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In short

I founded an independent design and branding studio in London. I generated a profit each of its fifteen years. I gained invaluable business acumen. I won and retained well-known clients. I encouraged a company culture combining creativity and pragmatism. I instilled confidence in employees. I embraced flexible, collaborative working processes.

I increasingly focused on strategy and brand. I realised I needed in-depth expertise. I achieved a distinction for my MA. I informed all decisions on thorough research. I led workshops to unearth insight. I spoke at prestigious industry events.  I wrote in respected publications. I lectured at leading higher education institutions.

I mentored fast-growing startup businesses. I created an innovative digital tool for SMEs to shape their brand. I developed a proprietary brand model.

I believe empathy enables insight which feeds innovation. I believe in continual learning and evolutionary thinking. I believe by sharing we all grow. I believe it’s time for a new home.


Mar 2015Present


Brand In Process

A brand is no longer what you tell people it is, it’s what people agree it is. I founded Brand In Process as a consultancy for the network economy – helping organisations remain relevant for ever-evolving business environments, technological landscapes, human behaviours, and developing brand strategies to get them ahead of their competition.

What do I do?
• primary and secondary research (qualitative and quantitative), including existing brand perception, current communication & culture, competition, market, audience & outsiders
• develop strategies to creatively shape brand to encourage interest and engagement of people
• direct the implementation of communication and culture (both internal and external) to authentically reflect the brand
• recommend and manage KPIs for the brand, ensuring development is measurable

Selected work (and clients):
• brand research – Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, Osbelk & Co
• brand group workshops – Enterprise Nation, Future Planet, Trafi, Transition
• brand architecture – Arsenal FC, Imagem
• brand naming – Hot Pot Digital, Jelly Products

May 2002July 2017


1977 Design

Effective design is not about the things designed, but the desired positive reactions and subsequent results they create. I founded 1977 Design in London in 2002, with a fundamental premise of ‘communication by design’. For every one of its 15 years 1977 Design was a proudly independent, creative and profitable agency.

What did I do?
• grew the agency to £750k pa turnover
• delivered a profit every financial year
• interviewed and recruited talented staff
• developed staff professionally and personally
• created a network of trusted specialist collaborators and partner companies
• wrote briefs and directed creative responses
• advised long-standing clients on wider brand strategy to maximise their brand equity
• nurtured ongoing relationships with clients, many of which were retained for the lifetime of the business
• shaped our own brand, which attracted many well-known organisations as clients
• gave us a respected voice in the industry
• made tea and coffee

Selected work (and clients):
• branding systems for global organisations – Arsenal FC, Benoy, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
• brand communications – EMI, Minicabit, The Football League, RFU
• media and promotional campaigns – Momentum Pictures, Paramount Pictures
• marketing campaigns and communication – Cision, Efficio
• museum and experiential graphics – Chelsea FC, Manchester United FC, National Football Museum, Norwegian Olympics, South Africa Rugby Union
• digital presence – Aedas, Eyestorm, Warner Music (Korova)

Work published in:
• books – Logotype, Monograms, Touch Branding I and III, Design Matters Portfolios
• periodicals – Design Week, Digital Arts, FormFiftyFive, The Guardian

Dec 2016June 2017

Associate Lecturer

University of the West of England

There is too large a chasm between industry and academia. I worked in brand education to help bridge that gap, bringing ideas and approaches from each one to the other. By teaching future business and marketing leaders we can improve understanding and management of brand.

What did I do?
• delivered lectures on how brand theory can be applied to professional practice
• led and facilitated ‘Socratic method’ workshops
• guided students through the development of brand plan coursework and prepared them for final examination

Mar 2012Present

Speaker / Writer

International events and publications

I firmly believe that only by learning and sharing new ideas can we move the conversation on brand into a more informed place. I regularly speak and write on brand and design, particularly discussing how brand should be considered as evolutionary and constantly ‘in process’. Key topics include the technological, social and cultural developments which mean that brand must be considered this way, and importantly what this means for businesses, people, and vitally how they interact.

Spoken at:
100% Design, Entrepreneurial Spark, Glug, Goldsmiths College, Hyper Island, Impact Hub, The London Design Festival, NPR (USA), Radio National (Aus), Thread Bristol, UWE Bristol

Written in:
Brand Perfect, Brand Strategy Insider, Campden FB, Design Week, Enterprise Nation, The Guardian, Transform

Feb 2016Present


Entrepreneurial Spark

Brand can be a businesses most valuable asset. As someone who has started businesses, I wanted to help mentor and advise ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs on how to grow their business by better understanding and then communicating their brand.

What did I do?
• one-to-one advice to entrepreneurs on how to shape their brand – Cocksure Brewing, Explorers Connect, Tailfin, TeaHuggers, Winbox
• gave talks and presentations on how to utilise the power of brand to grow a business

Jan 2015June 2017



Bespoke brand consultancy can be costly, and many small businesses simply can’t afford it. With a digital partner, I created a free online tool for the leaders of fast-growing enterprises who wanted to ‘clarify’ the most important thing in business – communicating what they do, and what value it has for people. Clarify is a step-by step DIY guide with real-life examples and advice, enabling self-development of a brand.



MA Brand, Communication & Culture (part-time), Distinction

Goldsmiths College, U. of London

Designer, marketers, strategists, business consultants – they all claim to work with brand. I realised that in order to give valuable direction to a brand I had to really understand it – in terms of its social, cultural and economic influence and impact. Reading ‘high-street’ brand books is simply not enough to advise businesses on one of their most important assets, and so I studied brand in-depth, learning from its leading academics and experts across the areas of sociology, psychology, philosophy, economics and technology.

What brand is and how it works has changed, and so I undertook primary and secondary research on how and why people engage with brand in a digital or network economy. This research, and subsequent findings and conclusions, formed my thesis – Branding post-capitalism: How a tool for the capitalist, industrial economy might develop for an emergent and relational post-industrial economy, in which the ‘crowd’ is the contributor of a company’s essential financial capital that enables production.

What did I learn?
• extensive and academically-rigorous qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research methods
• how to ethically undertake social research
• analysis of data and information to shape an informed and evidenced position on a topic


BA Graphic Design, 2:1

Northumbria University

My original training was in design, and this is still the foundation of my approach to work, what is often now called ‘design thinking’. Design thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions. I retain a ‘design mindset’ – solution focused and action oriented towards creating a desired outcome.

What did I learn?
• creative problem-solving
• communicating a message to encourage a desired reaction


Professional Practise Stage 2

Design Business Association

Being a validated member of the leading industry body shows a level of professionalism and expertise in the industry. I was a member of the DBA for many years, attending and contributing to their events and even featuring on their promotional literature. During my membership I attended training from leading practitioners covering key topics in running a creative business.

What did I learn?
• legal issues in creative industry
• Intellectual Property
• negotiation skills and tactics
• presentation skills
• client relationship management
• people management


“A deep and broad understanding of the place of brands within culture and the practice of branding within organizations. Paul is a thought leader for brands.”
Dan Wallace, Co-Author ‘The Physics of Brand’

“Paul joined us during a day of mentorship and coaching, and held a lecture about the difference between branding and brand. With Paul’s academic experience and great coaching skills, I would not hesitate to have him back again. Knowledgeable. Humble. Inspiring.”
Jenny Theolin, Vice Chairman of Design Sweden

“Pauls first rate approach, great creative thinking and deep insight and knowledge delivers excellent results in both creativity, but also, logic and implementation.”
Shaun Meadows, Executive Director at SI Partners Global

“Smart, intuitive, creative without overcomplicating things. He leads the brand and creative process but is also collaborative and able to work as part of a bigger team.”
Kevin Gannon, Associate Director at Crunch Communications

“You go into these things thinking you know a lot about brand and brand strategy, and then Paul shows up. He asks relevant questions you would never think to ask, he uncovers insights about a company that even the clients do not know about. He reveals data that, in a nutshell, makes the process that much easier as you have a solid platform to work from. And as for the brand workshops, well I’ve never seen a room of 10 clients burst into applause at the end of the session.”
Anthony Cockell, Freelance Project/Account Director

“Paul has consistently produced superb work for me. He is also great fun to work and brainstorm with.”
Ashley Jones, Commercial Director at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

“Working on our company branding with Paul was not only extremely effective, but also a pleasure from start to finish. As a young agency, we needed more than a stopgap visual identity, we needed to create a brand that was believable and exciting yet which told our authentic story and offered longevity as we grew.

Through a series of strategy sessions with Paul we were able to explore our competitive advantages and develop these insights into a brand that we are very proud of. I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul for any strategic branding project.”
Jonathan Smith, Managing Director at Hot Pot Digital

“I watched as Paul developed 1977 Design from a kernel of an idea into a solid and successful design company. And from the very beginning Paul has stuck with the same approach; work extremely hard, be incredibly nice to people, and keep surprising those around him.

It’s a system that keeps paying dividends; employees are fiercely loyal and clearly enjoy coming to work, whilst clients keep coming back for more, reassured that they’ll be receiving and benefiting from a high quality product. Pragmatic and opinionated, Paul is an obsessive researcher and ensures he gets to know the ins and outs of every project that comes through the studio doors. His decisions are made on sound judgment, expert analysis and a sizable dose of designer intuition.

There’s no ego with Paul; he’s all about getting the best result possible.“

Phil Dobinson, Freelance Design Director

“Paul is a consummate professional. He is a well-read strategist with a vast amount of cultural and life experience and his ability to engage with and inspire those around him is extraordinary. He conducts his business on a non-hierarchical basis and on a personal level, Paul is amiable and witty.”
David Armstrong, Senior Designer

“Paul’s grasp of branding fundamentals comes not only as a creative director but also as a strategic consultant. An insightful individual whose knowledge and passion is an asset for any organisation looking to strengthen their brand.”
Richard Stevens, Design Director at Philosophy Design


Should you require further references these are available on request