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Aug 2007Jun 2010

High school

Hjalmar Ludbohmsskolan

In High School I studied at the "tourismprogram". That´s a vocational program which gives you skills to work in tourism. Me and my class have arranged various kinds of events. For exemple we arranged a stay, with all activities, for 40 exchange students, a big fashion show on snow and ice, a course for 200 studens in mountain safety and much more.The program also includes a course, "Young Entrepreneurship", when you are going to start,operate and settle a real company. My friend and I wrote a guide book, "Kirunas Gömda Pärlor" (Kirunas hidden sights), that we have sold around 1000 copies of.

Work experience

Feb 2011May 2011


Riksgränsen hotell och konferens AB

Riksgränsen is a mountainresort, known for its abundance of natural snow and off-piste skiing. The reception in Riksgränsen is the information hub for guest and also the link between the different section of the resort. Apart from normal hotelreceptionist tasks I also take care of conference groups and a café.

Jan 2011Feb 2011


Revisiontjänst EOB AB

I helped, for a month, my dad´s firm when they had much to do, with send outgoing mail, answering the phone and take care of the customers.

Sep 2010Dec 2010

Inside Sales

Radiotjänst i Kiruna AB

In Sweden, every household with a TV ,has to pay a television fee. The money finance commerial- free and independent TV and radio. My task, as a Inside Sales, was to, by telephonecalls, inform and sell the TV-fee to houshold with a TV.

Jan 2010Aug 2010

Communications Officer

Kiruna Lapland - Tourist office

My main task was to inform the guests who came to Kiruna about attractions, restaurants, timetables etc. I also sold in and booked guided tours for operators in the Kiruna area. I also booked guests to the tourist office´s guided tous, into the world´s largest iron ore mine. At the tourist office I worked with the reservation program, CityBreak.


I´m searching job in London since I want to improve my english. Besides being fun to be able to converse with people from other countries I think it will be very important to be able to speak english in your profession, since all professions are becoming more and more dependent on international exchanges.


  • Figure skating
  • Hiking
  • Cross Country- and downhill skiing
  • Running
  • Exercising at the gym
  • Family and friends
  • Service and hospitality


I´m searching job in London since I want to improve my english. I love challenges and trying new things, because I think you grow as a person then. In spring 2010 I graduated from High School, focusing Tourism. I think host and service is very interesting bacause you meet so many different people, wich is very exiting and educational.  I have worked at the touris office in Kiruna, as a tourist guide and as a receptionist at the mountainresort in Riksgränsen. The product we sell here in the area is the snow, the beautyful nature, the northernlight and the midnightsun. It would be very fun to work and experience something different than Kiruna has to offer. I´m interested in services in reception, waitress, retail, tourism and other exciting jobs where you have customer contact. I look forward to any challenge!



Snowmobile license


Driver License