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Work experience

Nov 2007Present

Director of Business

Antiaging World Trading
Coordinating and improving capacity for medical assistance. Public relationships and buying different products, developing for medical and technical support. Develop and improve in different companies about 400% after 3 years. Master classes for medicine students in aesthetic areas, leadership of different projects for different companies with total success. Many doctors have asked a lot of times how to develop a company business and different beauty products in Mexico and France.



Medicine Doctor

Universidad del Zulia

Community Service

I belong to the Columbus Association for the catholic Church in Mexico, Vice President of the Ex students of the Claretian School, Member of the Venezuelan Association of Aesthetic Medicine. I belong to the Catholic Church to our Lady of the Perpetual Help and I belong to the Alphabetization for adults of Sucre in the Miranda State ACUDE program.


As the Director of Business at Antiaging World Trading, Dr. Paul Garcia Gollarza engages in public relations work, product procurement, medical developments, and technical support. Dr. Paul Garcia Gollarza has extensive experience in all of these areas, having developed and improved operations in different companies, taught master classes for medical students in aesthetic areas, and led difficult projects in various disciplines. Dr. Gollarza is a highly sought-after figure in the international beauty products arena, due largely to his success in developing companies in Mexico and France. Beyond his business interests, Dr. Paul Garcia Gollarza is a cultured man who enjoys the cinema, classical concerts, theatre, ballet, and opera. Some of Dr. Gollarza’s favorite pieces of literature are La Divina Comedia, Cien Años de Soledad, El Principe, El Castillo de los Destinos Cruzados, El Discurso del Método, and Díalectica Cartesiana. When not reading or attending cultural events, Dr. Gollarza plays baseball, football, and rugby to stay healthy; additionally, he is an accomplished equestrian. Dr. Paul Garcia Gollarza attended the Universidad del Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela for his medical degree. Dr. Gollarza is a Member of the Venezuelan Association of Aesthetic Medicine and the French Association for Mesotherapy. A resident of Mexico City, Paul Gollarza belongs to the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help, as well as the Columbus Association for the Catholic Church in Mexico.

Professional Organizations

Catholic Doctors, Caballeros de Colon, Charity for the Children association, WOSSAM, PIMEORG, French Association for Mesotherapy, Organizacion Panamericana de la Salud and SONRISA project for dental health for the OSAM, I belong to the YMCA