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MBA with distinction

The Trinity College and University

Work experience

Systems Specialist

UBS Warburg

Developing and managing rollout scripts for Unix system software for FX trade desks.

Web Site Manager

MAN Alternative Investments

Helped the marketing team publish company data on the internet.

Aug 2008Present

Senior Systems Engineer / IT Manager / CTO

Ayaltis AG

Designing and implementing an IT infrastructure from the ground up for this small and successful Fund of Hedge Funds company.Fully virtualised infrastructure. Hosted VMWare ESX 4 with currently 15 virtual servers.Main network is Microsoft solutions based on Active Directory and Microsoft Server 2008 R2 with a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise farm and SQL Server 2008.Remote access allows employees to work on line of business systems wherever they are. This is making use of a Citrix XenApp 6.0 farm, which are also virtualised and access via SSL/VPN. I also setup a virtual desktop environment (VDI) using XenDesktop 5. I have also setup and have been testing VMWare's VDI in a box which is an ideal and free VDI solution for small businesses.

I manage and monitor all of the above environment using remote tools including Citrix GotoAssist and GotoManage web based support.

All user client computers are Apple Macs and using VMWare Fusion for mission critical Windows applications. 

Developing SharePoint solutions to surface LOB data so that information can be viewed from any web browsing device, such as smart phones and tablets.

Creating Themes and Master Pages for SharePoint 2010.

Setting up and supporting Microsoft Office 365 accounts for users and administering distribution lists including dynamic distribution lists using PowerShell.

Managing users, systems, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support.


IT Manager / CTO

Roche Products

Primary role to coordinate the IT systems involved in the shut down of the Roche site by the end of 1998. This includes AS/400, where the existing data will be migrated to an Access database (developed by myself).

General day to day tasks, supporting users, fixing problems, coordinating with Roche central IT group to fix wide area network problems. Coordinating work carried out by Cap Gemini on Roche's behalf for data migration and archiving.

Support, administration and problem solving, cc:Mail, MS Outlook 97/98, Novell Servers. SCO Unix server, Windows NT Servers, Cisco routers, Internet access and solutions development.

Managing and administering the Meridian Telephone System.

Project planning items such as: equipment moves, disposal etc. Management of user problems


IT Specialist


Project work involving the use of IBM middleware MQ Series to transfer data between mainfram, Unix and PC platforms. Microsoft Windows NT problem solving.

Jan 2006Aug 2008

Senior Systems Architect / IT Manager / CTO

Peak Partners SA

Designing and implementing an IT infrastructure from the ground up for this small Hedge Fund company.Space and budgetary constraints allowed me to opt for a totally virtualised environment based on VMware ESX servers.Main network is Microsoft solutions based on Active Directory and Microsoft Server 2003 with Exchange 2007, Office 2007, Office SharePoint 2007 and SQL Server 2005. Microsoft CRM is also in use and currently I am implementing a unified messaging environment allowing Exchange 2007 server to become the hub of all communications for the company.Designed a disaster recovery and business continuity solution again virtualised at an off site location in Zurich. Data and systems are replicated continuously during the day for extremely high availability.Remote access allows employees to work on line of business systems wherever they are. This is making use of SSL/VPN and Citrix servers, which are also virtual.

May 2005Dec 2006

Microsoft Systems Consultant

Zurich Financial Services

Responsible for all Active Directory (AD) architecture, design, implementation and administration of a global active directory.Trouble shooting issues and problems with new and legacy applications running in the AD environment.Managing security throughout the whole domain structure from systems, services to users and groups.Managing a team of IT Specialists and systems developers.Troubleshooting and problem solving of the AD domains.From March 2007 to December 2007: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SpecialistResponsible for designing and implementing a SharePoint Server 2003 server farm and then designing and implementing an upgrade from SharePoint Server 2003 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise server farm.

Assisting support with the Citrix team.


IT Manager / CTO

Harcourt Investments AG

Initially as a web design consultant initially to redesign Harcourt's web site.

Then asked to join the company after rescuing their email system after a catastrophic failure.

Built up Harcourt's systems that grew with the company.

Built a team of technicians and developers to support the needs of the company.



Union Bank of Switzerland

Working with a team of specialists, evaluating Microsoft NT v5.0 Beta 1. To be implemented throughout UBS. Primary function is to look specifically at security issues. Development and implementation of web graphics for intranet usage.

Use of MS ITS on NT4 with ASP web page development. Problem solving.


Network Consultant

Perot Systems AG

I was originally brought to Switzerland to establish an infrastructure of LAN based facilities for Perot associates working on the Swiss Bank Corporation project.

Included in the requirements was an independent Local Area Network and the facility for passing electronic mail between the customer and Perot's other sites. This was established and I built a cc:Mail postoffice and connected it to the Perot e-mail infrastructure . This was achieved by negotiating with the infrastructure teams in

Heathrow, whom I had worked with during my previous time with Perot.

Another skill that was brought into play at this point was my experience with Novel NetWare and Windows NT Server. Because the project had to use NT as the primary platform, I had to make cc:Mail work with it. I had only once before tried this in Perot during my time at Heathrow when I was evaluating NT as a server platform replacement for NetWare . The trials worked fine and I put this work into production.

During this time, I was also tasked with developing an MS Access database that would collect user and equipment information, in the form of a questionnaire, from SBC employees. This system is still being used and developed as part of the main rollout procedures within the SBC project.

As a member of the rollout team I was also called upon to advise users and engineers regarding Windows NT installation practices, procedures and development as well as migration from other systems such as OS/2, Novell and LAN Manger.

After some months of running the Perot infrastructure within Switzerland single handedly, I took on extra personnel to help with the task of supporting the ever increasing number of LAN based and mobile users.

My tasks frequently meant that I was as siting members of several of the teams within the project, for example, training, recruitment, logistics, rollout, engineering, finance, etc.

During the last 12 months my expertise within the Intranet, Internet and World Wide Web arena has expanded ten fold. I had the pleasure of obtaining a Silicon Graphics 02 workstation and Alias Wavefront Power Animator software to develop multimedia presentations and web based systems. During the last 3 months I was recruited onto the User Support Center's Web Team within SBC and was involved with developing the major parts of the USC and DIT web based systems. This included generating graphics both animated and static, and user interfaces using tools such as CorelDraw 7, MS Office97, FrontPage97 etc.

Feb. 1995Sept. 1995

Network Specialist

The Automobile Association

Title: Network Specialist

Project controlling and technical solution writing for in house AA developments.

Evaluating new products and advising on suitability to the AA's business.

Documenting procedures for new products.

Supporting Arcserve backup software. Evaluating NT based systems.

Providing technical solutions for remote electronic mail and remote access to the AA

local area network.

Supporting Novell NetWa re and services connected via NetWare, such as UNIX and

Mainframe access via Firefox NOVDC and NOVOS products.


Senior Technical Consultant

Perot Systems (Europe) Ltd

Administering and managing Novell NetWare 3.12 installation and implementation.

Assisting implementation of Europcar's wide area network systems.

Administering PC and Apple Mac Installations.

On going work developing internal network at Heathrow and Paris offices.

Advising Perot projects where LAN and PCs are to be implented.

Documenting procedures for installations. Administration, Backup, Disaster Recovery

etc. of LAN based systems.

Evaluating new products, such as Windows NT Workstation and Server products.

Implementation and administration of cc:Mail.

Writing and implementing a database system to track Europcar station installations and equipment. Database used was MS Access v2.0.

Using the internet to retrive information from product vendors.

Setting up of a central purchasing procedure.

Day to day problem solving and solution providing.

Designing, implementation and managing a Windows NT Network, integrating PCs, Macs and UNIX systems.


Technical Analyst

British American Tobacco UK & Europe Ltd

Installation of new PC LANs and WANs based on Novell NetWare at all BAT sites.

Providing technical support for all applications and hardware.

Generating standards for all connectivity products used by BAT.

Providing technical analysis of new products.

Providing technical support for AS/400 devices. 

Devising solutions to connectivity problems, from the point of view of both client and host on LAN and WAN systems.

Using TCP/IP to connect NetWare based PCs to DEC VAX systems.

Using OS/2 to allow multiple protocols to reside on one workstation.


Technical Consultant & Trainer

GCO Communications Ltd

Visited a number of client companies as a trouble shooter on a variety of problems with Novell NetWare installations.

Organised and ran NetWare Management training courses at in house and at client premises.

Support and training of users, resolving problems and encouraging a positive view and

use of computer systems and applications


Head of Technical Services

CIBA Vision Ltd

I evaluated the existing Torus Tapestry LAN system and compiled a managemnt report on the problems associated with the use of this technology. A board decision was made based on my report to replace Tapestry with Novell NetWare.

I installed Higgins groupware software to allow the sales force, equiped with laptop computers, to communicate with both the office and each other using electronic mail.

I coordinated a project to link the AS/400 to CIBA Geigy's Wide Area Network.

I installed a communications gateway to allow users to link to the IBM System 38 using PCs. When this was later replaced by the AS/400, I installed a token ring adaptor in to the AS/400 which allowed it to connect directly to the LAN. Therefore negating the need for the fairly limited gateway solution.

Single handedly installed the Token Ring structured cabling system into CIBA Visions premises.


Technical Engineer

Shaye Communications Ltd (Formerly Sinclair Research)

Evaluation and installation of Novell NetWare system.

Installation of new software and training staff to use the applications installed on the LAN.

Whilst with Sinclair, I was also designing printed circuit board layouts using a manual tape method, I later persuaded Sinclair to purchase a PC based PCB CAD system. I also used the lathe and milling machinery to build prototype models of the cordless telephone that Sinclair was at that time working on.



Microsoft Office365,  Azure, SharePoint Online, Amazon Web Services

Web Development & Design
HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint.
Network Engineering
  TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, ISDN, X25, HTTP FTP, Telnet, DHCP, DNS, SSL/VPN, Microsoft Active Directory, Group Policy Management.  
Systems Hardware
IBM and Compatible PCs, Apple Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, IBM AS/400, DEC VAX.
Virtualization Technologies
Planning and implementation of virtualization technologies such as VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer, XenApp and XenDesktop.

Personal details

Date of Birth:     27th July 1958Nationality:    BritishStatus:    Divorced. 2 Children.Health:    Good. Non-smoker.


Senior Technical Analyst / Consultant and Web Designer with 30 years experience applying Information Technology solutions to meet ever changing business needs. Broad experience of many leading technologies, for local and wide area networking: intranet, internet and extranet solutions. From concept, design, planning, implementation through to training, support and troubleshooting.


Graphic Art using both computer and airbrush. Computing. Photography. Video. Music. Building Street Rods and motorcycles.

Currently the web master and designer of the local Harley Owners Club chapter in Zurich ( I was chairman of the Victory Wheelers Street Rod and Custom Car Club for 5 years. The club organised an annual event, which has become the largest club run event in the UK for street rods and custom cars. The proceedings of which went to local charities.


John Clifford. Zurich Financial Services. 

Address: Seestrasse 104, 8820 Wadenswil, Switzerland.Mobile Phone:+41 78 884 2474

Austin Musi. Habitusnet AG.

Address: Stampfenbachstrasse 32, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland.Mobile Phone:+41 79 440 3287


I am a Microsoft Windows and Apple Systems Engineer with a wealth of knowledge and experience with most of Microsoft's and Apple's systems and solutions.

Enthusiastic and self motivated team player.

I have worked in all sizes of companies from small startups to global enterprises.

I also have a deep knowledge of many other products and technologies involved in IT infrastructure deployment including, VMWare, Citrix, WiFi, LAN, WAN, ethernet, token ring. Databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL. Other platforms such as UNIX, Linux, AS/400 and Apple OS X.


Certified NetWare Engineer


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer