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Innovation planning and execution expert with deep sector experience in high-tech and medical device markets. True experience and training in all three areas required for successful innovation-driven growth—advanced engineering, business development, and innovation processes—have enabled growth of  high-tech companies through efficient, market- and technology-based innovation. Exceptional cross-functional communication leads interdisciplinary teams to plot growth paths, build business models and innovation processes, and develop long-term strategic plans. Extensive European and U.S. work experience; led teams in multiple countries; fluent in English, French, and German.

Core competencies

  • Strategic Planning / Project Management
  • Technological Trends / Forecasting
  • Emerging / Growth Technologies
  • Innovation Platforms
  • Business Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • IP Strategies
  • M&A / Integration

Professional Highlights

Strategic Planning and Deployment

  • Promoted to architect the largest paradigm shift in a decade and the development of first-ever strategic technology roadmaps. Subsequently developed and deployed worldwide framework and process for strategic technology planning for $1B+ global business unit. Led tactical activities and cross-functional teams for completion of plans across 2 business lines.
    • Completed deployment more than 3 months ahead of expectations and below budget. Characterized by Global Vice-President, R&D, as “one of the most impressive deployments I have ever seen.”
    • Successfully identified and prioritized white space opportunities and enabling technologies for next generation monitoring and airways platforms, including development plans and risk assessment of alternative roadmaps.
    • Implemented systematic technology forecasting and IP analysis methodologies tools. Resulted in first objective evaluation of competitive landscapes, scientific developments and emerging talent.
  • Structured unified procedures to efficiently incorporate insurance companies. Shortened lead-time by up to 75%.
    • Personally led incorporation of Scandinavian insurance captive with over $1B solvency capital.
  • Led R&D activities and supported intellectual property due diligence on $20M+ international technology acquisition. Company integrated for next generation monitoring platform.


  • Introduced and led deployment of systematic innovation and technology forecasting at 3 global industry leaders. Integrated activities with strategic planning and product development processes internationally.
    • Facilitated 40+ problem-solving activities across 18 organizations internationally to resolve critical design challenges, generating 400+ solutions and 30 patent disclosures in 6 months. At least 4 of today’s leading products incorporate such solutions.
    • Led 7-member multisite, cross-functional initiative to articulate new technology platform. Defined new system architecture based on robust design and improved yield. Secured executive commitment to implement.
    • Managed critical risk management project, investigating hazards and impact on past and future product lines. Identified risks, formulated risk mitigation strategies compliant with applicable safety standards and led project team to execute to plan.
    • Selected to lead 11-member multidisciplinary team to develop new product accessory that would enable company to accelerate its entry into $1B primary staining market. Completed market, customer and regulatory analyses, design input requirements and design concepts. Established system architecture and interfaces. Product introduced to market in 2008.

Business and Portfolio Development

  • Recruited to identify and evaluate novel technologies and products to fill gaps in division’s strategic product roadmap in a historically declining $1.2B respiratory care business. Developed global process to identify, evaluate and realize new business opportunities.
    • Identified multiple high-value international opportunities, of which 3 completed due diligence and 1 was successfully acquired.
    • Finalized process for M&A due diligence and execution. Designed and implemented related project management tool. Process recognized as best-in-class during corporate audit.
    • Selected and led team to identify and pursue the company’s largest-to-date M&A opportunity ($400M+). Guided financial and marketing analysts to model and value deal options. Transaction approved by board of directors.
  • Set vision for advanced research in $1B business, including balanced portfolio of enabling technologies, markets, and product offerings. Delivered strategic options supported by actionable recommendations to Senior Leadership ahead of schedule.
  • Developed unbiased assessment techniques for industrial risk management, including modeling, perception of risks, and evaluation procedures, thus completing services portfolio.
  • Successfully divested private company. Outlined exit strategy, performed due diligence and ensured international legal compliance.
  • Led transition from analog to computer-assisted broadcast production systems, including 3-D rendering technologies. Managed equipment purchases and maintained strategic relationships with U.S. hardware and software developers.
    • Drove systems integration and new services development. Expanded service offerings and reduced costs by 60%.

New Technology and Product Development

  • Designed and implemented global process for advanced research and technology development. Guided research project gridlocked for 4 years to closure within 3 months.
  • As acting DFSS Master Black Belt in 20-person R&D group, deployed tolerance design / error budgeting for hardware development globally. Avoided $500,000 in costs within 3 months. Achieved 50%+ improvement in Cpk and 5-month reduction in development cycle time.
  • Despite perceived impossibility, raised combined resolution of diagnostic system by 100,000x while simultaneously reducing measurement time by more than 99% and standard cost of system by 92%.
    • Improved Ppk of imaging process from below 0 to over 2.3 --- with unique integration of quality metrics into processing. US Patent 7,574,253.
  • Recommended deployment plan which integrated failure analysis methods into design controls and improved mean time between failures by more than 3x within 6 months.
  • Developed endoscopes for clinical applications, in collaboration with University of Zürich Hospital.
    • Product successfully tested in France and US prior to commercialization by leading medical instrumentation company.
    • Conceived and built artificial eye model for study of human vision, contact lens and intraocular lens concepts, and evaluation of laser-based surgical techniques.
    • Evaluated clinical feasibility of advanced nonlinear techniques for compensating for various eye abnormalities.
  • Nearly tripled margins and accelerated the development time of staining protocols within 2 months by establishing a system simulator which reduced COGS of consumables by 2.5x.


Aden R.

Paul is an extremely bright and multi-talented person with the courage, confidence and work ethic to step into a new role and quickly learn what is needed to see projects through to completion. He demonstrated to me an outstanding ability to accomplish a complex task that required a combination of technical, management and legal skills, despite having minimal prior legal experience. In particular, Paul was able to read, understand and apply detailed safety regulations to the design of a new product. In the project with which I worked with him in a supporting role, he utilized his engineering creativity and a clear understanding of customer, product development and legal requirements to successfully produce a much needed product for the company under enormous time pressure. I observed that Paul's superiors allowed him to complete this project with almost no supervision because he had completely earned their trust and, I must add, admiration.

Peter G.

I had the pleasure to work with Paul both prior to and after the acquisition of CardioDigital by Covidien. Paul led the R&D due diligence for Covidien and then led tech/dev (advanced research) after we were acquired. Paul has the rare combination of technical strength and strong managerial competence coupled with the drive and ability to get things done. Everyone enjoyed working with Paul and teams performed much better due to his presence. I hope to have the chance to work with Paul again. He has my highest respect and admiration.

Julien G.

I had the pleasure of working with Paul on several interesting, high pressure M&A projects at Covidien. Paul was always a great colleague to collaborate with because of his deep and broad engineering/project management experience and his strong business sense. I valued Paul's input when building valuation scenarios and appreciated his reliability and strong work ethic. Beyond that, Paul was a pleasure to work with and was always a steady positive force when things felt the most challenging. I would gladly work with Paul again and miss having him as a colleague and collaborator.

Quan L.

Paul sets himself apart from his peers by the breadth of his technical & business skills and the ability to see the big picture. These have enabled him to learn, apply and deploy the systematic innovative and design methodologies globally within months where it normally takes others years. As a team player, Paul can best be described as friendly, direct, honest, dedicated, focused, and determined. These traits enabled him to successfully lead NPD Electrical and Mechanical Development to the next level in design methodologies and practices, which resulted in reduced design cycle and higher quality designs. In addition, by working collaboratively with the Executive and Senior Management Teams, he successfully identified and developed subject matter experts to further accelerate and sustain the new design methodologies across different organizations. Paul is a reliable and dedicated team player, an outstanding mentor/teacher, and a valuable asset to any organization.

Patrick Z.

My interaction with Paul came from a perchance UofC alumni meeting. He's quick of mind, responsive and not arrogant. His value to me came from his ability to network for a science based colleague of mine and bring in quality personnel to his organization.

Patrick S.

Paul is an extremely intelligent, focused, and results-driven performer who combines great technical knowledge, employee managment skills, and strong business acumen to get things done. For tough, complex projects requiring imaginative solutions, Paul is a definite "go-to guy.

Michael S.

Paul is incredibly intelligent and diligent in executing comprehensive and complicated plans. I witnessed Paul conduct very complex problem solving sessions utilizing TRIZ, TILMAG, HRP, and other innovation methods. I also experienced Paul conducting various tasks in the DfLSS method. He is versed in complex modeling and robust design techniques. His physics PhD allows him to understand every situation and focus on resolution rather than problem comprehension. Paul is first ratee and I would trust him to complete ANY task successfully. He also has integrity, honesty, and loyalty as parts of his character. I endorse Paul for any assignment.

Joseph M.

I worked with Paul for a little over a year in the Systems Integration group at Ventana Medical Systems. In that time, Paul steered a Systems Integration definition committee, to assist in defining our group's role in the product development process. This involved a lot of interaction with other scientists, engineers, and managers at the company, all with differing opinions and viewpoints. Paul was able to rally them all around a common cause, and get the chosen group working together. His approach to problem-solving and, more generally, thinking is very holistic and systematic, with a strong eye on human factors. To this end, Paul is always on the lookout for applying new techniques and technologies for problem-solving, and is very passionate about learning and applying new techniques. Paul is an expert in taking customer needs and transforming them into product design requirements and specifications, with technical challenges identified and solved before they become expensive problems. To me, Paul was a colleague, friend, and mentor, with regular discussion sessions about general Systems Engineering techniques, Six Sigma processes, structured innovation strategies, and generally a 'crash-course' in business processes. In fact, Paul is the reason I am currently pursuing a more system design-related career. When I have a question regarding any of these topics, and have hit a 'dead end' with the material that I have available, I will still contact Paul for advice or answers. He is an excellent friend and contact, and is always willing to help or lend some well-informed insight.

Todd G.

Paul Edney and I were colleagues in the Business Development and Licensing (BD&L) group at Covidien's Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions global business unit. Paul was a pleasure to work with and demonstrated leadership in key aspects of the projects that our group pursued.

Developing Processes: Paul developed or contributed to critical processes such as screening potential M&A targets. He identified criteria, screened large numbers of companies, and prioritized attractive targets. He also helped the BD&L team develop processes and tools for better tracking deals from initiation through completion.

Supporting Deals: As a key member of our BD&L due diligence teams, Paul led the evaluation of multiple technologies. He identified the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as opportunities for further technology development. His reviews were insightful and placed opportunities in a strategic context, in terms of both the broader technological/market environment and our own strategic direction and capabilities.

Leading Innovation: Paul is conversant in structured approaches to innovation and thoughtful about how these can be applied (or not) in various organizational contexts. As I did not have experience in this area, I found Paul's knowledge and enthusiasm to be very motivating. He would be a great addition to any organization that is committed to exploring best practices and developing -- or building upon -- an innovation-based culture.

Paul does all of this with an understated style, strong critical thinking, and a commitment to delivering results. I learned a great deal from Paul and would certainly be excited to work with him again.

Supporting Documents

Work experience

Jun 2008May 2009

Global Director, R&D

Jul 2007Sep 2008

Director, New Business Opportunities

Jan 2006Jul 2007

Core Team Leader and Senior Systems Engineer


Alumnus member of recruiting and admissions committee for part-time MBA programs


Co-founder and technical lead

IDM Images de Marque SA




Harvard Business School

Executive Education, Strategies for Protecting and Monetizing Intellectual Property.