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"Does what we believe to be the world believes we believe what we believe to be?" Are you looking for people with informative soft skills who can think complexity? Of course, such people exist ! I am one of them. My soft skills are :

- Find and select the right information,
- Develop creative and disruptive analyzes,
- Think systemically,
- Think about the complexity ...

My hunting ground: employment and its derivatives: training, leisure, health at work and other subjects which enumeration would be useless and tedious ...

Mobility: Ireland / England

Work experience

september 2010February 2017

Senior trainer


As a freelance consultant, I gave lectures to students in their last degree as well as professionals regarding online data collection, behavioral targeting, profiling on Digital Media (blogs, social media...) :

- Competitive Intelligence : shaping your future

- Collecting data online : tools & methodology

- Collecting data online : become a Google expert

- Collecting data online : get rid of Google

- Online reputation : for the best or for the worse ?

November 2008October 2009

Online Data Researcher & Analyst

ONTHEMOON, Communication strategy Advisor

- Customers : Bouygues Telecom, Crédit Agricole, Decathlon, KFC…
- Setting up of a data analysis process
- Detecting friendly an hostile networks, as well as their influence on customers and applicants' behavior
- Benchmarking Websites
- Setting up of an information databasis for B2B customers : ERDF, Fujifilm France...
- Writing topics on the Company's blog and news on Twitter
- Documentary research and Powerpoint presentation on Web related topics : blogs, buzz, e-learning, influence...


January 2016February 2016

Behavioral targeting and profiling 2.0

PANDORA Institute

- The main steps of online profiling

- A method to detect people's psychology through their online content

- Guess someone's personnality through observation

Final score : 90 %

October 2007December 2015

Mastère Spécialisé "Strategic and Intelligence Analyst"

ITSIS (Information Treatment Sciences International School)

Issuing of a report on establishment of a subsidiary Company on the indian electricity market for a French new and renewable energy Company :

- Collecting data on Internet through a data collection platform

- Setting of a multilingual data research with professional softwares : Digimind, AMI Intelligence

- Mapping of influence networks with Analyst Notebook

- Analysis of the collected data through analysis pattern : systemic, understanding of strategy management, operational planning management


Profiling 2.0

I know who you are

ORMs (Online Research Methods)
- Using Internet data research : Web search engine, meta search engine, social media... - Using thematic or sourcing search engine queries through Boolean search terms - Using “push” technology through web syndication : RSS, Atom… - Using Online Research & mapping software : Digmind, AMI Software, Analyst Notebook…
Predictive Analytics
Extracting information from intelligence data through descriptive & predictive modeling : reticular analysis, E=(SC)2, GOP (Guidelines for Operational Planning)…
Transmitting data

- Using Microsoft Office under Windows 7 : Word, Powerpoint...

- French native speaker


"Patrick's Chronicles": my blog in English

Analysing people/profiling : their statements

"Thanks for this description. Very good analysis approach" Ines*

"You guessed my psychological profile using only LinkedIn ? I agree with your description, very accurate" Leonie*

"What you said about me was ashtonishingly precise. I emphase my surprise by what you pointed out. I want to know more about the way you work." Amandine*

"How acurate ! How relevant ! The surprise provoked my interest and my curiosity. A tool to handle with benevolence!" CL*

"Stunning Patrick has managed to pinpoint my character, family history and consumption habits only through my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks to him for his relevant analysis which confirms my vision of my "real me".

Emilie L.*

*translated from French