I'm a passionate and goal-oriented software engineer. During my work I've solved problems in a variety of fields, from specific system issues, server side and user interface issues.

I've accumulated strong experience in:
✔ Programming Languages: C++, Delphi, JavaScript, Qt/Qml.
✔ Windows specific: Win32 API, MFC.
✔ UNIX specific: POSIX API.
✔ Web services: SOAP, REST, WCF.
✔ Static file formats: PDF, PSD.
✔ Flow file formats: XSL-FO, WordML/DocX.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2015 - Jul 2015

C++ Software Engineer


Being a part of WAVE 2 HMI team I was involved in development of a Human Machine Interface for an automotive software system. Inside HMI project I was leading the Radio HMI team.
I was mainly responsible for developing features for Radio HMI interface and managing the Radio HMI team.

In the time involved in this project I've accumulated experience on:
✔ Embedded C++ Development
✔ Qt/QML framework
✔ UNIX platform

Jun 2013 - Feb 2015

Windows Developer


Being a part of Consignor Team I was involved in the maintenance and development of a transport administration software. I was responsible for maintenance and development of new features for Import, Export, Transmit, ERP Integration and Dangerous Goods modules using Delphi.

In the time I was involved in this projects I've accumulated experience on:
✔ Microsoft SQL Server
✔ Delphi
✔ Multi-threading
✔ SOAP/REST services

Being a part of a multinational team I improved my communication skills

Feb 2012 - May 2013

C++ Programmer

Ecrion Software

Being a part of XF Ultrascale Server Team I was involved in server side maintenance and development of a document generation and rendering product.

In the time I was involved in this projects I've accumulated experience on:
✔ Windows technologies: Win32 API, MFC.
✔ Flow formats: WordML/DocX, XSL-FO
✔ Static formats: PDF, PSD.

As part of BI Server Team I was involved in development of:
✔ BI Server using C++.
✔ BI Dashboard Visualisation Client using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.


2014 - 2016


University of Bucharest

Field of study: Artificial Intelligence

2008 - 2014


University of Bucharest

Field of study: Computer Science

2004 - 2008



Real profile: Mathematics and computer science



C / C++

2+ Years

Design Patterns



1+ Years


Data Structures / Algorithms

C# / .NET


1+ Years







ENGLISH: Professional working proficiency

RUSSIAN: Full professional proficiency


Network Administrator at PRO NOVA                                         

Configuring and maintaining network, upgrading hardware components, installing and configuring required operating systems and software applications.


Marius Razvan Apostol (Project Manager at Luxoft, Continental Project)

Efficiency is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Pavel.
He is the kind of person you can always count on to find the best solution when things are not looking good. Proactive, result oriented, responsible and with a strong technical background Pavel is always ready to put all his energy and time into getting the job done.
He is one of the best developers I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I know he will make a valuable asset to any company.

Mihai Stefan Cuatu (Technical Lead , Software Architect at Luxoft)

Pavel is the type of person that exceeds expectations.

While working together at Luxoft , despite his relatively small work experience, Pavel quickly became a key member of the team. He didn't simply complete his tasks in time, he also put in the extra effort to make things better.

He's proactive, fast learning , adaptable and reliable.
He doesn't fear the new, he doesn't go for the quick solutions but instead goes for the correct ones, which makes him an ideal R&D Developer.

Although we worked together for a relatively short time, it was a pleasure working with him .

Tellef Ormstad (Team Leader R&D at EDI-Soft AS)

I had the pleasure of working with Pavel for two years at EDI-Soft. During this period Pavel picked up the business fast and became one of the key developers in the team, responsible for some of our core software components. Pavel was always positive to new challenges, dedicated and very easy to work with. I give Pavel my highest recommendation - any employer would be lucky to get him on board.

Patrick Henriksen  (Project Manager at EDI-Soft AS) 

I had the true pleasure of having Pavel on board as developer. Pavel was a very important resource, and he can always be counted on to make good and proactive decisions. He delivers quality work and he has my absolute best recommendations. Pavel was very good at thinking outside the box, and he was a true inspiration to cooperate with.

Tiberius-Nicolae Cocârlea (Lead Programmer / Technical Leader at EDI Software Romania)

Pavel Lazar worked for EDI-Soft as a Software Engineer from June 2013 until February 2015.
His responsibilities included analysis and design of modules for a complex application using a variety of technologies and programming languages like Delphi, C++, C#, SOAP, XML, SQL.
During the course of his employment, Pavel proved himself to be a dependable employee, and a hard worker, with solid problem solving and technical skills. I was always impressed by Pavel’s ability to complete the work assigned to him on time.
Overall, Pavel is a talented, hard-working employee and a team player. I strongly recommend Pavel for a development position.

Vasile Grafu (Lead programmer)

I had the pleasure of working with Pavel for two years at Edi-Soft. We had a good collaboration all the time. I remarked his passion for learning new things and the enthusiasm to discuss about them. I can say he always had an agenda of learning and understanding new software technologies. For me the curiosity is the key of creating future we will be part of. You will find this in Pavel and I strongly recommend to have him next to you into your future.