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Internet Surfing ,


Cars in general, sports cars, racing


 I have been to Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar and London (U.K)


Seeking an IT Technical position allowing an opportunity to demonstrated and relay my multilayer skills in the area of Information Technology proven by 5 year track record of successful employment and experience in the NGO sector. 


Data/ Information Security
Proficiency in software and hardware mechanisms for safe guarding data including, disk encryption, data backups, data masking, firewalls, restorations, antivirus installations and updates.   I am also conversant with  International Laws and Standards governing data privacy like the data protection act and the International Standard  ISO/IEC 17799 . 
Operating Systems (OS)
Excellent  working Knowledge and experience in various operating system platforms including Microsoft windows( XP, Vista, 7 & 8), GNU/Linux , IOS, BSD, Macintosh, Android, windows phone,IBM, z/OS , DOS at both client and server levels.
Project Management
Good working knowledge of Project management with Microsoft Project software’s 
Computerized Accounting
Good working knowledge of Computerized Accounting packages like Pastel, Quick Books and Tally .
Website Development and Designing
Extensive working knowledge of Website design using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Word press, front page html and php software’s   Knowledge of Graphics design packages like Adobe illustratorCS5, PageMaker, Indesign, PhotoshopCS5, Macromedia fireworks CorelDraw   Computer programming with Visual Basic, JAVA knowledge
Database Management and System Administration
Practical knowledge of Database and Information systems including GPS, GIS, MIS ACESS SQL Server and MySQL   Data Analysis Statistical Packages like SPSS, Epi-info, Api –data.
Computer Network Administration
Configuration and installation of Windows server Architecture and Network Administration, design Maintenance, Active Directory services, DHCP, Domain Name System configuration, Remote Access configuration.    Knowledge and configuration of Wide Area Network Technologies, e.g PPP, Frame-relay Technologies, DDR ISDN (Integrated Digital Subscriber Network ), DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).   Good working knowledge of TCP/IP range of protocols, network Address Translation    Cisco systems configuration of router protocols OSPF, IGRP, RIP, EIGRP and Internetworking Operation System Software.


Rose Keishanyu

Yvonne Bertha

Richard Segirinyi

Work experience

IT specialist

Action For Children
Mar 2007Present

IT Specialist

Action For Chidren

Planned and Manage technological systems at Action For children by maintaining an IT help desk. Perform day to  day  operations  and  technical  performance  of  computing  infrastructure  ranging  from  virus  scanning  and antivirus  updating,  backups  and  disaster  recovery  procedures,  printing  and  photocopier  sharing  Network connections and any other IT issues that come along 

Developed and Managed AFC’s  information  and data systems including Program Management information systems and integrated M&E Databases, I also tracked and maintained multiple sets of key indicators for the company’s priority sectors.

Installed  and  configured  the  Local  Area  network  and  internet  connections  for  Action  for  Children  while  also upgraded  the  server from  windows  server  2000  to  2003  hence  enabling  easy  file  sharing  as  well  as  fast  and stable internet. Ensured the security and integrity of the Agency’s ICT systems and equipment by engraving all ICT equipment. 

Developed,  improved  and  administered  the  Agency’s  website  applications.  Redesigned  and  developed  the current Action for Children website .  I  currently  update  and  maintain  the  website  and  also  perform  a  weekly  Google  analytics  program  that gives me details on the impact of the website on the world wide web, I also maintain the company’s webmail by assigning  company  email  addresses  to  staff.  I  have  also  worked  on  other  projects  including  developing  and designing a website for a U.S based website

Developed  and  maintained  ICT  policy  manuals  and  technical  documentation  these  include  all  ICT  system Inventory register, Network layout, security policies and procedures. 

Assisted project staff in planning, designing and implementing their respective and appropriate evaluation plans. Created and developed various tools for capturing and carrying out data analysis to generate outcomes with monthly reports.

Carried out collection of geographical information relevant to the company programs and projects especially projects that were carried out jointly by USAID and AFC. This included the use of GPS (global positioning system) tools in the field and desk based data capture software’s convert paper maps to GIS datasets. 

Created and maintained structures necessary for GIS data storage i.e. developed the tools for loading and transferring GIS data between different systems, also provided technical support to the project staff or end-user in understanding and making relevant of the information captured.

 Built and fostered partnerships  with other agencies  working on MIS, GIS, population-based  surveys and other studies  and  evaluations  and  overall  performance  monitoring  of  the  priority  sectors  for  the  company  this  was mainly experienced while working with USAID and RHU projects.

 Reviewed  AFC’s  business  requirements  and  provide  appropriate  ICT  solutions.  Procured  AFC  ICT  systems from wireless devices to modern computers and laptops. Almost every project officer in Action For Children has an  up  to  date  laptop  with  the  most  current  features,  also  purchased  installed  and  configured  latest  wireless router so as to provide easy access to the local area network and internet especially to those devices that use wireless technology. 

 Developed  appropriate  ICT  training  programmes.  Successfully  carried  out  staff  training  on  basic  computer applications  and  latest  technologies  as  the  evolve  over  the  last  5 yrs  on  a  quarterly  basis,  staff  were  equipped with the basic computer skills like Word Processing, Excel, PowerPoint and Access hence making them more productive and efficient.

Coordinated,  initiated,  managed  and  monitored  implementation  of  ICT  projects.  Carried  out  a  number  of computer  operating  system  installations  repairs  and  troubleshooting,  scheduled  Computer  Servicing  and maintenance,  most  computer  systems  at  Action  for  Children  have  the  most  current  operating  system (windows 7  and 8)  with  the  2010  office  packages, employees  have  already  been  trained  and  are  well  vast  with such new technologies. 


Jul 2007Present

Bachelor of Business Computing

Makerere University