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Work experience

Electronic Technician


Repair and calibrate all electronic news gathering equipment and TV / radiotransmitters. Some of the equipment includes satellite uplink, video cameras, video recorders, amplifiers, mixers etc. .Additional References:    Available upon request

Dennis Kroll  574-876-5514

Apr 2008Present

Maintenance Supervisor

Creative Foam Medical Systems

Solely responsible for all building and production maintenance including electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC's. Other responsibilities include manufacturing process design and implementation, fabrication, purchasing, budgeting, financial projections and planning.


Kent Lution, Company VP    574-546-4238 Ext. 2514         

[email protected]

Bruce Coates, Plant Mgr. 574-546-4238 Ext. 2560  Cell: 574-248-0501

[email protected]

Shelly Daugherty, Human Resource Mgr. 574-546-4238 Ext. 2518

[email protected]

Doug Hofferth, Engineering Mgr.  574-546-4238 Ext. 2563  Cell: 574-248-0502  [email protected]

Apr 2007Aug 2008

Maintenance Supervisor

Geocel Corp.

Responsible for all building and production maintenance for the Architecture Composites Division of Geocel, including electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC’s. Also responsible for unique production equipment design/fabrication needed to automate manufacturing.


Don Krabill, Company Owner    574-264-0645      [email protected]

Dave Miller, Plant Mgr. 574-264-0645 Cell: 574-536-0020  [email protected]

Jason Birkey, HR Mgr. 574-264-0645 Cell: 574-361-7909    [email protected] 

Feb 2003Aug 2006

Maintenance Foreman

Sturgis Iron and Metal
Heavy equipment repair including cardboard bailers, aluminum bailers, large compactors, cranes, forklifts and loaders. Also responsible for ALL MAINTENANCE of one of the largest car shredders in the world, including fabrication, electrical, installation and PLC programming. The shredder was featured on Modern Marvels see Also responsible for building and production maintenance including metal sheers, benders, hydraulics, pneumatics etc. References: Chuck Kelly, Operations Mgr. 574-522-5100  [email protected]'
Jan 1985Feb 2003

Owner and Operator

Paul's Electronics Inc.

Managed Corporation that provided in and out of warranty service for over one hundred electronic manufactures. Some manufactures we provided authorized service for were Allen Bradley, Square-D, Siemens, General Electric, RCA, Texas Instruments, Sony, Sharp, Nintendo and many more. I employed a staff of 20 to 30 technicians. We provided industrial, commercial and consumer electronic service for South Bend, Elkhart, Goshen and surrounding areas. .References:

Mayor Dave Miller 574-293-8831

Atty. Bill Cohen    574-266-3484

Dave Oneil  262-3588 ext 19,     email     [email protected]

Jim Borgsteadt  574-262-5179  cell: 574-215-2100

Jan 1983Jan 1985

Electronic Technician

Bayer Div of Miles Lab

Worked in the early stage design and prototype of medical instruments. Responsible for interfacing new products from R&D to manufacturing. Created manufacturing procedures and systems to automate production (MAP)  and QC testing.


Jack Zuidema,  R&D Manager  53713 CR 11 North Elkhart IN.46516  Phone: 574-264-5651    Cell: 574-596-1688.George Zaderej,  Mgr. Software Dept. 444 S. Greenlawn South Bend IN 46615 Phone: 574-232-9057 or 574-232-2639 

[email protected] 



Memorial High School


Summary of Qualifications

Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics'

• Read and understand industrial pneumatic and hydraulic components and their symbols, schematics, and diagrams.

  • Hydraulic/Pneumatics Plumbing , Tubing, Pipe Threading, Pipe Welding and Hose Assembly Skills including proper fluid conductors selection based on function, flow, pressure, compatibility, routing, mounting, reliability, dependability, availability, longevity, and safety.

• Overhauling and repair of hydraulic power plants and associated equipment. Experienced and trained in both electrical and mechanical repair such as: pumps, motors, filtration, heat exchangers, coolers, flow control, pressure control, actuators/cylinders, PLC's and relay logic etc.

• Periodic Preventative Maintenance servicing of pneumatic and hydraulic related equipment, such as: air compressors, air dryers, hydraulic power plants, air tools etc. Routine maintenance such as: Inspections, clean, lubricate/grease filtration, electrical connections/insulation, safety inspections etc. Monitor wear/alignment on commonly replaced parts like bearings, bushings, gears, couplings, chains, V-belts, fans, blowers, shaft deformation etc.

• Monitor and evaluate performance of parts and sub parts or components and recommend substitute or alternative to speed up repair time and minimize delays.

  Industrial Electrical

• Experienced and knowledgeable in (Allen-Bradley, Texas Instruments, Siemens, GE) PLC control ladder logic, writing programs, working with conduit, relay logic and drawing electrical schematics.

• High voltage industrial wiring w/ voltage up to 480 3-PHASE

• Three phase VFD and DC drive experience.

• Investigate failures, malfunctions, or breakdowns in electrical and electronic systems and equipment. Determine cause and repair/replace components as needed.

• Performed preventative maintenance on electrical panels and distribution systems.

• Experienced in industrial equipment repair including motor controls (AC & DC), electrical print reading and interpretations, troubleshooting of control systems, and electric devices.

• Experienced in troubleshooting and major refurbishing of induction and synchronous motors from low voltage fractional horsepower up 5kV, 8,000hp.

• Medium Voltage Switchgear and Breakers, Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers & Contactors, Low Voltage Motor Control Centers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Variable Frequency Drives, Battery systems, and Protective Relaying Systems.

• Worked to meet current electrical codes and company policies and practices.

• Prepared, reviewed and maintained documentation associated with  facility electrical systems. • Strong background in mathematics to determine proper components and installation requirements.

• Installed, adjusted, modified, verified, calibrated and tested operation of power systems, specialized

electrical systems and panels, circuitry, electrical chassis, appliances, portable electrical equipment in accordance with all State and Federal Electrical Codes and Ordinances.      

• Operate and maintained cranes, forklifts, man lifts, scissor lifts, loaders and maintenance service vehicle's.

Mechanical and Fabrication

• Precision metal fab equipment (i.e.: lathe, mill, drilling , Tapping and Tooling), along with the full range of electrical and electronic test instruments.

• Machining and Fabrication Measurement Skills

• Mig Welding, Flux Welding and Stick Welding

• Steel Cutting  - Torch - Plasma - Sheer

• Read and understand mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical drawings, schematics, and diagrams.

• AutoDesk AutoCAD 2008 2D Certified currently enrolled in 3D certification

• Understand concepts related to machine tools, gear boxes, spindles, heads and chucks etc.

• Build test fixtures and equipment for manufacturing and engineering.

• Equipment operating skills include but are not limited to: lathe, mill, MIG welder, plasma cutter, sheet metal brake and shear, band saw, drill press, oxygen and acetylene torches, paint guns, grinders.  polishers,  pressure washers

 Commercial Facility Maintenance

•  Hands on experience in a broad spectrum of trades including renovation projects, plumbing/pipefitting, compressed air and gas lines, security/surveillance systems, fire alarm/sprinkler systems, dust collection, hazardous fume monitoring/evacuation and filtration systems, electrical, HVAC, waste water monitoring/processing systems, chillers/refrigeration, boilers/water heaters, Emergency back-up power generators and associated wiring/control systems, carpentry/construction, masonry and  concrete.

•  Design and lay out changes and expansions of the above named systems.

•  Calculate system loads and required capacities needed for appropriate materials and equipment selection.

• Maintain appropriate documentation, permits and inspections of current system and modifications made.

 Planning and Communications

• Clearly evaluate problems under pressure and resolve the issue.

• Provide technical support/backup to other Field Service Technicians on various job sites.

• Write routine reports and correspondence as well as good verbal communications skills.

• Increasing & preserving equipment asset reliability through implementation of preventative, predictive & corrective maintenance programs.

• Prepare electrical/mechanical maintenance reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.

• Perform adjustments and calibration procedures on various forms of process equipment.

• Extensive experience in designing and maintenance of complex Database systems that provide various functions, such as scheduling, parts identification/inventory, client info, finances etc.

 • Generating and updating of electrical/mechanical schematics and drawings using AutoCAD

• Layout and routing of conduit and wiring. (electrical-480vac 240vac 110vac, phone, networking, alarm, paging) 

• Worked with all departments providing necessary maintenance support to ensure day-to-day issues are resolved; and maintained an electronic log of any highlights occurring.

• Technical independence, time management and organizational skills needed to determining work methods, process, priorities and planning needed to keep multiple tasks/projects moving forward efficiently and completed by target dates specified.

• Perform electrical power system documentation including: system configuration, equipment ratings, settings, reliability, harmonics, arc-flash and reliability centered maintenance studies. .

• Proactively seeking self improvement with a keen eye on the big picture, service performance perspective, quality, and profitability.

• Good working knowledge of basic financial principles & practices including pricing methods, cost management methods, and gross margin/profitability management.

• Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.

• Team spirited with energy and enthusiasm both on and off the job.      


• Lockout/Tagout Devices for Safety

• Working knowledge of current OSHA codes and requirements.

• Trained in NEC/Safety/Hand Tools and Conduit Bending Residential/Commercial and NEC Requirements, Ground Faults and over-current protection.

• Trained in 5-S... A place for everything and everything in its place, always maintaining safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

• Technical Understanding, Judgment and Attention to Detail to maintain a safe environment.

• Maintain good two-way communication with to all crew members to ensure a Safe and effective operation

• Understand responsibility in the implementation of environmental protection and safety, such as disposal of fluids, chemicals and used parts etc.

• Proper installation of couplings, chains, Provision fences, E-Stops and guards on rotating equipment.

• Cleanliness and orderliness of Mechanical workshop and specific work areas.

• Member of safety committee and contributor/participant to training seminars ie. Self Awareness Training, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Personal Fall Protection

• Keep firefighting equipment always available and in good running condition.

• Member of safety committee and contributor/participant to training seminars ie. Self Awareness Training, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Personal Protection, Fall Protection


I take every challenge seriously; the hands-on learning process that goes with the struggle to get things done is my motivation.

In 1981  I was the only student in my class to pass the FCC 1st class exam and the state radio/tv service license exam on the first attempt.

In 1982   I earned an Associate Degree in Electronics  while working full time as an electronics technician at WNDU TV.

In 1990 my company “Paul’s Electronics” became a master service center by completing factory training, purchasing service literature and parts inventories for over 60 different manufactures and there full product line, thus becoming factory authorized to service all electronic product lines both in and out of warranty. This required separate negotiations and contracts with each of the 60+ manufactures.

In 2001 Paul’s Electronics was rated #1 in the national service industry competition and awarded an all expenses paid trip to Japan and Mexico to tour several manufacturing plants. Then vacation in Hawaii before returning to home. We also received over $10,000.00 in test equipment. The competition was based on service knowledge of entire staff, customer satisfaction surveys, turn-around time, volume, organization and appearance.

In 2004 I was fully involved in every aspect of building the world’s largest car shredder from beginning to end. The mega shredder was featured on Modern Marvels TV program. This was a 28 million dollar project and the machine took up 6 city blocks. I was responsible for all maintenance of this monstrosity. For additional information see


Available for a challenging and interesting position that will utilize my skills and experience. With 25 years of experience, my work is rooted in the principles of dependability, enthusiasm, self-improvement, honesty, hard work and good communication. I have the professionalism, leadership skills, resources, talent, tenacity and experience to develop creative solutions for accomplishing your mission and lead it to successful implementation.

Recent Training 2005-2007

Parker Hydraulics factory trainingPLC programming, design and maintenance training from Rockwell Automation.Basic hydraulics controls and design seminar

Proportional hydraulic workshop

Practical Machinery Management

Electro Pneumatics training.

Fundamentals of Electrical SystemsAllen Bradley product training on DEVICENET PowerFlex communications VFD’s etc.

Adobe CS3 Photoshop (image-editing and manipulation software)Adobe CS3 Illustrator (vector-based illustration software)AdobeCS3  ImageReady (animated GIF generation and image-optimization software)Adobe Flash CS3  (multimedia and interactive animation production software)Microsoft PowerPoint (desktop presentation software)Clean and easy-to-edit handcoding of HTML, JavaScript and Perl CGI for more intuitive, powerful and interactive websites.

Currently enrolled in Auto-CAD 3D certification program

Computer Skills






Adobe CS3 PhotoshopAdobe CS3 Illustrator AdobeCS3  ImageReadyAdobe Flash CS3

Adobe Dreamweaver

Microsoft Word

Microsoft ExcellMicrosoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Front Page


Java Script

Perl CGI