS RADIO showcased the energetic and enterprising business people of Northeast Ohio, mixing humor, insight, and education in a down-to-earth manner that appealed to all who live in the area. Cleveland Business Radio celebrated the driving force in American business: The Entrepreneur. As Co-Host and Producer, I wrote material, booked and pre-interviewed guests, researched entertainment and educational material, interviewed over 150 guests live on the air, read live commercials, archived show recordings, and created the show website.

Cleveland Business Radio Guests included:

Craig James, Jim Cookinham, Lisa Evans, Michael Symon, Michael DeAloia, Chris Ronayne, George Carson, Kevin O'Brien, Sheryl Harris, Tom King, Richard Stuebi, Ben Calkins, Joe Cistone, Tom Porter, Peter Cimoroni, Tommy Amato, Jacob Mathew, Erika Weliczko, Kathy Vegh, Tom Waltermire, Thom Ruhe, John Gugliotta, Jeff Hyde, David Akers, Sue Kluchar & Patricia Hajifotiou, Bill Young, Christopher Celeste, Nikki DiFilippo, Pierre Wolf, Michael Dowell, Rowena Yeager, David Yen, Tony Houston, Chris McKim, Dorothy Baunach, Parker Bosley, Dr. Shelly Senders, John Zitzner, Lee Pappas Spence, Eileen Kelley-Moeller, Derrick Pledger, Rich Cochran, Becky Morgan, Ray Spottsville, Linda Springer & Kevin Shaw, Julie Glavan, Leslie Murphy, Bob Schmidt, Toby Maloney, Jennifer Thomas, Alan Bleyer, Kirk Neiswander, Gary Hallman, Sunny Lurie, Scot Rourke, Jeanette Potts, Joe Drake, Steve Marks, Carolyn Ritchie, Patrick Manfroni, Kristie Van Auken, Genevieve Kenney & Nicole Wilson, Wayne Zeman, Julie Fink, Becky Jones, Andria Trivisonno, Mark Miller, Cheryl Agranovich, Matt Barnes, Pamela Bayer, Larry Speidell, Mike Baker, Tom Chema, Dave Marinac, Stephen Post, PhD., Steve Latourette, Dr. Larry Viterna, Paul O’Donnell, Alan Ackerman, Chris Carmody, Keith Strauss, Mark Davenport, Renee DeLuca, Michael Fischer, Jeff Griff, Jane Vitou & Ellen Minerd, Lev Gonick, Costas Mavromikalich, Chuck Newcomb, Scott Moss, Henry Gomez, John Heaney, Rod Munn, Joel Strom, Brendan Anderson, Greg Schenkel, Mitch Schneider, Larry Morrow, Cathy Vella, Dave Suplicki, Bob Fairchild, Brooke Furio, Gary Failor, Mike Paparella, Peter Rea, Neil Adelman, Tim Jackett, Tim Smith, Dorothy Porter, Greg Quinlan, John Colm, Jim Trakas, Mike Stubler & Tom Jones, Brad Whitehead, Jim Cox, Tom Tyrrell, Richard Clark, Pat Sullivan, Scott Suttell, Mark Haley, Tom Lutz, Kathleen Haley, Rich Desich, Olga Merella, Julie Hanahan

Wikipedia article on Cleveland Business Radio


Co-Founder, Director of Marketing, Developer

Thetawave Incorporated
  • Developed company marketing strategy and created marketing materials including logo, positioning statements, taglines, print and electronic collateral. Created and conducted seminar presentations.
  • Doubled the revenue of a pheasant farm with a web site that enabled the business to expand internationally 
  • Improved conversion rate by 37% and average order size  by 23% for a kite making kit site 
  • Built an online dealer/retail order processing application to support 200 dealers for a computer supplier

MCI Telecommunications/Cable & Wireless PLC

Joined MCI as one of six Business Development Managers for marketplaceMCI, a joint venture between MCI and NewsCorp. Responsible for developing new online storefront and custom dial-up Internet access sales to Fortune 500 companies. Provided Internet and Data sales overlay support to the Great Lakes Region Team following the dissolution of the MCI / NewsCorp joint venture. Joined the corporate Internet Marketing team and advanced rapidly to Channel Marketing Manager / Product ManagerPart of the internetMCI business sold to Cable & Wireless during the WorldCom acquisition of MCI. Key member of C&W / MCI product integration team responsible for all Web Hosting Product Management and Product Development teams. Advanced rapidly to Director of Product Marketing and Commercialization for all C&W Web Hosting Products and Services in the US, the UK, Europe, and Japan.

Positions Held:

  • Business Development Manager, marketplaceMCI
  • Regional Online Specialist – Great Lakes Region
  • Strategic Data Applications Representative
  • Internet Services Channel Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager, Real Broadcast Network
  • Senior Manager, Web Hosting
  • Senior Consultant, Professional Services
  • Director, Global Web Hosting Product Management
  • Director, Product Marketing & Commercialization


  • Managed sales channel and alliance partner joint selling relationships for Web Hosting products, managed alliance with Real Networks and product development of Real Broadcast Network. Negotiated revenue sharing agreement with Real Networks resulting in $14 million in for MCI
  • Direct Sales responsibility for ATM, Frame Relay, IP, SONET, and Web Hosting products. Increased incremental Branch revenue in Strategic and Mid-market accounts by 38% for Data and Internet products
  • Provided training and mentoring that increased the close ratio on Internet products by 56%
  • Increased revenues in Corporate National and Southwest Region Accounts by 42%
  • Key member of team that helped define, create, and launch the MCI hosting business
  • Introduced innovative new training and development tools such as new-hire training sessions, Data Opportunity Workshops, and Quarterly Launch meetings, forming the basis for sales training company-wide
  • Increased number of qualified leads by 107% for Web Services products
  • Developed order entry, billing, customer support, and operations systems and procedures for Real Broadcast Network joint offering
  • Key member of integration team charged with managing the relationship between product management and global sales channels through the C&W acquisition of Digital Island
  • Accelerated the launch of niche-building products and services from months to days and increased the number of qualified leads for Web Hosting services by 186%
  • Directed the development, launch, marketing, management, and financial performance of $78 million in Global Web Hosting services to meet the multinational needs of business customers in the US, the UK, Europe and Japan
  • Evaluated the profitability of non-standard products and managed the development, sale, and implementation of those products to meet the multinational needs of US business customers resulting in $20 million in new revenue for Cable & Wireless
  • Launched 3 new products to meet the domestic and multinational needs of business customers in the US, the UK, Europe and Japan in less than 10 months
  • Successfully worked with Microsoft, Fujitsu, IBM, Sun, Legato, Urchin, Able Commerce, and other vendors to develop relationships and deploy technology as the basis for these new market-leading products and services
  • Consistently ahead of development milestones and launch dates
  • Launched a low-end dedicated hosting product from design to launch in a record-setting 108 days, with a complete ground up redesign at day 62
  • Instrumental in securing hosting contracts from 48 of the top 100 web content providers including,, Barnes & Noble, The Gap, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Xerox 


A well-funded B2B Internet start-up providing a suite of online and offline products linking buyers and sellers of industrial products and services. One of the first employees of the company and key member of the start-up team charged with expanding the business across the United States into 26 regional markets. Advanced rapidly to positions of increasing responsibility.

Positions Held:

  • Account Manager
  • SWAT Team Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Internet Marketing Specialist


  • Selected by CEO to design and conduct half-day Internet/On-line Marketing Seminars for National and Regional prospects and customers. Conducted 18 seminars, in 16 U.S. cities for over 1800 attendees with audience size ranging from 35 to 120 people. Generated over $450,000 in seminar-related sales.
  • Successfully penetrated multi-division National accounts at sales, marketing, communications, and corporate levels. Established relationships that generated worldwide sales. Generated $4.75 million in annualized revenue.
  • Interviewed and hired a team of 3 sales reps to cover the territory. Managed the sales, marketing, and customer service for the territory resulting in over $1.6 million in first year sales
  • Achieved #1 client retention rate in the company - 93%
  • Achieved the #1 billing rate in the company - $1.3 million.


It is important to give team members assignments and training to develop their abilities. Mentoring provides team members with career development skills. In addition, customer and staff training skills strengthen the organization and can contribute to business development and retention.
Relationship Building
Business is done between people, so it is imperative to build and maintain strong relationships internally and externally. Internal relationships enable an organization to move forward in a cohesive fashion. External relationships enable an organization to build and sustain revenue and profit.
Simply put, communication is the response you get. Clear, open, direct communication involves simplifying the complex without sacrificing the value to be communicated. Good communication includes writing, speaking, setting and managing expectations, and persuasion.
Marketing Knowledge
Marketing means solving customers’ problems profitably. To do this, you must remain focused on the customer’s needs, what motivates the customer to take action, and how your competitors are vying for your customer’s attention. It also means understanding how every part of your organization contributes to the organization’s efforts to achieve that goal.
Innovative Problem Solving
Peter Drucker teaches that innovation and marketing are the two functions of every business. Constantly searching for new ways to solve problems can significantly contribute to an organization’s bottom and top line. Vigilantly pursuing every opportunity to improve products, services, and operating efficiency requires broad-based business knowledge and an organization open to change.
Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior of other people toward group goals in a way that fully respects their freedom and empowers them to succeed. It is a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realize your own leadership potential.
Presentation and Public Speaking
From an important sales pitch in front of a room full of jaded buyers to an entertaining and informative presentation for the local Rotary club to musical performances and live radio and televison, I have years of experience presenting in front of audiences from one person to thousands.  I consider this one of my greatest strengths.



Gannon University


Tiffany Soska

“Paul was an excellent manager. Specifically, he spent time developing me as a new manager in a field in which I had not had previous experience. He allowed me to take risks and saw opportunities in me but also guided me in the right direction when needed. With the team overall, he created a team environment that spawned creativity and allowed for each of us to enjoy the work we were doing.”

Jerry Miller

“Paul is one of the nicest persons that I have ever worked with and managed. He is very intelligent,very willing to help others achieve their goals and always achieves the ones he sets for himself. He is a self starter, very goal oriented and I still marvel at how much he knows about computers. I highly recommend him.”

John Morgan

“Paul and I worked closely for about five years. During that period, I came to know Paul's work product quite well. Among Paul's most impressive qualities: - keen grasp of technology and emerging trends - superior ability to translate technology discussions into business impact and customer benefits - especially expert in web-related platforms, applications and services - integrity and character which are beyond reproach Paul's real strength is his ability to see and interpret the big picture for those with whom he works. He thinks strategically and places a premium on execution.”

Craig Holliday

“Paul is simply excellent at all that he does. He is focused, driven, and consistent in his approach to a myriad list of challenges and opportunities. The best work, the smartest path, and the inclusionary way in which Paul operates equates to positive results and a more cohesive organization. I would not hesitate for one second to work with Paul again.”

George Hazuda

“I have known Paul for over 20 years and have worked with him on a variety of projects. He is very talented, knowledgeable, detail oriented and always has his client’s interests at hand. I highly recommend Paul.”

David Phelps

“Paul is a strategic thinker who has the rare ability to also act tactically. This blend of skills has always allowed Paul to be successful regardless of role, company, or technology. He stayed one step ahead of the competition when it came to marketing programs, technology launches, or client strategies. His leadership at MCI was a key reason we became market leaders in the IP space.”



Awards & Professional Development


  • Cable & Wireless Global Marketing Top 35 Award
  • Three-time MCI Marketing STAR Performer Award winner

Professional Development

  • Pragmatic Marketing – Practical Product Management Course
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Course
  • Brian Tracy Sales & Time Management Course
  • Sale to Success Sales Course
  • Internet and Data Networking Technology courses  - infrastructure, protocols, routing, and security
  • Real Networks Streaming Media Conference - 1998
  • Internet World, Networld+Interop Conferences - 1997-2001
  • Completed Manufacturer Sponsored courses in Digital Electronics (Intel, Motorola, AMD, etc.)
  • Lots and lots of books


Thanks for visiting!  I hope you find this new VisualCV informative and fun!  I look forward to the chance to talk more with you soon! - Paul

Let's find new ways to get and keep new customers!

My ideal position is with a company striving to bring new, market-leading technology products or services to market. The company is fun, creative, and thriving, where people remember what they learned in kindergarten. Status quo won't cut it.The company has the following characteristics:•    A marketing and innovation mind-set and values its people by fostering an environment of respect, intelligent risk, and balance. •    Crystal clear mission, vision, and values statements, and is highly customer-focused. •    Cleveland-based and civic-minded, and is committed to improving the economic environment in Northeast Ohio. •    Multi-faceted marketing strategies that leverage direct selling, alliances, distribution, the Internet, and other channels as required. •    Progressive and forward-thinking while being grounded by basic business principles.•    Markets a high-profile product or service that intelligently fills an existing market niche or creates a new market entirely. •    People strive to be the best they can be and the philosophy is “find a better way”.My position is challenging and dynamic, with authority and responsibility, and interacts with the company team at all levels. My position has the following characteristics:•    Opportunities for personal and professional growth and advancement through daily activities as well as structured training and education for myself and my team. •    A medium to high level of customer contact to ensure that current and future marketing initiatives are on target and provide support for sales opportunities as a subject matter expert on products/technologies.•    The opportunity to think beyond limitations, swim against the current and risk for the sake of greatness. •    A “get it done” team environment where challenges are attacked and overcome through enthusiastic communication, collaboration, and idea sharing.•    Clarity of purpose.•    Interaction at industry events with vendors, competitors, and customers.•    A personal stake in the success of the company.•    The ability to engage a network of entrepreneurial resources.•    The freedom and encouragement to ask hard questions, establish standards of performance, and create guiding principles supported by business rules and ongoing learning.

Innovative Marketing Pro with Sales, Management Experience

Tech-savvy, innovative marketing professional with 20+ years experience in technology industries as Director of Web Hosting Product Management, Internet Services Marketing Manager, and Business Development Manager. Demonstrated success in driving revenue growth and profitability through creative product development and industry-leading marketing initiatives. Unique ability to anticipate market needs and leverage resources to create customer and company value. Effective leader of people and teams to reach company goals and objectives.

I will increase your revenues and profitability by improving your marketing and product development efforts to increase conversion rates, bolster customer loyalty, and expand your reach into contiguous markets. I will do this by crafting innovative solutions and directing development and marketing efforts in an energizing, team-oriented environment.

What I can do for your company One of my strengths is the ability to understand the technical aspects of a problem while seeing the solution from a marketing perspective that leads to enhanced business performance. Good marketing is easy to define, but difficult to do. Here’s how I achieve success:

Maximize Conversion Rate - Every business faces customer turnover, but the online channel of a business faces unique customer acquisition and retention challenges. The #1 priority of every online business is maximizing conversion rate. Only when an acceptable conversion rate has been achieved does it make sense to drive massive traffic to the site. High conversion rates drive revenue and profits.  Create Raving Fans - The easiest way to improve conversion rate is to sell more to the customers you already have. Creating satisfied customers is not a formula for success. Harvard University studies indicate that 67% of defecting customers were considered to be “satisfied”. Customer loyalty can only be maximized by creating raving fan customers. Raving fans are repeat customers and viral marketing catalysts. When it is estimated that it costs up to 600% more to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one, creating raving fans is well worth the effort.  Innovate for Results - Technology is a wonderful thing. But too few technologists consider whether they should incorporate technological wizardry into their online marketing, they just know they can. And so, they do. It is much more important to know whether technology should be used to improve revenue and profits. I can evaluate the development and application of technology to achieve a working balance between innovation and results.

A persuasive dialog requires a broad focus that incorporates the best principles of branding, direct marketing, sales, search, design, usability, copy, web analytics, consumer psychology and persuasion architecture. You cannot convert effectively until your prospect's interaction with you is optimized to anticipate and respond to their questions - both spoken and unspoken. You will meet your goals only when you invest in meeting your prospect's goals.


American Express Pepsico Gap OfficeMax Barnes & Noble NBC McDonald's Conrad's The Weather Channel Yum! Brands Rockwell Automation Real Networks Procter & Gamble Owens Corning Timken Xerox Hoover Nissan Microsoft Dieblod Coca-Cola British Petroleum National City Parker Hannifin KeyBank Staples NetZero Central Insurance MRI Pepperl & Fuchs Netscape Reliance Electric Ingram Compaq American Family Insurance Quebecor World Akamai Square D IBM Northern Trust Corporation Goodyear

Community Involvement

  • Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce - Past Board Member
  • Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce - Marketing, Visioneering, & Membership Teams
  • Chagrin Valley JayCees - Member
  • Chagrin Soccer Association - U-6 Coach, 2002
  • Chagrin Athletic Association - MS Boys Lacrosse Coach, 2003-2009, Div. II State Champions-2009
  • Kenston Athletic Association - Boys Baseball Coach, Boys Basketball Coach, MS Boys Lacrosse Coach, 2008-2009
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training Cycling Team - 2006-2008

Professional Affiliations

  • Business Network International - Chagrin Valley Chapter – Held all Leadership Team Offices
  • American Production and Inventory Control Society - Past Member
  • The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society - Past Member

Speaking Engagements & Industry Involvement

  • Real Networks Conference – 1998 - Panelist
  • Internet World, Networld+Interop Conferences - 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 - Presenter
  • Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce – Guest Speaker
  • National City Bank – Guest Speaker, Network Security
  • Key Bank – Guest Speaker, Internet Marketing
  • Rotary Club International – Guest Speaker


  • Web Design & Development
  • SQL Database
  • IP & Data Technologies
  • Market Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Operations
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Design