Paula Johnson

Paula Johnson


  • American Psychological Association
  • Association for Psychological Science
  • American Public Health Association
  • PSI CHI Society
  • International Fitness Professionals Association


  • Information Technology professional with over 20 years of experience on the IBM i(iSeries/AS/400) system as a system administrator and programmer, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Psychology.
  • Proven expertise in the full software development lifecycle from requirements analysis through programming and deployment.
  • Highly experienced in hardware installation, configuration, and management including LPARs. Skilled in performance analysis and tuning, capacity planning and sizing, journaling configuration and management, system security, and operating systems and HMC upgrades.
  • Proactive and conceptual thinker with a superior work ethic. Skilled in developing and documenting policies and procedures, creating and conducting training presentations and documents.
  • Continual learner with an ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements and employ new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies.
  • Exceptional written communication, technical, organizational, problem-solving, planning and mentoring skills.

Work History

Work History

Programmer Analyst/System Administrator

JDA Software(E3)
  • Managed, installed, consolidated, and upgraded multiple iSeries systems and LPARs.
  • Performed performance analysis, tuning, and sizing iSeries systems and LPARs.
  • Provided technical direction to development teams.
  • Developed software product installation and upgrade programs and guides for clients.
  • Developed custom utilities and application utilizing RPG, CLLE, C++, SQL, and JAVA programming skills.
  • Developed and implemented backup strategy and security policies.
  • Technical writing including product installation documentation and guidelines.
  • Provided expertise in evaluating new software and hardware technologies.
  • Planned and completed data center move.

Sr. Technical Analyst

Americold Logistics
  • Installed, consolidated, and upgraded multiple iSeries systems and LPARs.
  • Implemented and configured Vision software solution for new systems.
  • Managed iSeries systems with multiple LPARs.
  • Performed performance analysis, tuning, and sizing iSeries systems and LPARs.
  • Provided technical direction to development teams and operators.
  • Key member of project team for development and implementation of high-availability solution.
  • Developed custom utilities and applications for technical team utilizing RPG ILE, SQL, and CLLE programming skills.
Jan 2011 - Aug 2011

Sr. Systems Engineer

Four Seasons(contract-to-hire)
  • Monitored and managed multiple IBM iSeries systems and LPARs .
  • Managed daily operations of systems including performance reporting, backups, and high-availability.
  • Planned implementation of, and installed IBM Power 7 system with Business Partner.
  • Developed utilities for daily operations using SQL, RPG Free with embedded SQL, and CLLE.
  • Completed system performance analysis project.
  • Completed system sizing project.
  • Completed query and reporting tool selection project.
Jun 2010 - Dec 2010

Systems Analyst(contract)

Bank of America
  • Completed project to develop and implement monitoring and alerting application of Vision High-Availability application utilizing SQL, CLLE, and RPGLE programming skills.
Nov 2007 - Oct 2009

Sr. Systems Programmer

Metavante Banking(FIS)
  • Successfully led system migration and upgrade projects for clients.
  • Mentored and guided the technical team on planning and implementing operating system and HMC upgrades.
  • Developed and delivered training presentations for technical team and clients.
  • Provided technical direction for the project development team and clients.
  • Managed and conducted performance analysis, capacity planning, system security analysis, and system sizing for clients.
  • Provided remote system administration services, including the application of PTFs and iSeries security review, to clients.
  • Developed custom applications and utilities for technical team and client utilizing REXX, QSHELL, SQL, and CLLE programming skills.
Dec 2004 - Oct 2007

Technical Architect

  • Designed and implemented remote backup solution utilizing MIMIX software.
  • Key member of task force for Benchmark project to reduce nightly processing time.
  • Managed performance analysis and capacity for multiple iSeries systems and LPARs.
  • Worked with in-house Security Council to improve system security and compliance.
  • Implemented BSafe and Skyview Partners security solutions.
  • Provided technical direction to Systems Administrators and operators.
  • Developed and implemented journaling and IFS security standards and policies.
  • Developed custom custom utilities for technical team utilizing RPG ILE, SQL, and CLLE programming skills.
  • Mentored and assisted system administrators in managing daily operations of systems.
Jan 1998 - Nov 1998

Programmer/System Administrator

Systems Conversion
  • Management of iSeries system.
  • Provided system analysis, design, and coding of iSeries applications for clients.
  • Provided custom modifications to Computer Associates applications to support Y2K requirements.
  • Developed and implemented backup strategy and security policies.




Faulkner University


Walden University



DB2 Web Query/SEQUEL

Experienced in configuration, implementation, and usage of these products for reporting and analysis. Experienced in the development of dashboards, particularly for system performance and security monitoring.

Journaling and Remote Journaling

Highly experienced in configuration and implementation of journaling and remote journaling. Expert knowledge in configuring journaling environment for optimum performance.

iSeries System Administration

Hardware configuration and installation. LPAR configuration and implementation. Backup and recovery procedure design and implementation. Installation of PTFs. Operating system upgrades. Performance analysis and capacity planning using Performance Navigator, TeamQuest, iDoctor, and IBM Performance Tools. High-availability implementation using MIMIX and VisionSolutions applications.


Development of applications and utilities including FTP automation, high-availability monitoring and alerts, system performance, backup and recovery, order return and replacement, equipment movement for transportation and logistics.  Applications were developed for various industries including transportation and logistics, manufacturing, finance(banking and loan services), distribution, and software development.  Programming languages including RPG(all forms including III, IV, ILE, and free-format), CL and CLLE, SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, C++, Visual Basic, REXX, and proprietary barcoding and printing equipment languages. Most current experience is with RPG, SQL, CLLE, and REXX. Databases including DB2 for iSeries(AS/400) and Oracle. Most current database experience is with DB2.