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Work experience

Product Marketing Manager

SunSoft, a Sun division

Product Marketing Manager, Solaris Intel division, SunSoft

•Managed the INTERACTIVE UNIX product line (IUS) focusing on customer requirements. Maintained and increased revenue stream of $20M with a staff of only 6 engineers.Changed the packaging, pricing and licensing. Focused on VARs, OEMs and embedded OS market. Organized seminars for those VARs and OEMs. Collected feedback, translated it into required features and incorporated them into the next release of the product.

•Wrote a Product Requirements Document (PRD), project plan and business plan for a version of Solaris with a small footprint to target the INTERACTIVE UNIX market and oversaw its implementation.

Jun 1995Nov 2007

Senior Product Line Manager

Sun Microsystems

Product/Program Managed 6 major Solaris releases, with updates in between. Interfaced with engineering, publications, L10N team, legal, support services, operations, sales, customers, suppliers, outbound marketing and finance. Responsible for product introduction, product life cycle management, communication to the field, pricing, licensing terms, bill of materials, all language versions, physical product and software downloads.

•Saved over $100M by converting a 1000+ part, high cost of goods, product line, with multiple release dates. The result is a single, worldwide, low cost ($10) product with all localizations released simultaneously. This way every customer anywhere in the world has access to all available and supported languages from a single package or download.

•Initiated and completed distribution change of the Solaris Operating System from 6 CDs to a single DVD. This resulted in a better install experience forthe customer,and an 80% reduction in cost for Sun. Also established first Solaris downloads.

•Created special distributions for Sun’scontract customers and for a free Solaris DVD offering, resulting in a savings of 50% in production and 75% reduction in postage. Also ran the associated marketing programs.

•With input from the OEM account managers, wrote a project plan to produce an OEM clean version of Solaris and an associated OEM toolkit. Visited OEM customers in Europe to present Sun’s product roadmaps.


Technical Product Manager

INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation

Porting of TEN/PLUS software to various flavors of UNIX. Product Manager of 386/ix (PC UNIX product) , VP/ix, ( DOS under UNIX), and the Software Development System. Managed all the releases and the name change from 386/ix to INTERACTIVE UNIX SYSTEM. Designed an International Supplement (software) and wrote an International Supplement Guide explaining it. Developed driver and utilities to support non-US keyboards and non-ASCII fonts. Conducted UNIX and C training to customers in Europe


Bachelor of Science

Universiteit Antwerpen


Photographer/ Published Author
  Professional  photographer since 1996. Explored, photographed, and studied California’s Eastern Sierra and published a book on  it. Used  Photoshop CS3 and  InDesign CS2 for the book’s layout and Dreamweaver CS3 for
  Dutch, French , German, English (fluent) Swedish, Spanish, Italian (reading) Finnish, Russian (conversational)
  Operating Systems: UNIX (AT&T V6 through SVR4, BSD ), VMS, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris,  INTERACTIVE UNIX System, SCO Xenix and UNIX, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Programming : VAX assembly, C, C++, Pascal, Bourne and Korn Shell, lex, yacc, html, CSS Application Software: Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, StarOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.

Paul Wellens

SENIOR PRODUCT LINE MANAGER.  Creative Product Manager experienced in getting a product out the door on schedule, at the lowest possible cost, highest quality and with the  features customers want,  in a global marketplace. Manages the entire product life cycle and is able to explain and evangelize that product to customers in a clear and simple, humorous way.


 Great Product Management skills. Knows what it takes to get a product out the door as a member of a cross-functional team. Effectively manages software or hardware releases through all phases of the life cycle, from inception to end-of-life.Track record of delivering releases on time.

  Intimately familiar with cost of software production, manufacturing, supply chain management and delivery. Early adopter and industry watcher of digital media (e.g. DVD).Keeps track of industry trend in pricing and packaging of consumer and prosumer products, hardware and software.

•  Realized over $100M in cost savingsby implementing  product ideas.

•  Creatively solves complex problems with ultimately simple solutions. Extremely detail oriented . 

•  Outstanding writing skills: product presentations, marketing collateral, technical documentation,  published author of : "California: East of Yosemite”)         

•  Great communication and presentation skills. Able to present to an audience and make complex topics seem easy, from UNIX or C training to product presentations,  in English or another language.

•  Thinks strategically, yet comes up with tactical approaches to immediate issues. Reputation as a good influencer.

•  Native of Belgium and therefore fluent in Dutch, French, German and English. Never misses an opportunity to pick up the basics of another language. Also an L10N and I18N expert.

•  Extremely artistic.Spends spare time exploring California and does professional level photography, using Kodak DCS760 for events, Hasselblad for killer landscape pictures and Nikon F6 on hikes. Very proficient in the Digital Darkroom, applying color management for  fine printing. Savvy in page layout, typography and web design.


Hiking and photographing anywhere in California. Classical Music and Opera. Good Food. Art. Favorite Museum: Musee d’Orsay, Paris. Favorite place: June Lake, California.