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I have been a consulting social media practitioner since 2007. My focus is high engagement audience-centric customer, delegate and participant programs achieved by working closely with in-house and outsourced -production services to create truly accessible, valued and measurable experiences integrating social media platforms, services and tools primarily to SME's and at arts and culture industry conferences, events and live performances in the UK and EU introducing the potential of global accessibility.

Current Positions & Project Histories


Projects Director, Developer & Producer

PCM projects, PCMevents, QuarterToFour and The Social Media Womble

Caron's continuing presences with unique social media capital, networks and audiences.

Current clients include FairyGlam(LucyLocket), UtopiaArts, High Growth LTD and entertainment industry trade union Equity.

Past clients include: Audiences Europe Network, New Optimists, British Arts Festivals Association, Arts Council England, Federation of Entertainment Unions, Pilot Theatre, Rudman Consulting, Nottingham Building Society, Boots PLC, Nottingham Trent University, Castle College, British Arts Festival Association, Institute of Fundraising, Nottingham's Broadway Media Centre.

Relevant Projects

2017 - ACT [Art-Culture-Tourism] Digital Development & ID Re-alignment

2016 - New Optimists The Hand That Feeds, A Musical about Food Crime.

2014 - Cybersalon (produced on behalf of Eva Pascoe) Live Streaming, Twitter, media capture, documentation and achieving of the monthly events throughout 2014.

2012 - TEDxLaceMarket

Co-organised, produced and managed an internationally renowned satellite TED 'xtra' event to strict guidelines and quality standards. Strong scheduling and associated administration skills were essential engaging, briefing and coordinating 10 speakers over 24 hrs including travel bookings, logistics and hospitality. This event had a 97% turn out and of those unable to attend they watched on the co-organised livestream. Prior dialogue with the audience was vital in achieving this statistic. The TED foundation has specific archiving and media sharing demands to ensure the continued licence permissions. 

2009 - 2010 : Amb:IT:ion (working directly for Hannah Rudman) and Arts Council England

2010 - The Federation of Entertainment Unions (legacy management ongoing)

2008 - 2015 : Pilot Theatre & Shift Happens (legacy management ongoing)

Sep 20112016

Online Community Manager

Audiences Europe Network

I've worked closely with Audiences Europe's coordinating director Rich Hadley to build, develop and manage a niche social network for executive audience practitioners working within arts and culture institution across Europe. This has included the adoption and development of social technologies, livestreaming events, engaging and managing remote audience practitioners and the digital documentation of the partner organisations' EU funded projects Open All Areas and Extending The Margins.

Recent Relevant Projects

Aug - Oct 2014 : Arts & Audiences 2014 - The Digital Audience Experience

Arts and Audiences commissioned me to produce a digital parallel conference 'in the cloud' - The Digital Audience Experience (DAEx) enabled Arts and Audiences delegates to attend from around the EU and beyond. The DAEx live team (myself, a studio anchor, livestream team and 6 young nordic bloggers) became the audiences eyes and ears 'on the ground'. The live stream audience could watch the main hall live stream with a web TV studio taking over in the breaks, chat on the Live Wall, attend the Round Table discussion on Day 2 and take part in the dedicated Google HangOuts with guest speakers and Q&A exclusively for the DAEx attendees. I produced and delivered working in a floor management role this digital audience experiment asking, Is it possible to create a credible event experience 'in the cloud'. Can it be as good 'in the cloud' as it is 'on the ground'? 

I produced the studio integrated schedule in direct collaboration with the event's production team managing the media capture, social media output, consequent media archive and event engagement report. The DAEx event can be viewed On Demand.

The DAEx in Iceland achieved a total twitter reach over 7 days of 2,280,673 impressions with a unique reach of 274,341 over the same period.

2012 - present : Equity UK's Online Branch (Content accessible to Equity Members only)

2012 - 2014 : Open All Areas - Audiences Europe - EU funded

Each of the AEN 2012/14 partner countries worked closely with two cultural delivery organisations that either had established or were developing a new relationship with a community of excluded adult learners/culture non participants.

Relevant Legacy Projects

2011 - 2012 : Extending The Margins - Audiences Europe - EU funded

The programme aimed to facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience of cultural managers and exchange best practice.  The knowledge acquired through this process enabled managers to engage more effectively with their target client groups, making arts and culture more accessible to the widest spectrum of the population.

Oct 2007Present

Social Web Assistance - Audience Media & Training Resource Provider

PCM creative

I have been freelance as a stage manager and producer since 1994 encompassing theatrical resource acquisitions, event facilitation, web design and since 2007 specialising in social technologies training and social media engagement strategies.  In terms of results I provide high turnout and engagement for events using social media conversation. 85% +

My consultation work informs and inspires clients to embrace and adopt new ways of working with new and social technologies with a goal of day to day self sufficiency.

My consultancy program is called "Monica - Who is helping you?"

LINK to Monica Program Brochure


Freelance Stage Manager

T/A COG Productions

Opera della Luna - Dir. Jeff Clarke
Assistant Stage Manager from 2002 - 2002

Independent Performance Artist - Mark Storor
Production Coordinator from 2002 - 2002

Nottingham Playhouse
Assistant Stage Manager from 2001 - 2001

Haymarket Theatre - Leicester - Dir. Paul Kerryson
Production Assistant from 2001 - 2001

New Perspectives Theatre Co - Dir. Daniel Buckroyde
Stage Manager from 2001 - 2001

Festival Theatre - Chichester - Dir. Loveday Ingram
Assistant Stage Manager from 2000 - 2001

Red Ladder Theatre Co - Dir. Kully Thiarai
Stage Manager from 2000 - 2000

Crucible Theatre - Sheffield - Dir. Michael Grandage
Assistant Stage Manager from 1999 - 2000

Hull Truck
Deputy Stage Manager from 1999 - 1999

Century Theatre - Keswick - Dir. Greg Doran
Production Assistant from April 1998 - November 1998

Theatre Royal - York
Stage Crew from November 1997 - January 1998

Various London Fringe Production - 1997

Century Theatre - Keswick - Dir. Greg Doran
Assistant Stage Manager from May 1996 - November 1996

Gate Theatre - Notting Hill (and various London Fringe venues)
Deputy Stage Manager from January 1996 - May 1996

Derby Playhouse
Stage Crew from November 1995 - January 1996

Forest Forest Theatre Company
Stage Manager from September 1995 - November 1995

Butlins - Skegness
Stage Manager from March 1995 - September 1995

Nottingham Playhouse
Stage Crew from November 1994 - January 1995

Commissioned Writting



Internet Service Provider Diploma

National IT Learning Centre

Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate

Home study learning over 2 yrs with tutorial support.


BA (hons) Theatre, Design & Technology - Theatre Crafts

Bretton Hall - University of Leeds

3yr Stage Management Course resulting in BA(hons) degree


Teaching and Presentation Competencies

Knowledge and first hand experience of designing and delivering training to small workshop driven classes, conference presentations and guest lectures.

Real-Time Audience Engagement and Network Building

Continued practice and development of using social media to market events and engage audiences before, during and post event, campaign or conference. Expert network builder and post event continued ambient audience retention specialist using Ning, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Storify and FlashIssue.

Social Technology Competencies and Digital Communication

Knowledge, experience and continued use of collaborative cloud platforms, tools and services to build strong communication channels with in-built risk assessed contingencies. Eventbrite, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and Trello are well established within my day to day tool set. 

Working collaboratively in a creative environment

Capable of working within teams at all levels adapting to support and leadership needs desired or designated by a project role, collective team or production office.

Departmental & Internal Communications

Excels in social diplomacy and establishing professional tone required to effectively unite a team especially on short term placements. 


Exceptional Conference, Training and Events Organiser instinctively providing agendas, timelines, schedules, scripts and timetables in the appropriate departmental vocabulary, layout and time scale increments.

Hospitality, Project Management and Associated Administration

Personal Assistant task oriented duties booking flights, rail connections, chauffeur or Taxi needs and accommodation.  Meeting, greeting, networking and advocacy on employers behalf. 

Event Management

To specification or via consultation, experienced in venue booking, resident staff communications dialogue, technical team briefing for light, sound, stage set including IT, Internet and audience wifi provision.

Floor Management & Show Calling

Experienced in running events to time from the side of a stage, ambiently within a performance venue, at a prompt desk or in a box at the rear of a space using cue lights and verbal commands via headsets.

Project Meeting Minuting and Rehearsal Note Taking

Superb listening skills and application of assistive technologies to record, document and report on meetings of varying sizes distributing timely notations to the relevant persons and departments in the formats requested detailing the nature of action required and following up  where necessary.

Database management and maintainence

Clear and deep competence in formalising and normalising data sets for entry into database platforms. Generating backups and providing documentation to changes suitable to the platform in use. Accurate operation of existing databases understanding and respecting form field legacy developments.

Performance Critique and Show Reporting

Experience of uniformly and objectively reviewing live performance events over time including unique incident details with references to inform the artistic director or production executives to ensure the quality of the show is maintained whilst in its run.

IT Competencies

Exceptional IT skills using Word, Pages, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, Access, iMovie (video editing) Fission (audio editing) Photoshop and Illustrator in both Windows PC and Apple iOS environments. I am technologically self-sufficient, capable of adapting to all web connectivity situations with ease and working remotely to conduct administrative tasks or capture media.

Arts Administration                          

Well versed in audience strategy, development, content programming  and its consequential organisational subtleties in the arts and culture sector having worked to establish digital access and funding reports.

Writing Proposals, Documenting, Archiving and Reporting.

Adept at compiling lists, developing proposals, conducting sector relevant research, collecting and collating resources to produce web pages, microsites, holding pages, blogs and the publication of suitable output media, reports and articles after the completion of projects, events and conferences with focus on future accessibility of the content in a timely manner with timeframe legacy accountability.

Marketing, Press & Sponsorship Accquisitions

Creatively identifies the value of events monetising opportunities to outside parties for endorsement, product placement and association. Caron has a wide and eclectic network of business contacts with culture objectives, social responsibility outlooks with their business strategies.


Phil Pemberton

Head of Communications & Online Branch Organising Officer - Equity

contact details on request

Richard Hadley

Director at Audience Europe Network

contact details on request

Philip Campbell

Project co-collaborator; TEDxLaceMarket, Cybersalon, Cellar54, Open All Areas.

contact details on request

Additional Details

Correspondence Address:

On request

Mobile No#

07889 205914

Equity No# 


DAEx Portfolio

2014 Arts & Audiences

Digital Audience Experience Studio

Workshops, Lectures and Talks

Caron has delivered workshops, talks and presented at conferences and roadshows through out the UK including consecutive years for Equity in Fringe Central at The Edinburgh Festival in 2008/09 nationally with hands on masterclasses for The Federation of Entertainment Unions training program and Arts Council England with the Amb:IT:ion program. Publicly availible slidedecks are stored on PCM Creative Media's SlideShare account

March 2013 - PCM IT Infrastructure Masterclasses for Small Business Owners
Nottingham Trent FM Arena's  IT Manager, Tom Geraghty worked with me to create and deliver x4 masterclasses (Email & Communications, Internet Security, Data & Storage, Technically Speaking) to share his IT infrastructure savvy. This series of classes provided small business owners, third sector workers and creative practitioners the opportunity to get their head's straight about how to troubleshoot an IT infrastructure. 

Oct 2013 - Social Media Marketing & SEO for Audience Development

Managed by Broadway, the project was funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) "Shine With Projector" was Nottingham Broadway Media Centre’s business development programme was aimed at people looking to start or grow a creative or digital business in Nottingham. I provided two 1/2 day workshops.

November 2011 - PCM Social Technologies for Business Masterclasses
A series of 4 social technology innovation masterclasses (Online Identity, QR codes, Geo-location and Crowd Funding) delivered in 2hr sessions. The delivery program was designed to provide flexible attendance for students running over four weeks on a rotating timeline. Attendees could select a regular time slot (4 weeks at 10.30 - 12.30) or sit all four masterclasses in one day)

April & November 2010 - Axis Centre : Exploiting Web 2.0 – Collaboration and Internet Empowerment

Five day workshop looking at the phenomenon called Web 2.0 as a "Super User" not a developer.  This De Montfort University accredited accredited CPD module visited integrated web services and resources such as Google and Yahoo encouraging collaboration. Explored free online business tools such as Qipit and Issuu to increase productivity, the usefulness of Social Networking with Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, subscriber multi media platforms such as YouTube and collaborative communities looking at and PBwiki with businesses in mind to enrich a customers experience when visiting a website, engaging in customer feedback or interaction. The course looked at optimised web browsing, getting the most out of RSS and the potential and expectations of mobile web access on the move.

Practical sessions enabled students to embed badges and widgets to their own web sites and gain a perspective of the dynamic content possible when commissioning a bespoke site from a web design company. Setting up a blog and accessing the blogging community as well as examining the platforms available were part of it's practical hand on focus.

2010 - commissioned not delivered - Introduction to Second Life for Business

Three day workshop (De Montfort University accredited) CPD module introduced the concepts, evolution and growth of virtual worlds on the Internet within the context of Linden Labs virtual world platform, Second Life. The module guided students through the first steps of creating their own Avatar (personal presence) and introducing them to established businesses and business leaders already using Second Life as a revenue stream within their own business. It also introduced the concepts of avatar and personal identity for business in an environment where codes of conduct, motivation and personal identity are not always transparent and defined only by ones own philosophy and ethics.