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15 + Years experience as a Senior-level Information Technology Professional, specializing in Hardware/Software Support and Project Management

Skills Summary:

  • 15 years supporting Computer Hardware, Operating Systems (OS), "Shrink Wrapped Application" software, and Wireless technology
  • 15 years providing end user training on Hardware and Software
  • 15 years Analyzing user requirements and providing solutions where appropriate
  • 5 years Project Management as well as Researching, Analyzing and Recommending current, and emerging technology

Technical Summary:

Environments: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP, MAC OS

Applications: MS Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox, VMWare Workstation, PC Anywhere, Symantec Ghost, Remedy, WISE Software packager

Hardware: HP/IBM/DELL Desktop/Laptops/Servers, HP/Lexmark/Epson Printers, Palm Pilot, Blackberry

Server Based Applications: Microsoft SMS, PatchLink, HP OpenView (RADIA), Exchange VMWare GSX Server


Drive Imaging
Use Symantec Ghost to create complete hard drive images, as well images of partitions.
Support Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
Remote Support
Use SMS, Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, and PC AnyWhere to provide support to remote users
Software Deployment
SMS to deploy software packages and security updates PatchLink to deploy security updates Have been trained on the use of HP OpenView (RADIA)
Software Packaging
Currently use WISE packager to create install packages
Hardware Support
End user support for major computer manufacturers, HP, IBM, Dell, Lexmark, Epson End user support for Workstations, Servers, Laptops, Printers, PDAs
Hardware Repair
Component level repair of electronic equipment, majority of repairs related to Computer equipment Surface Mount component removal and replacement Reverse engineer equipment to facilitate repairs
Internet Browsers
Support for Internet Explorer and Firefox
Microsoft Office
End user support for all versions of Office, up to 2003 Basic training in the use of Office
VMWare workstation, VMWare player / server, and GSX server support. Use this product to setup various test workstations and servers, as well as full enviroments for testing purposes.
NT,2000, XP end user support

Work experience

Apr 2005Mar 2008

Senior Network Clent Support Analyst

Ministry of Government Services
  • Tier 3 support for 5000+ users
  • After hours support for VIP users
  • Administer 150+ Windows NT/2000/2003 servers
  • Incident coordinator for Operations group
  • PatchLink Subject Matter Expert
  • HP OpenView (RADIA) Subject Matter Expert
  • Technical lead for PatchLink solution, deployed to Ministry of Transportation workstations and servers
  • Technical lead for HP OpenView solution, deployed to Ministry of Transportation workstations
  • Facilitated implementation of PatchLink with business units within Ministry of Transportation
  • Create custom software deployment packages using WISE
  • Support for Email migration project
  • Supported migration of Windows NT servers to Windows 2003
  • Created a virtual test environment using VMWare's workstation software
Apr 2004Apr 2005

Network Administrator

Honda of Canada Manufacturing

(Contract - Ministry approved Leave)

  • Tier 3 support for 1500+ users
  • Administered 80+ Windows NT/2000/2003 servers
  • Conducted cost and benefit analysis for new software and hardware technologies, provided recommendations to management
  • Created a virtual test environment using VMWare's workstation software
  • Created and maintained virtual servers using VMWare GSX software
  • Create custom software deployment packages using WISE
  • Built new servers as required
  • Project manager for PatchLink
  • Maintained Ghost Images
  • Facilitated implementation of internal Broadcast Media system
  • Assisted in Wireless Access testing
Dec 1999Apr 2004

Client Support Analyst

Ministry of Transportation
  • Tier 2 software and hardware support for 2500+ users
  • Designed a procedure that resulted in the recovery of $250K in missing computer assets
  • Worked with other members of PC fleet team, creating processes which helped streamlined PC Fleet
  • Team member of the Token Ring to an Ethernet migration project
  • Conducted cost and benefit analysis for Content Management Display system incorporating Plasma Displays
  • Supervision and Training of Co-op students 
  • Project Management work, both as a technical lead and as the project manager
  • Team member of Windows 95 to Windows 2000 migration project
  • Track Support calls using Remedy
May 1998Apr 1999

Micro Analyst



  • Project Management work as technical lead
  • Provided tier 2 support and training for approximately 400+ users
  • Researched, Analyzed and provided Recommendations for new Hardware and Software, as well as creating new software and hardware
  • Supported refresh of computer equipment as part of PC Fleet process
Mar 1989Apr 1998

Electronics Technologist

SHL Systemhouse
  • Provided input into the Repair Process, which resulted in the Streamlining of process
  • Supervised and Trained other members of the POS (Point of Sale) repair team
  • Designed a Technical Library and Hardware PROM database
  • Desktop Support to 25 users
  • Administered Novell and NT servers
  • Designed a process that was used to identify shipping damage, resulting in a reduction in repair costs
  • Designed a process that tracked parts entering and leaving the Board Repair Environment, resulting in a reduction in repair costs
  • Member of Internal Quality Assurance Team
  • Designed and Implemented repair process for new products


Jan 2002Jun 2002

Project Management

Villanova University
Sep 1987Mar 1989

Electronics Engineering Technologist

RCC School of Electronics Technology