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A long-term opportunity where I can: 1) Have a profound positive impact on the bottom-line while building significant value to shareholders, and 2) Be a leader that is committed to empowering teams and encouraging creative solutions.



Enthusiast: rugby, football (soccer), lacrosse, hurling and Gaelic football.

Participant: golf, squash, jump rope, weight training.


Native language is English, can read/write/speak Thai, conversational in American Sign Language (ASL), and studying Mandarin and French.


Current volunteer Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD. (2009 - present)

History of volunteering with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and their awardees. (2008 - present)

Active in the Harvard Club. (2001 - present)

History of volunteering to help young people. (1986 - present)

While at Harvard was a volunteer interpreter and translator in the Thai language. (1985 - 1991)

Also volunteered weekly at the Boys and Girls Club in Roxbury Center (Boston), helping kids with their homework and just having fun. (1987 - 1991)

Before attending Harvard, was a volunteer misionary in Thailand. (1983 - 1985)


Voracious reader

Avid traveler


Top line:

+23 years business experience worldwide in high technology, with both startups and major technology companies.

Drive to the bottom-line:

Passionate self-starting self-motivated entrepreneur. Firmly believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is mission critical in any company regardless of size. Keen knack for motivating performance in teams and individuals. Successful at securing key strategic relationships. Track record of making significant money for companies, and building profound value for shareholders.

Preferred location:

Within travel distance of current home in Paris, France. Willing to relocate worldwide for the right opportunity.


Married since 1993. Three children.


Organizational Development
Refined skills for process, team and organizational development.
Charismatic leader of people. (Especially in motivation, morale and relationship building.)   Strong hands-on experience (sleeves rolled up) with operations, finance, sales and marketing, business development and engineering. I am equally comfortable: * Building and Keeping Lasting Relationships, * Leading Teams, * Performing Organizational Planning, * Shaping Operational Efficiencies, * Driving New Business Development, * Discussing, Leveraging, and Developing Technologies, * Working with Engineers, * Developing Launch Plans with Marketing, * Closing Deals with Sales.
Communication (Verbal & written)
Highly polished presentation and advisory skills. A persuasive, highly verbal, communicator.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Entrepreneur in Residence


INSEAD is one of the best business schools in the world. (Listed as 5th in the world in 2009 by the Financial Times.) The school has two main campuses: one in Fontainebleau, France, and the other in Singapore. It also has a research centre in Abu Dhabi and another in Israel. INSEAD is linked with Wharton through a global strategic alliance. As an EiR, I will mentor INSEAD students and alumni in their entrepreneurial ventures and aspirations.

Dec 2007Jun 2009


Vyro Games Ltd

Vyro is an Irish company that makes and licenses technology that is designed to help people learn how to relax and reduce their stress in an engaging and fun way. Targeting the consumer mass market, Vyro will license its patented wireless biometric sensor technology, its Software DSP Engine and innovative software applications to device manufacturers, mobile operators and game designers/publishers. While at The Hatchery, I was a business advisor to Vyro helping the company shape a business around the developing technology. I was then hired by the Board of Directors to become CEO.

Sep 2001Nov 2007


The Hatchery

With The Hatchery I built new ventures and I redesigned existing companies. I counseled with decision makers and executives. I mentored leadership teams, presented and consulted to boards of directors and investors, authored business plans, executive summaries, organizational and operational designs, presentations, white papers and more.

Jul 2001Aug 2001



I was contracted by the CEO to help think through the organizational design and paths to maximizing the commercial potential of MediaLabEurope’s intellectual properties via MediaLabVentures.

Oct 2000Jun 2001

VP Operations

Webprint, Inc.

WebPrint developed a unique, e-commerce business model and strategy for the deployment of a virtual printing network to serve the on-demand printing market.   I reported to the COO by whom I was hired to lead all teams performing Customer Service and Support, Training, and Operations (including strategic planning), and global deployment of the service. The company was successfully acquired.

Oct 1999Sep 2000

COO, VP Finance


Spun out of NEC, Urocket created a robust Internet service that allowed an end user to both procure and organize their music over the Internet. Urocket also developed a stereo quality component (complete with both a CD-ROM drive and a removable hard drive) that worked with both a personal computer and a home stereo system.   I reported to the CEO by whom I was charged to rally and lead all teams, as well as perform / complete operational details for the startup. The company was successfully acquired.

Sep 1997Aug 1999

Director, Strategic Planning & New Business Development

NEC Computers

NEC Computers, Inc. (formerly NEC Packard Bell and NEC Computer Systems Division) is the computer-making arm of NEC, a Global 100 (#51 in 2000) company. I reported to the Vice President of Marketing and before that the Vice President of Business Operations by whom I was hired to lead the new business development teams (including the RFQ, RFI & RFP response teams). My teams and I improved margins, optimized operations and made significant profitable revenue for the company.

Dec 1995Aug 1997


WorldSoft Corporation

WorldSoft created an amazing multilingual word processor that allowed a user to type and edit text in over 208 human languages... all on the same page. A user could type any language effortlessly from left to right, right to left, and from the top to the bottom of a word processing document. I reported to the CEO who was resident in Israel by whom I was hired to reinvent a 10-year-old Israeli company into a Silicon Valley venture. The company was acquired.

Dec 1994Dec 1995

Technology Evangelist

Apple Computer

Apple is the maker of MacOS, Mac hardware (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro), iTunes, iPod and iPhone. I reported to a manager by whom I was hired to build strategic relationships with software/hardware development community, and I successfully supported over 80 companies worldwide.

Feb 1993Sep 1995

International Programs Manager

Now Software

Now Software was the maker of the award winning Now Up-to-Date calendaring application, as well as the award winning Now Contact contact-management application.   I reported to the Vice President of Sales by whom I was promoted internally (from technical support) to build the international sales business. I opened markets worldwide (e.g., UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Latin America, etc.), and worked to localize software, and consistently exceeded every performance goal that was given to me by the executive team. Best month: 213% of sales objectives. The company was successfully acquired.




I paid my way through college by working multiple jobs including: selling donuts in the Porter Square subway (T) station, waiting tables at a Thai restaurant in Harvard Square, and selling computers/cameras/calculators/TVs at The Coop (The Harvard Cooperative Society).


David Somerville

“Paul is an extremely competent, articulate and dedicated business executive. Paul has a true flair for creating compelling new business vision and direction through development of detailed and actionable business plans. Paul is an extremely valuable asset to any change focused organization.”

Rudy Burger

“I heartily recommend Paul. He is an individual of integrity and strategic insight. Paul is a first class team player and a pleasure to work with.”

Brendan Tuohy

“I have known Paul since he first came to Ireland in 2005. He worked with the team preparing the bid for the National Digital Research Centre and he hugely impressed everybody with his business acumen, insights, detailed knowledge of the ICT sector and his strong sense of commitment and values.

“Paul was subsequently head-hunted to come to Ireland and to lead the start-up company, Vyro Games. I was appointed Chairman and, in that role, I saw at close hands Paul’s ability to create a very professional, harmonious, well-functioning and results-based team that achieved a significant amount in a very short period of time. Paul led the company from the start to a stage where it was ready to launch on the global stage. He ensured that all the legal, financial and operational business functions were carried out very professionally and he had a detailed knowledge of all functions within the company including production, finance, marketing, legal etc.  His own long experience and innate skills shone through all the time as he assisted the young company to develop quickly. He dealt superbly with Enterprise Ireland and potential investors, cultivating relationships and winning huge admiration from everybody not just for his professionalism but for his deep sense of commitment to the company and also for his strong sense of values.

“His preparations for board meetings were detailed and meticulous and he kept me and all the board updated on a regular basis on all issues. His report writing ability is superb and he has a great capability to enthuse everybody with his infectious enthusiasm that permeates all he does. Paul is a natural leader who not only leads his own company but whose influence very easily permeates out into the wider community. He is hugely well respected by all with whom he has interacted and he is held in very high regard not just by me but by everybody else as well.  His ability to lead teams in a larger organisation go without saying as his leadership style is such that it could sit well in small or large organisations and his contribution would be equally as significant.

“Unfortunately, for reasons totally outside Paul’s control (due mainly to the inability of the founding investor, because of his own shortage of funds, to provide sufficient cash to take the company to the next stage), the company has had to go into hibernation until additional funding is received.

“Paul is a really superb person with whom I have enjoyed working. He is a top class CEO and, in addition to his proven track record over the years, he has demonstrated great ability to build up and develop a start-up company and turn it into a potential world-class company.  He has all the attributes of a great CEO and, in addition, his strong sense of values is a hallmark of his style. It is a great privilege and honour to recommend Paul. He will be a great asset to any company and I am confident you will be hugely impressed with him."

Dan Aguirre

“Paul worked hard to ensure his staff had all the support they required to perform their tasks. His perspective on management was not that his direct reports worked for him, but that he worked for them. If I were asked whether I would work for or with Paul again... I would cherish the opportunity to work for or with Paul again.”

Fabrice Normand

“I have had the rare privilege to work with Paul in two different companies. Therefore, I believe that I am in a position to give a valuable opinion on his positive impact on a business. “I was Marketing Financial Manager at NEC Computers (1999-2001) while Paul was the Director of the Business Development and Strategic Planning. Paul was instrumental in growing the business at NEC. His customer-oriented approach was always key to close the most difficult deals. Nevertheless, with a unique way, our company’s interests were always protected. I must say that as a finance person I was very impressed by the broadness of his skills. He was great person to work with. His team was very well lead and had an infinite admiration for Paul. After a couple years at NEC, we both pursued a spin-off opportunity of NEC with another colleague of ours and lead by NEC's ex-CTO. In this promising start-up, Paul was appointed COO. In this position he directly supervised business development, finance & human resources. Paul skills and personality were key in the growth of the company, which doubled in size in less than six months. The company was successfully acquired in one of the most difficult periods (2001) where most start-ups went bankrupt. “Paul and I have been excellent business partners. I have a great admiration for Paul, his business skills and his personal values. Paul speaks several languages and is highly interested in all cultures. He is also a well know and recognized High-Tech expert. I would highly recommend Paul for any European company willing to develop its business abroad, in the USA or elsewhere. Paul’s Executive leadership and cross-cultural experience would be the best asset for any company willing to grow while improving its global competitiveness. I have an absolute confidence in Paul’s Executive Management superiority.”

Dan Cook

“Paul is a true leader. He is extremely insightful when it comes to people, products and market opportunities. He has the ability to both listen to and empower others, as well as the dedicated work ethic and strategic vision to direct for success. Paul remains at the top of my list of people I would most like to work for again.”

Daragh McDonnell

“Paul is a man of many talents and he excels in all of them. As a problem solver he uses his keen insight to cut through extraneous detail and penetrate right to the heart of the issue. As a strategist he applies his wide-ranging experience, analytical skills and crystal-clear thinking to develop plans that are coherent, ambitious and achievable. As a communicator, he possesses a rare eloquence and clarity of expression that is always delivered with unflappable calmness and patience. If all this wasn't enough, he has great sense of humour and easy-going manner that make him a true pleasure to work with. As a business adviser to Vyro Games, his contribution to our development and success has been invaluable, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Darragh Ballesty

“A respected Silicon Valley technology veteran, Paul is passionate, articulate, charismatic and instantly likeable. I believe his greatest strengths can be seen when engaging with customers, investors and internal teams. Paul brings instant credibilty and belief to the table. As a communicator, he is insightful, clear minded and a great facilitator – always listening for the quiet voice and encouraging diverse thinking. In my time at Vyro, Paul has always lead by example and encouraged his teams to excel – both professionally and personally. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for a strategic or senior management position.”