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Costa Rica




Although I've had only one job (outside of volunteering), I have mastered a lot of the necessary skills that are used in different job settings. I'm a fairly fast learner as long as I'm given the necessary tools and resources. I like to complete task before deadlines, and I love to have conversations with people of different backgrounds and cultures. 

Work experience

Jun 2007Jun 2011

Sales Associate


Duties include face to face contact with customers, both on the sales floor and with the sales exchange at the register.I assist with inventory on the sales floor as well.I am responsible for balancing the cash register at the end of my shifts.I assist customers with on-line purchases both in person and via telephone.I serve as a receptionist at times, directing calls that come in to the store and providing the necessary resources to both callers and face to face customers.My responsibilities include assisting management by assessing coverage in all departments and helping direct co-workers to provide the necessary coverage.As one of the most experienced sales associates at my store, I help with training new sales associates and am considered a mentor for them.

Jun 2006Aug 2008

Teacher's Aide

Portland Impact

I worked for Portland Impact as a Teacher's Aide/ Counselor for three consecutive summers. I worked directly with the Summer Camp program director to maintain classroom activities and planning.My duties included monitoring classroom behavior, preparing morning meals, directing activities, security sign in with parents, and assisting teachers with various tasks throughout the day.I worked at this same summer camp each year for three years, allowing me the experience to help train new counselors.I assisted with fielding phone calls and served as receptionist when necessary.



Basic Office/Computer Skills
I have a basic understanding on how to use Macintosh and PC computers. Entering data, typing documents, and find documents on the hard drive are just a few of the basic skills I know how to do on both types of computers. My job duties at Adidas sometimes included answering multi-line phones, as well as using excel for charts. 
I'm still learning some Spanish, and I'm much better at writing than "speaking". With the spanish speaking population in the United States growing everyday, this is an important skill to have/maintain for communication, and customer satisfaction. 
Customer Service
Customer Service is a skill that is needed with any type of job. Since I've had only one job since I was 17, that majors in Customer Service, I have long background with customer satisfaction.