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Initially designing surveillance equipment for IBM, Motorola and Westinghouse, Paul Spivak, design engineer, inventor, and practical innovator, continues to create a niche in the world of electronics. Gifted with an extensive knowledge of embedded microcontrollers, automotive electronics and composites industries, Paul Spivak has gone on to establish a well-earned reputation as a talented inventor and electronics expert with solid work certifications. In order to give freedom to a mind bursting with great ideas and inventions, Paul left his day jobs in order to pursue a lifelong dream—to become an unparalleled creator of the best state-of-the-art technologies that serve as practical solutions to man’s day-to-day requirements. Mr. Spivak founded and has been co-owner of St. Martin Powerboats LLC, and in doing so, he was able to invent and obtain patents for alternative energy solutions for vehicles, linear motion applications for spray tanning techniques, and digital instrumentations for boats and automobiles. Paul is also the brains behind the creation of a line of miniature speedboats that are priced to be affordable to almost any speed boating enthusiasts. The most popular in the line of mini-speedboats that Paul’s company manufactures is the “F” Series of mini speedboats. Paul Spivak’s other business interest is that of the research and development of practical uses of electronics in therapeutic applications. His genuine desire to create and collaborate has been demonstrated by his founding of BioScience Systems, which seeks to further Paul’s sincere dream of making life better in more ways than one. Some of Mr. Paul Spivak’s significant contributions to bio-electronics are LED Phototherapeutics, Non-Invasive Amniocentesis, and Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring.

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St. Martin Powerboats, Bio Science Systems



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