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  • Experience of 3 years 8 months into the web development. 
  • 2 years of experience as a back-end developer developing support for web and mobile applications, primarily with Python and Django web framework.
  • 1 and half year plus of experience into automating internal processes and automation tools development for one of the biggest US healthcare client.

Work History


Development Engineer, Data Engineering Team

Pramati Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

In Data Engineering Team, we work on Data Prepossessing jobs like Data Wrangling, Data Quality Validations and Data Warehousing. My roles extends to:

  • Insurance claims processing and management
  • Internal automation tools development to minimise need for manual intervention
  • Django apps development for cross team functionality
  • Keeping check on the data stream and address issues.

Back-end Developer, Back-end Support

Albero Technologies (Now Amsyt Technologies)

As a part of Back-end support team, my role demanded:

  • Functionality execution and feature development
  • RESTful APIs for web as well as mobile platforms
  • Designing and administering databases to serve applications and websites better
  • Envisioning new products, features and flows
  • Testing and addressing bugs/errors



US Healthcare, claims processing and internal tools

Language/Platform: Python, MySQL

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Developing internal tools/scripts for different functionalities.
  • Creating application to automate manual tasks
  • Analysing data discrepancies over the time to set certain thresholds for particular kind of failures
  • Checking bugs and fixing them

A music marketing website, a platform that provide Music Artists to connect themselves with the Industry. Users can interact, hire or apply for new opportunities in Music Industry.

Language/Platform: Django, MySQL, JavaScript

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designed database schema using MySQL
  • Created and coordinated APIs for both web and mobile applications.
  • Social sharing and custom logins using Facebook, twitter and Soundcloud.
  • Used Google APIs for different Google Products 
  • LinkedIn and Google logins and sharing.
  • Implemented back-end code for iOS and Android platform push notifications.
  • Worked with Amazon AWS.
  • Zoning zips using Mashape APIs
  • Hashtags functionality implemented on back-end.
  • Created triggers and functions to carry out modifications to database

Online-betting portal for NFL, NBA and other soccer Leagues which lists all the upcoming sporting events and lets user bet on them using coins earned via logging in and by other means. Bets help earn reward points which eventually let a user draw prizes.

Language/Platform: Django, MySQL

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designed database schema using MySQL
  • Social sharing and custom login using Facebook
  • Scraped information using urllib3 and BeautifulSoup
  • Took charge of management of various time constraints belonging to sporting events played in different time zones.
  • Created and tested full functioning code to implement reward system based upon betting results for users.



Python, MySql, Linux 

Domain Knowledge

Web Development, Django, JavaScript, Html, CSS

Work Framework:

Scrum - Agile & Kanban


Code Refactoring, Code Reviewing, Mentoring