Over the past 30 years, Paul Savramis has dedicated his career to instilling positive values in America's youth. He began his training at New York's Queens College, where he received his Master in Physical Education with a minor in Child Psychology. Mr. Savramis has since gone on to found and direct several educational athletic programs, including Nick Bollettieri's Eastern Tennis Camp, the Eastern Invitational Basketball Camp, and Rising Stars, Inc. Paul Savramis created Rising Stars to use basketball as a positive outlet and educational tool for young people. A charitable organization, Rising Stars has accommodated children from all walks of life by providing grants and scholarships to prospective students. The Rising Stars program offers year-round extracurricular basketball clinics, camps, and tournaments aimed at improving physical health and building character, well-being, and self-discipline. In order to further promote his message, Paul Savramis created the Positive Alternatives for Youth outreach program (PAY). PAY educates children about the dangers of drug use, as well as healthy alternative choices and activities. Rising Stars expanded nationally and internationally when Mr. Savramis helped to develop the Wilson Swiss All Stars Camp in 2001, along with camps and events in Greece, Israel, Italy, the Bahamas, California and Maui. This revolutionary non-profit organization has received numerous citations and acknowledgments from the Governor of New York and the White House. Having positively impacted the lives of thousands of people, Paul Savramis' Rising Stars educated several professional athletes, including Al Harrington, Joakim Noah, and University of Arizona coach Sean Miller. In 2011, Paul Savramis retired from Rising Stars, leaving the organization in the capable hands of former students Dan Gimpel and Jay Williams, an ESPN commentator.

Work experience

Work experience
1994 - Present


Rising Stars, Inc.