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Paulo Sobral


Work experience



PAULOSOBRAL.COM - Porto, Lisbon, Helsinki

Psychological counseling of youth and adults.

Assessment and intervention in youth, including body image, thought, autonomy, socialization and interpersonal relationships, academic performance, identity construction and vocational projects .

Intervention with adults in various life contexts, bereavement, divorce, single parenthood, depression, psychossomatic disorders, phobias and anxiety.

Supervision of clinical cases.

Services provided in Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Psychologist, HR Branch Manager, HR Consultant

RHMAIS - Porto, Lisbon

Recruitment, evaluation, selection and training of more than 3000 customer services employees. Trained personnel in interpersonal skills, negotiation and conflict management and implemented customer- focused training programs in key companies (cable TV and telecomunications).

Use of various instruments of assessment: abstract thinking , concrete thinking , organization and planning , verbal ability , general intelligence , vocational profiling , logical reasoning.


Regional Manager

National Institute of Statistics - Portugal

Management of Census activities in the northern and central regions of Portugal, leading aproximately 500 people. Training of local delegates and interviewers(210 hours and 490 people involved) 1



Instituto Multimedia - Porto

"Psychology of Communication " teacher.
900 hours (300 hours / year)
125 pupils / trainees involved (average 25 by class)


HR Branch Manager

Psyvolution - Porto

Management of services and planning(around 50 employees).

Established cooperation protocols with several schools and health technicians.



National Institute of Statistics-Portugal

Fertility Survey, Census of Population, Unemployment Survey, External Trade




FPCEUP - University of Porto

Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Vocational Psychology


Specialization in Counseling Psychology

FPCEUP - University of Porto

Counseling Psychology

Sep 2002Dec 2002

Webmaster Certificate Program

IPFEL - Porto

About me

I love people. They are the most important energizing factor of my life.

I have a good relationship with myself and with others, because I'm sensitive and I have accurate skills in detecting intentions, states of minds and emotions.

Usually I incorporate quickly non- verbal communications from others, as well as I'm aware of how to use my non-verbal and verbal skills to communicate efficiently.

I'm especially prone to contribute continuously to improving environments: professionally and personally. I'm a creative person that has the good habit of "Looking at the Sun", that is, I focus my attention and energy in the things that can be done and in the paths that can be built.

I'm quite experienced in several ways to inspiring people, as well as in helping them to find a constructive way to integrate their own experiences.

I appreciate the value of autonomy, which is the reason I incentive other people to express themselves entirely, and help them making efforts to integrate their visions to the benefit of a team, organization or company.

I've the need to evolve continuously, and I enjoy seeing the people to whom I'm related in the same wave length, and who know the importance of having an inspirational horizon.


Personal Identity Code: 200169- 251L
Veronumero (Tax Card): 100016434539


Computer skills

Windows, Mac 0SX, Linux, AS/400, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Klok2,
Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, DreamWeaver, Celtx, Sony Vegas, HTML, SQL.

Language skills

ENGLISH (Proficient User); PORTUGUESE (Mastery / Native); FRENCH (Upper intermediate); SPANISH (Upper intermediate); ITALIAN (Independent User); FINNISH (Basic Learning level)


Riku Ahola

Toiminnanjohtaja; puh. 0440 201234