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Software Developer / Database Administrator

Banking  •  Financial Services  •  Asset Management

Results driven, customer focused information technology profession with over 16 years of experience in technology.Skilled in identifying technical needs and adept in troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving application, database and operating system problems.Proficient in identifying and mitigating database and SQL performance bottlenecks.Deep understanding of what is needed to build a stable, reliable and resilient application infrastructure.

Work experience

Aug 2001Present

Database Management Lead

JPMorgan Chase Bank

Retail Financial Services

December 2010 – Present

Database Management Lead

Managing a team of on and off shore database administrators supporting the JPMorgan Chase Retail data warehouse environment. 

JPMorgan Asset Management

Fixed Income Application Development

November 2005 to November 2010

Senior Database Developer

Responsible for database and application level tuning, data model modifications and additions and implementation of business logic using PL/SQL in the custom built Fixed Income decision support system and LatentZero Capstone databases.Decreased overnight batch processing though the implementation of partitioned tables, tuning of individual SQL statements and tuning of stored packages.Using Informatica to replicate data from Sybase databases into the Oracle DSS database and to generate flat file extracts for consumption by other systems within the Investment Management business.Identified and corrected issues with default database collection of histograms and object statistics.

Scripted, tested, documented and oversaw the implementation of a process to migrate the existing LatentZero Sentinel compliance Oracle8i database to Oracle 10gR2, setting the database level initialization parameters to take advantage of the enhancements found in Oracle10gR2 and the rebuilding of existing tablespaces to be locally managed.Scripted, tested, documented and oversaw the addition of trading and reporting modules to the existing LatentZero Sentinel compliance database.


Retail Operations Center Infrastructure Services

January 2005 – November 2005

Senior Database Administrator

Acted as a point of escalation for the application development teams and user community for Chase Home Finance UAT, production and disaster recovery databases.Implemented start of business health checks to ensure the database environments were ready for business to start.Lead the database administration group during disaster recovery exercises.

IBM Global Services

April 2003 – December 2004

Lead Database Administrator

Responsible for overseeing the day to day activities of a geographically dispersed database administration team that maintained over 60 databases in the UAT, production and disaster recovery space.Ensured appropriate coverage for changes and problem tickets.Acted as a point of escalation for all Oracle database issues pertaining to Chase Home Finance.Met with business and application teams to review project requirements, assign a work effort to the database administration tasks and ensuring timelines were met.Reviewed project requirements against group and corporate standards and verified that all needed processes ( backups, maintenance and monitoring ) were in place to ensure service level agreements would be met.

Chase Home Finance

August 2001 – March 2003

Senior Database Administrator

Designed and implemented a highly available database architecture for a loan origination system using Oracle8i, EMC SRDF and Quest Shareplex.Participated on several disaster recovery exercises.

Sep 1997Aug 2001

Huntington National Bank

Lead Database Administrator

October 1998 – August 2001

Oversaw the day to day operations of the Oracle DBA staff and mentored junior staff members.Increased stability of the Oracle database environment by implementing monitoring of the databases using BMC Patrol and scheduling regular database maintenance; typically index rebuilds, tablespace reorganizations and statistics collection.Used Oracle master – master replication to build a highly available database environment for several of the company’s internet and intranet sites.Met with business users and application development teams to define and create data models for several OLTP and data mart applications.Acted as system administrator for the group’s IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and Windows test servers.

Application Server Administrator

March 2000 – August 2001

Installed and supported IBM WebSphere application server in support of several internet and intranet applications.Designed and implemented a clustered application server environment using BEA WebLogic and migrated existing applications off of IBM WebSphere to BEA WebLogic.Worked with application teams in writing and debugging HTML, JSP and Java servlet code.

Database Administrator / Developer

September 1997 – October 1998

Responsible for the creation, backup and maintenance of development, UAT and production Oracle databases in support of the Finance department’s banker incentive and general ledger applications.Tuned database to ensure optimal performance.Implemented business logic using PL/SQL and used ColdFusion to create the user interface.Used Unix shell scripts to automate routine DBA tasks, application batch processing and file transfers.

Jul 1996Sep 1997

Database Administrator

American Electric Power

Responsible for the creation and management of development, UAT and production Oracle databases residing on HP-UX, IBM AIX and OS/2 servers.Increased availability and reliability of the Oracle database environment by implementing database reorganization and monitoring tools from Platinum.Reduced effort needed to implement and monitor Oracle database backups by creating a series of parameter driven backup scripts to perform hot and cold backups.

Worked closely with various application development teams to ensure optimal application performance.Tuned the database based upon the various application needs.Worked with the application development teams to identify and optimize long running SQL and PL/SQL code.Assisted the application teams in reviewing and debugging Visual Basic and PowerBuilder code.

Oct 1994Jul 1997

Senior Programmer / Analyst


Responsible for the implementation and enhancement of a purchased ERP system used to manage the production and inventories at 5 manufacturing plants throughout North America.Designed and implemented database security policies, moved business logic out of the application and into the database using stored procedures, functions and packages and reduced overnight processing time by tuning SQL statements.Rewrote character based Oracle Forms 3 user interface using Oracle Forms 4.5.Conducted training sessions on the use of the ERP system for plant personnel.

May 1993Oct 1994

Programmer / Analyst

GDE Systems

Designed and implemented data models for the MRP and document control components for the company’s hardware, software and configuration management system.Built the user interface using Oracle Form 3 and Oracle Forms 4.Implemented business logic using stored procedures, packages and functions.


Data and Database Modeling
Have used PowerDesigner and ERWin to perform database design and maintenance but most comfortable using a text editor and a sketch to design and develop data models.  Experienced in developing small to mid-sized OLTP and DSS databases and the modification and the maintenance of custom built OLTP, DSS and data warehouses as well as vendor supplied databases.  Understand how the physical layout of a database impacts performance and how use a data model to guide the layout of a database to reduce contention and improve performance.
Java / HTML Programming
Created several intranet sites using HTML, Java Script and ColdFusion.  Used Java to code database health checks which would email / page support staff in the event warning or critical thresholds were breached.  Also created a Java program that would check the health of an Oracle database for an entire environment ( development, UAT or production ) and send that start of day health report to support staff and IT management.
Application / Web Server Administrator
Installed, configured and maintained several intranet and internet sites that ran Apache, iPlanet, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle9iAS andIBM MQSeries.
LatentZero Capstone Suite
Assist in the support of the Fidessa LatentZero Capstone Suite ( Sentinel, Minerva and Tesseract ) product.  Created a process to take an existing LatentZero Sentinel database installation and add on the Minerva and Tesseract components without and data or permission loss.  Tested and documented vendor supplied upgrades to the suite of products for the production support teams.  Customized database structures to accomodate business requirements.  Created custom load process to reduce time on some of the data loads as well as several stored procedures and packages that act as interfaces to the Capstone data from an external reporting tool.
Unix System Administrator
Administered several Solaris, AIX and HP-UX servers.  The servers were used by database administrators, application server administrators and MQSeries administrators to test installation procedures as well as product new features and product interaction with other products.  Responsible for O/S installation and patch upgrades, file system creation and maintenance and user administration.
Unix Shell Scripting
Developed numerous batch processes using Korn shell scripting to automate database administration tasks such as statistics gathering, full / incremental database backups and database export / imports.  Also developed Korn shell scripts to automate application batch processes such as data loads and transfers or routine maintenance tasks.
Extensive experience in developing SQL statements for use against Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server databases from various programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Visual Basic and Unix shell scripts as well as enhancing SQL performance.  Used Oracle explain plan to identify SQL execution bottlenecks.
Oracle PL/SQL
Extensive experience developing database stored triggers, function, procedures and packages as well as code segments for use in Oracle Forms and Reports.  Familiar with development tools like TOAD and Oracle SQL Developer but am comfortable in using a text editor and SQL Plus to create PL / SQL code.  Experienced in use reference cursors to return information to calling programs like Java or Crystal Reports.  Used parallel query to reduce execution time of some processes.
Informatica Development
Developed various workflows that performed either full or incremental table replication from Sybase databases to an Oracle decision support database.  Also created workflows to extract datasets from an Oracle database and drop them into flat files to be consumed by the business analytics tool.
Oracle Database Administration
Experience in administering Oracle database version 7 through Oracle10g.  Performed RDBMS code installations and patches.  Preferred method of database creation is through use of scripts ( unix and dos ) but am familiar with the Oracle installation manager on both Unix and Windows platforms.  Have used recovery manager to perform full and incremental database backups as well as operating system, file based backups.  Familiar with troubleshooting database performance issues with tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager and Quest Central / FogLight but can also use the database data dictionary to diagnose performance problems.  Have used Oracle database replication, data guard and Quest Shareplex to replicate databases or portions of them.  Have extensive experience in database recovery including corporate disaster recovery exercises both on site and at external vendors.  Familiar with creating and maintaining security policies and auditing.  Have used Oracle partitioning to maintain large tables and increase performance within data warehouses and decision support systems.  Have made extensive use of Oracle RDBMS related tools such as export, import, datapumper and sql loader.


Jan 1989Jun 1993

Bachelor of Science

Ohio State University



Certified Financial Analyst Exam I

CFA Institute
Jul 2003Present

Oracle8 Certified Database Administrator