PC MightyMax, the advanced computer registry-cleaning software, serves to increase the efficiency of its clients’ computers by scanning for errors and eliminating problematic programs, such as DLL and startup malfunctions. Cleaning the registry of a personal computer is a highly critical task, as it handles many processes essential to the smooth functioning of an operating system. For this reason, PC MightyMax includes robust fail-safe measures. When PC MightyMax detects and repairs problems, it creates a system restore point to allow users to undo the changes to their registries. In addition, a second level of protection allows users to revert to a backup through the functions within the PC MightyMax software. Thanks to a decade of development, PC MightyMax targets and repairs the most threatening registry errors, while simultaneously avoiding false positives, where other software could damage the computer's operation. Users can also find on the company website,, a step-by-step procedure for removing the software from their programs if they find that they are satisfied with the state of their registries. PC MightyMax, Inc.’s policy of complete transparency prompts full disclosure of all privacy protection policies. Furthermore, PC MightyMax, Inc., believes in supporting the American economy in their choice of business associates, and the company makes use of Texas-based Dell for its server hardware and locally owned server collocation facilities in Florida.

Work experience

Work experience
1991 - Present


PC MightyMax

PC MightyMax has earned the “Compatible with Windows 7” and “Works with Windows Vista” certifications from Microsoft, providing our users with an easy way to evaluate the quality of our software.