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Sep 2011Aug 2012

Master of Engineering Design

McMaster University

Final Project - Assessment and Design of a Waste Heat Recovery System

(McMaster University - Hatch - ArcelorMittal Dofasco)

  • Identified potential areas of waste heat recovery
  • Designed and simulated system components based on Organic Rankine Cycle principles
  • Contacted vendors and evaluated proposals
  • Tested the system for process variability
  • Improved system efficiency from 16% to 31%
  • Performed a risk assessment
  • Prepared a high-level business case

Courses taken:

  • Process Modeling and Optimization - developing hands-on experience required to model complex process systems such as mixed-integer linear programming for gasoline blending, genetic algorithms, differential evolution, heat exchanger networks and hybrid models of distillation towers
  • Multivariate Statistics – focusing on process improvement through analysis of data sets (prediction, monitoring and optimization) using latent variable methods
  • Process Design and Integration for Minimal Environmental Impact – integration of process units and design of Energy Utility Systems, Heat Exchanger Networks and Water Distribution Systems
  • Practical Project Management - basic understanding of project management principles through various tools, techniques and processes using different case studies and applying this knowledge to real-life projects
  • Leadership and Management Development - developing personal, interpersonal and group skills by applying various concepts to different situations through workshop exercises
  • Reliability and Risk Management - practicing system performance evaluation techniques under uncertainty, risk-based lifecycle management of engineering problems, risk-informed decision making and mathematical formulation of risk indexes of engineering systems
  • Design Thinking – using creative design, tools and methods to develop innovative design solutions
May 2010Aug 2010

Seneca College

Introduction to Environmental Management

  • Understanding and interpreting the CEAA
  • Conducting Phase I ESA
  • Principles of Environmental Assessment, Programs, Audits and Monitoring
  • Spill Prevention, Response, Preparedness and Reporting
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Methods of Waste Management and Disposal

Introduction to Sustainable Development 

  • Technologies of Energy Production
  • Characteristics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Sep 2004May 2009

Bachelor of Engineering

Ryerson University

Project Research and Presentations

  • I headed a group of four that designed a novel continuous bio-refinery plant for biobutanol production from wheat straw at a cost lower than that of fossil fuel.  The project involved process selection and description, equipment design, environmental impact, and safety, economic and cost evaluation. The project was awarded the wall of fame at Ryerson University’s Chemical Engineering Department
  • Intensification of Freezing - Food Process Engineering
  • Fuzzy Logic – Chemical Safety and Loss Prevention
  • Wet Scrubbing for Sulfur Oxides – Air Pollution
  • Bio-filtration for Air Pollution – Biochemical Engineering

Work experience

Sep 2009Aug 2011

Farm-Out Specialist

Amico Accessories
  • Assist in equipment prototyping: preparing equipment according to customers’ specifications
  • Assemble and repair various parts for track adapters (for hospital equipment rails), medical device holders; and prepare caution labels
Jan 2008Aug 2008

Facility Engineer

Husky Energy Inc

Project Management & Process (Facility) Optimization

  • Improved energy efficiency at Husky Energy’s oil sands extraction plant’s heating and cooling glycol systems by approximately 15%(theoretical) using HYSYS process simulation software, PFD and P&ID drawings whilst interacting with supervising engineers and field operators thereby refining team-playing and problem-solving skills
  • Developed and managed oil well history representations showing production parameters such as well head pressures, steam flows, lift gas flows, oil and water production, and production temperatures, in order to analyze and evaluate well performance
  • Investigated, coordinated and executed management of changes such as replacement of valves and installing pump filters according to maintenance regulations with the aid of PFD’s and P&ID’s
  • Created a MS-Excel database for recording all incidents regarding hazard identification and site safety observations. Also created and updated a spreadsheet for all pressure safety valves on site for easy access to valve specification datasheets

Cost Estimation

  • Created a documented process (MS-Excel) for cost estimation of various chemicals used per volumetric unit of water and emulsions depending on the chemical flows and concentrations, which enabled plant operators to optimize different pipeline feeds

Laboratory Analysis

  • Researched and tailoreda chloride testing procedure according to field operator requests to determine a faster and more effective way of testing emulsions for chloride content
Sep 2006Dec 2006

Soil/Trace Metal Analyst

AGAT Laboratories

Soil and Trace Metal Analysis

  • Initiated a two-week research project aimed at increasing antimony results on soil samples. After testing and analyzing various sample preparation techniques, a 17% increase in reference readings was obtained
  • Spearheaded and mentored a group of 4 colleagues, and achieved successful completion of the preparation of 146 paint samples for analysis of lead, zinc and arsenic concentrations (ppb) hence introducing leadership skills
  • Executed 2 hour preparations of soil and water samples and analyzed them for over 16 metals to ensure the soils and water bodies have the minimum concentrations of the metals in accordance with environmental regulations, consequently enhancing organizational skills
May 2006Aug 2006

Quality Control/ Production Intern

Estee Lauder Cosmetics

Quality Control

  • Ensured product quality was maintained according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Received training in and implemented Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Assisted in production lines with teams of up to fifteen colleagues hence improving team skills


Microsoft Office
Microsoft Visio
Aspen Plus


Extracurricular Activities

Degree, Awards and Memberships


  • Aviation and Aeronautics
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Hiking & Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Sports
  • Photography


I recently completed my Master of Engineering Design degree at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON) in August, 2012. My final project was the assessment and design of a waste heat recovery system for an industrial process in collaboration with Hatch Consulting and ArcelorMittal Dofasco. The project involved a literature review, site visits, Aspen Plus simulations, vendor contact and evaluation, optimization, a risk assessment and business case.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering (B.Eng - hon.) from Ryerson University (Toronto, ON). Integrated with my undergraduate studies, I completed 16 months of cross-industry co-op experience in the energy, environment and quality control sectors. During my undergraduate studies, I worked at Husky Energy Inc (Facility Engineer) where my main duties were assisting supervising engineers in various projects such as energy conservation, management of changes, cost estimation and preventive maintenance among others. My experience at AGAT Laboratories (Soil/Trace Metal Analyst) involved preparing soil, water and paint samples for analysis of various metals in accordance with environmental regulations and ISO standards. I also worked at Estee Lauder Cosmetics (Quality Control/Production Intern) where my main duties were to ensure utmost quality of finished products and perform checks at various stations in the process.

These experiences have enhanced my sense of teamwork, responsibility, self-motivation and problem-solving skills.