Patrick Bays

Patrick Bays



Drive and determination

Determined with a flexible adaptable approach to achieving objectives

Good people handling and communication skils

Ability to present formally and facilitate meetings/workshops

Strong language skills

fluent in French, German and English

Able to improve and develop business processes

Able to analyse, identify key issues adn develop solutions

Leadership and management of teams and projects

Identification of business opportunities

Ability to develop them into strategies and drvive them through to realisation

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2005 - Present

Business Transformation Consultant and Interim Manager


Undertakes consultancy, interim management and project management. Tasks have included:

  • Interim chief operations manager of a struggling, fledgling Hedge Fund
  • The development of a security strategy for an international hotel group
  • Investigation of a company's IT function which resulted in its complete reorganization with the centralizing of Data centers and 'off shoring' of some functions
  • Conduct of a feasibility study into the production of biofuel from waste in Switzerland
  • Assisting a 'start up' company gain financing
Aug 1997 - Jul 2005


Swisscom AG

(Held various positions during the period)

Strategy & Group Steering, Bern, Switzerland

2005 Senior Venture and Business Development ManagerCoached management teams, encouraged the development of innovative business ideas into full business cases and used prototyping to help test the real feasibility of the idea and championed the use of stage decision gates to appraise the development of business ideas. Examples were the identification of a remote IT security service, which approved by the board let to a company purchase and the digitisation of satellite pictures, later rejected.

2004 Head of Group Venture & Investment ManagementManaged a team of seven venture managers and undertook merger and acquisition projects, conducting due diligence, negotiations and deal closure in Europe, Asia and the US. Built task forces of up to 60 personnel on key projects which included the identification and development of the case for the acquisition of fibre based networks in key German cities and the expansion of the wireless broadband service to the hospitality industry into a global service by acquisition.

2003 Build up and Participation ManagerWas assigned to support the CEO of a new company which consisted initially of three newly acquired companies from UK, Netherlands and Germany. With the CEO, redeveloped the business model and customer offerings, managed the post-merger integration process, organised the company structure to optimise tax and VAT and establish a flexible 'can do' culture

2001 - 2002 Head of Group Strategic Performance ManagementWas head hunted by the Group CEO to this position and became a 'trouble shooter' and organiser. Managed a team of six performance consultants and undertook key tasks such as re-engineering the group strategic planning process which reduced the time taken to finalise group strategy by 40% and restructuring the Group Head Office organisation, outsourcing a number of functions and reducing costs significantly.

Network Services Division

1999 - 2000 Head of Performance Indicators and Control, Bern, Switzerland Managed a team of five performance officers and introduced a balanced scorecard system as a strategic planning and performance control tool; the first time it had been used in Swisscom. Also led a number of work streams during the change of corporate structure from an integrated to a holding structure.

1997 - 1998 Deputy Managing Director and Business Controller at the Branch Office Geneva SwitzerlandIntroduced a new management structure for the branch which has since become a standard, managed the implementation of SAP R3 and through re-engineering was able to reduce the cost of the implementation of a fibre to the home network project. Was identified as high management potential and was placed on a 'fast track' management development programme


2001 - 2001

Achieving Outstanding Performances

1990 - 1993

Degree in Economic Sciences


An experienced entrepreneurial business manager, able to identify and exploit business opportunities. Has established corporate frameworks to encourage the development of innovative ideas whilst still applying sensible business appraisal. Has contributed revenue generating ideas and assisted start up companies gain funding. Quick to identify the key issues and develop strategies and solutions, is determined to achieve objectives, but employs a flexible, adaptable approach. Able to improve and develop processes, can also manage the implementation of change. Good people handling skills aid team management, whilst communication ability in a number of languages(French, English and German), both written and verbal assist in business case development, formal presentation and meeting/workshop facilitation.


Excerpts from recommendations and endorsements on my LinkedIn profile.

  • “Patrick has high personal values. To work with him is easy, he is very interested in understanding the special situation and works hard to find suitable solutions. His performance was always on the top edge. I can recommend Patrick as persona with high professionalism.” Former colleague René Fischer, CEO, Swisscom Solutions AG
  • “Patrick has a very structured and efficient approach and quickly comes to the heart of the matter. Few people possess Patrick's ability and capacity to deliver quality and timely results in demanding situations”. Former colleague Pär Langue, Business Development Manager , Swisscom AG
  • “Patrick is an exceptional catalyst for emerging businesses. He combines high energy, true authenticity and business sense. Patrick brings a creative and human dimension to the European VC game while being a very well rounded manager and investor.” March 13, 2006. Former consultant  Patrice Gorin
  • “Patrick proved to be very effective for both the venture teams (top coaching, good analytical and financial skills, very entrepreneurial) as well as for the shareholders (result-oriented project management skills, good business instinct).” March 9, 2006, Former colleague Dominique Mégret, Head of Group Strategy, Swisscom AG
  • “I was impressed with Patrick's drive, his pace of action, and also by his ability to grasp new situations very fast and accurately.”. Former colleague Roger LAGADEC, Innovation Manager, Swisscom Mobile
  • “I enjoyed working with Patrick on some international M&A activities...  A very driven, pragmatic and professional individual with in-depth experience.”  Former colleague Alfonso Tasso, Managing Director, Italy, Swisscom (Eurospot)
  • “We worked for Patrick as consultants on Marketing and Communciation in an M&A project. We extremely enjoyed working with a forward creative thinker as Patrick. We were inspired to develop innovative new approaches. Patrick was always ready to test unchartered water and put it to the reality test. We enjoyed the challenging discussion with Patrick pushing the project forward.”  Former consultant Annette Schoemmel
  • “Patrick has performed a great job in fouding Swisscom Eurospot by acquiring the right parties across Europe and securing a smooth post merger integration. His role was detrimental in the succesfull start of Swisscom Eurospot". Former colleague Leo Brand, Managing Director, Swisscom Eurospot.

To view the full text of the recommendations, please click above on my linkedin profile.

Key Successes

  • Was assigned to support the CEO of a new multinational wifi service provider targeting a leader position in the hotel/hospitality market. Jointly with the CEO redeveloped the business model, standardised key business processes in each of the european countries and developed attractive customer offering. Further used pilots to test customer reaction to various services prior to introduction and halted deployment if the reaction was adverse. Contributed ideas for services some of which were adopted, developed and today are significant contributors to the €50m euro revenue. Later as head of group for venture management of Swisscom AG, developed a strategy to expand the wifi services in European to Asia and the US. Identified the market leaders in the regions and conducted negotiations to extend the service
  • Also, as head of group for venture management, led negotiations and drove proecesses for the acquisition of cable TV companies with fibre optic infrastructure in key german cities, to provide the technical base for the delivery of a range of services. The business case was developed and presented but rejected. Later however, a private equity group adopted the same idea and successfully launched Versatel.
  • As an interim COO for a struggling fledgling Hedge Fund company, introduced efficient business processes, enhanced the IT infrastructure to cater for the increasing transaction volume, changed the culture and most importantly cleansed the company of the majority of its Credit Default Swaps.
  • Led the re-engineering of a pioneering fibre optic network to the home, reducing the implementation costs significantly. Following a major change in strategy, sucessfully sold the newtork for CHF 40m and later was requested to repeat the feat with a second network achieving a sale price of CHF 60m.
  • In the role of senior venture and business development manager, developed the business case for the acquisition of a small company specialising in the digitisation of satellite pictures. The investment committee declined, but soon afterwards it was purchased by Google and became the core of Google Earth.