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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Senior Project Manager

3T International, Inc.

Project Manager with focus on IT Infrastructure and Application deployment. Proficient in developing comprehensive project plans, task descriptions, work breakdown structures and strategically meeting project objectives. I have led projects delivering significant information systems, web applications, and technology infrastructure projects.

Aug 2005Dec 2010

Director of Technology

Direct technical and infrastructure affairs for 5000+ student, and 100+ faculty for School of Management. Oversee infrastructure development and physical space utilization for academic and research facilities.  Manage implementation, security and maintenance for School’s research and operational communication and collaboration network. 

Administrative Management•    Prepared and administered annual operating and expense budget applying skill in financial forecasting and analysis.•    Observe and evaluate end user and market data to discover emerging trends, determine potential threats, and capitalize on developing opportunities. Developed administrative policies for the implementation of technology consistent with State mandates.•    Planned, organized and directed comprehensive staff training programs including technical certification and assessment, technical skills development, and certified CPR.•    Organized and administered employee recruitment and retention programs, including efforts successful in consistently reducing turnover.•    Developed incident tracking, evaluation and work assessment for staff creating automated weekly reports of activity and assessment. Proactively responded to trends, observational analysis and developing need requirements.Performance Excellence•    Outstanding Achievement Award recipient October 2007 for or achievements that result in significant benefit to the university, school, and department. These achievements improve processes, save time and money and improve customer service.  •    Implemented automated weekly activity report providing activity and user feedback to School’s Dean.  •    Manage research and operational budgets that enhance the School’s ability to conduct research and maximize technology utilization in the classroom. •    Established long-standing record of productivity excellence, leading teams ranked best nationwide. Lead a team that magnifies service standards.  Operations Improvement•    Analyze and organize areas of technical operations, instituting plans, policies, and controls to support School’s mission. •    Developed technology deployment practices and operating guidelines for multiple departments of the School and users in remote locations in the world. •    Direct and implement periodic reviews of network security and vulnerability assessment. Develop the use of VPN, firewall, and IPSec tools to manage threats secure data.  •    Integrated technology and training to dramatically increase knowledge worker’s ability to use technical tools and practices.  •    Instituted inventory control measures that accounted for 100% of equipment yielding a waiver from Asset Control for a two year period of State accountability. •    Introduced proactive customer service culture, elevating service levels, enhancing department’s profile resulting in the recognition by the University as reputable partner for pilot programs. •    Implement and manage a parallel processing systems that utilized unused computer cycles which result in a net positive revenue profit for the department. •    Led the participation of the School with virtual computing initiatives and content management programs blazing the trail followed by other School’s on campus.

Dec 2004Aug 2005

Desktop Computing Manager

Manage the faculty and staff desktop support and deployments. Develop multiple site lab constructions and instructional profiles. Using Microsoft products and numerous open source Linux applications develop learning environments consistent with teaching requirements.  

Apr 2000Nov 2004

Information Technology Consultant

Develop, manage and support the network infrastructure for desktop computer users throughout the School’s Executive Administration offices. Plan, manage and report on technical projects including 15 departmental and office websites consistent with University and ADA requirements.  •    Led the technical development of a joint University and City of San Bernardino news television network (ICTN).  •    Managed a network infrastructure upgrade including cable, equipment and security configurations. •    Developed technical training seminars for University technical support staff.

Feb 1998Apr 2000

Accounting Technician II

Manage the independent contractor and account receivable accounts for the University. Successes include: •   Developing automated reports that decreased the invoicing time for independent operations. •   Increased the use of web enabled forms, processes and information assisting the user community.

Certification & Training

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia Geographic Information System (GIS) Graduate Certificate     (August 2007 – present)

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia  Supervisor Series – 24 class hours for managerial improvement    (May 2007 – March 2008)

Fig Leaf Software, Washington, DC

CommonSpot Content Management System – Application Fundamentals     (October 2007)

CommonSpot Content Management System – Application Developer     (October 2007)

School of Information Technology & Engineering, Herndon, Virginia  Oracle 10g Database Administration     (September 2005 – March 2006)

California State University San Bernardino          Bachelor of Science, Administration – Information Management    (December 2002)


Strategic“What about…?”, “Chose”, and “Engage”. This is theme Paul employs in every decision. From his unique perspective he surveys the fields, plays out scenarios and engages models. Where confusion and disorder abound he develops patterns and calculates paths around the blind corners of decisions. Armed with the vision he leads others safely along the path of order and safety through the minefields and obstacles. As you work with Paul in planning sessions give him the opportunity to visualize the field. Allow Paul to play out the scenarios before asking him what to expect. It is not magical to watch him as he logically concludes potentials unseen by others.

Futuristic“What if…” or “I wonder what would…”are the typical phrases used as Paul considers the untapped possibilities around him. Where there exists even a remote possibility of improvements in productivity he finds solutions that expand our horizons. Paul paints portraits for potentials of the future which inspire others and leads organizations to greatness. He doesn’t discover the future he creates it and leads others to the horizons beyond view. As you share your goals he considers them and begins turning the gears of action to make them attainable.

InputPaul’s mind is a sponge. From the vantage point where he positions himself he collects and processes information. As he experiences life the results are ordered into relational structures that build upon each other. The rich tapestry that is Paul’s life benefits his professional and personal endeavors making him uniquely qualified in today’s Knowledge Age. Once you allow him to collect and process information look for opportunities to leverage his relational knowledge. The richer the set of experiences the better prepared he will be to retrieve and share.

AnalyticalThe proof may be in the pudding but Paul wants to know that his decisions are sound. Instead of taking another’s word he trusts and verifies. Information is key to any decision and having the correct amounts and sources of information help him discern logical paths from wishful thinking. Instinctively he seeks patterns in confusion and formulates those paths when armed with accurate information. Innately able to collect information he naturally processes conclusions from these experiences. Your ability to identify key factors will enhance the time and relevance of the solutions Paul develops.

ResponsibilityThe Curator of Solutions is a title that aptly applies to Paul. His projects, assignments and passions are his duty until they mature to completion. Rationalizations, excuses and apologies are no replacement for doing things right. His work ethic demands that success is the only allowable alternative. Not only does he volunteers for more responsibility but thrives on effectively dealing with a full plate. As you give Paul additional commitments pair him with a team of likeminded people and stand back to be amazed.

Technical Direction

Building Communities

Worldwide Readership

Recognition & Advancement


A recognized information technology expert directing strategic directions for medium to large organization’s information networks. Manage the tactical operations and implementation of policy and practices that ensure secure and efficient operating information sharing environments. Open, honest and respected manager who leads by example and is effective at motivating team to achieve outstanding results. Demonstrated commitment to efficiency and productivity that carries through entire organization. Driven leader with passion for details and outcome excellence.


Performance-driven technology manager with a wealth of technical operations and management experience whose accomplishments reflect outstanding leadership skills and a long-term focus on maximizing efficiency and productivity.


Aug 2006Present

Master of Science


Project Management
I lead technical projects with focus on IT Infrastructure and Application deployment. Proficient in developing comprehensive project plans, task descriptions, work breakdown structures and strategically meeting project objectives. I have led projects delivering significant information systems, web applications, and technology infrastructure programs. Experience in supporting commercial off the shelf (COTS) software integration activities, testing, planning and installation execution. Managerial experience in leading numerous higher education and federal government security audit resolution teams.
Virtual Server Administrator
As virtualization software increases in availability and features I have actively led the migration of standalone servers to a virtual platform. Using tecnologies such VM Ware Hypervisor and othe migration and conversion tools I have increased the platforms being offered and reduced costs as a result of deploying server virtualization.