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Whatever your market and the size of your Company, I will help you :

Monitoring and understanding your market : exploring the Web, scanning data flows in French or English to identify issues specific to a client portfolio and select the most relevant information

☞ Optimizing your team's skills (marketing, communication, digital, etc.) - Analyzing qualitative data, putting into perspective the information collected and interpreting the speeches, targeting companies and people's behavior

☞ Meeting the needs of consumers - writing and presenting information products : regular and / or ad hoc study reports, briefing notes, newsletters ...

☞ Staying up-to-date with competitors - performing benchmarks to identify good practices, suggesting transformation plans

Work experience


Trainer - Speaker

For ITG Groupe, I designed and animated interventions in English and French

I educated an audience of students and professionals (Sales, marketing, HR, communication ...).

My interventions in English were about :
- "Social media in marketing & management: seeing, being seen, being influential"
- "Strategic Intelligence: shaping your future"
- "Online data collection tips and tricks"

And my interventions in French were about :
- "Implementation and deployment of a strategic Intelligence system"
- "Tools and methodologies for collecting data on the Internet"
- "Data collection on the Internet: organize a competitive intelligence"
- "Data collection on the Internet: optimize the use of RSS feeds"
- "Data collection on the Internet: become experts of Google"
- "Data collection on the Internet: get rid of Google"
- "E-reputation: for better or for worse"

I also supported high level students in their online research :
- Maintenance of military drones - confidential
- Use of augmented reality by the security staff of the French railways
- Shale gas, students presented their work to a public of professionals during the annual Hydrocarbon Day

Exercise: - Establishment of an online data collection system on health issues. Result: announcement of the arrival in France of the ZIKA virus on August 11, 2015

And I animated a few conferences, among which :

- Salon I-Expo 2014 "Organize and manage a powerful monitoring system in the era of collaborative and 2.0 to make it a strategic lever for decision support"

May 2012December 2012

Co-author, technical and editorial consultant

I was part of the writing of a book edited by PEARSON 

- A book on Strategic and Competitive Intelligence for students and leaders of VSEs and SMEs

- The book sold 900 copies from 2013 on

- We have been nominated for the 2013 IES prize for the most outstanding Competitive Intelligence work published during the year


Online Data Research & analyst

For ONTHEMOON, I assessed online reputations

- Marketing Intelligence: I gathered through the Internet elements to understand the brand image of organizations (food, banks, retail ...), positions (traders, jobs at Danone ...), environments (the psychiatric world ...)

- Data collection: I compared the websites of the organizations for a better understanding of the way in which the leaders control them (benchmarking)

- Business Profiling: to explain to the sales representatives of the agency how to make organizations understand the importance of their brand image, I studied the strategy of the agency and that of the organization surveyed through their internal and external communication


January 2016February 2016

MOOC : Behavioral targeting and online profiling

PANDORA Institute

Distance Learning: Behavioral Targeting and Profiling 2.0

- Blog, forum, social media : understand who you are by reading you
- Meetings, afterwork : learning who you are by watching you
- Writing with accuracy to describe anyone's personality

Final score : 90 %


Mastère Spécialisé "Strategic and Intelligence Analyst"

EISTI (Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l'Information)

Which other training could give you a wider view of your environment through the teaching of topics like communication, management, predictive marketing, psychology, documentary research, sociology ...Not to mention Company profiling.

I have been part in the writing and presentation of a report on the electricity market in India realized thanks to:

- Document sourcing and online research techniques
- Professional Online Data Collection Tools
- A network mapping tool
- Predictive analysis techniques

Final thesis: "Tools and methodologies of online profiling as part of a passive profiling approach"

Personality profiling : their statements

"Thanks for this description. Very good analysis approach" Ines*

"You guessed my psychological profile using only LinkedIn ? I agree with your description, very accurate" Leonie*

"What you said about me was ashtonishingly precise. I emphase my surprise by what you pointed out. I want to know more about the way you work." Amandine*

"How acurate ! How relevant ! The surprise provoked my interest and my curiosity. A tool to be managed with benevolence!" CL*

"Stunning ! Patrick has managed to pinpoint my character, family history and consumption habits only through my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks to him for his relevant analysis which confirms my vision of my "real me".

Emilie L.*

*translated from French