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Other Applications
MS Excel (Power User) MS Word MS PowerPoint MS Visio MS Outlook MS Access SharePoint (MOSS) BMC Remedy SupportSoft ATG PRIMUS
Web Design/Usability
Serious student of interaction design, usability, information architecture, user experience, and beginning to delve into web development
Systems Development LifeCycle (SDLC)
Practical experience with: Business Requirements gathering Functional Requirements development User Acceptance Testing (UAT) User Interface Design
Business Intelligence
Experienced with: SQL Server 2000 (T-SQL, DTS) - 2+ years SQL Server 2005 (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) - 1 year Oracle SQL Developer - 1+ year Crystal Reports 10 Data Visualization Web Analytics Metrics Development (SLA management - ITIL certified) 
Business Experience
Business Experience in Technology division of large Financial Service Firm, mostly in Technology Infrastructure Support. Some experience in cross-domain collaboration with other Lines of Business


Andrea Stuart Calhoun

I had the privilege of hiring Paul onto my team as our business systems data analyst in August 2006. I have been the most impressed by Paul’s ability to deliver high-quality, eye-opening, standardized measurement solutions.

Paul is the kind of business analyst who first helps you determine what business questions you need to answer through data; then delivers analysis that answers your questions and a dozen more you didn’t even know you had, but that turned out to be critical in making the business decision needed. He over-delivers and thinks of connections that others do not. He delivers the analysis quickly in a clear and thorough format which often requires no changes in order to be forwarded to upper management.

Paul provides sound recommendations based on industry-standard solutions. Paul designed the team’s product dashboard to measure the use and effectiveness of self-help support.

Paul created several measurement tools for individual SMEs and managers to improve the technology support content they own in the knowledge base. Paul provided countless ad hoc reports based on the data he tracks for team members who need to justify enhancements to functionality of technology’s support website. These contributions are critical components of the organization’s strategy to improve incident resolution and customer satisfaction while decreasing total cost of technology support. As a result, organizational stakeholders are able to be data-driven in decision-making and in efforts to improve the effectiveness of technology support.

Paul publishes a weekly key findings, monthly operational health metrics and quarterly business metric summaries. Paul’s scorecards are reviewed regularly by the team to plan changes to business strategy and tactics that ensure goals are exceeded.

Without Paul’s ability to provide consultant-like recommendations based in data, the organization would have a challenging time navigating the mountain of data available to build a strong case for improvement.

While I respect his analysis abilities, I’m only telling half the story of Paul Brandhagen. Paul is also a collaborative, loyal, trustworthy and dedicated team member. He is open and respectful of new perspectives. He is always willing to help out even when contacted at the spur of the moment. He is a life-long learner who finds meaning and motivation not only from data but also from people and ideas.

Paul constantly seeks to develop himself and others, regularly recommending relevant books, white papers, and reference materials to the team based on current work efforts. This makes him much appreciated by all his co-workers.

Every year during the review process, I have the pleasure of reading the accolades about Paul from his peers and customers. One special sentiment that I think sums up Paul came from a co-worker who said, “Working with Paul just makes me smarter and I count myself fortunate to know him!"

Morgan Cooper

If I had the opportunity to take all of the people I have worked with at Washinton Mutual and develop a crack-squad capable of righting all wrongs, Paul would be the mastermind of the organization.

Also the heart. Though he doesn't know it (he's humble), Paul is a super-hero. Careful not to shoehorn Paul into an analyst role because he is so darn good at it!

I could see him doing anything short of invisibility. Were he to run for Leader of the Legion of Good Guys, I would vote for him and happily take my place in his shadow. Shazam, Paul!

Feedback about Paul

"Working with Paul just makes me smarter and I count myself fortunate to know him!"- anonymous

"It is a true pleasure to work with you. You define what a team player should be and you always go the extra mile."

- Troy

" are always responsive, supportive, thoughtful, creative, resourceful and all those other wonderfully descriptive words that are escaping me at this moment. I know your "reporting genius" may seem to be taken for granted (although I can't imagine by whom) but believe me when I say... I am in awe of the work you do and the way you do it. You are my hero!"

- Christine

"What Paul has done here is a breakthrough in helping all of you, and all support teams across Technology... "

- Andrea

"I was thinking yesterday that you are always so willing to help me, even when it's not directly job related to you, that I just wanted to do something to say thanks - for everything, for all these years!"

- Pat

"It is wonderful to see Paul's attention to detail and careful reading...

He's open to new ideas, thinks outside of the box and really cares about improving his product for his customers.

Paul is very curious and interested in learning. He's dedicated to doing the right thing, even if it's not the easiest endeavor.

Personally, he's a great listener and thinks about his responses carefully and always asks thoughtful questions."

- Jesse


Developing Insight from DataInquisitive Business Intelligence Data Analyst with 7 years of practical experience developing metrics, dashboards, and reporting to inform and support decision-making.

Resourceful at combining information from multiple systems to develop innovative insights.

 Experienced with the fundamentals of Web Analytics, Usability, and Design.

Accomplished builder of web site measurement strategies and investigator of web site visitor behaviors.

Highly valued for abilities to find patterns in data, express insights through data visualizations, and effectively collaborate with a team to derive actionable recommendations.


  • Design
  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Economics
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Search and Information Retrieval
  • Effective Communication and Presentation
  • Information Visualization
  • Information Architecture
  • Drum Corps
  • Marching Bands


ITIL Practicioner