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Holistic Health, Nutritional Coach, Paul Ayoub, Naugatuck, Connecticut, Integrative Nutrition


A holistic health counselor based in Naugatuck, Connecticut, Paul Ayoub coaches individuals on ways to improve their wellness by adjusting their diets. He learned his craft at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where he was exposed to numerous dietary approaches during an intensive one-year curriculum. Paul Ayoub’s program included lessons from experts such as David Wolfe, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Geneen Roth. Today, he shares his knowledge with clients in Naugatuck through a supportive system that assists individuals in sorting through conflicting nutritional advice to determine an effective personalized plan. He advocates for consuming raw foods and teaches clients how to add such recipes to their diets. Paul Ayoub’s coaching includes two 60-minute sessions per month and ongoing support via e-mail and phone. His clients receive a monthly newsletter, healthful recipes, a health food store tour, and informative handouts. Learn more about the coaching at Before entering the field of nutrition, Paul Ayoub owned Paul’s Pastry in Naugatuck. His duties included sales, customer service, and collections. He also performed maintenance on the company’s vehicles. Paul’s Pastry operated for more than 20 years and served pizzerias, delis, diners, hospitals, and others. He has also worked as an insurance agent, bicycle messenger, and a purchasing agent. Now residing in Naugatuck, Mr. Ayoub studied English and engineering at the University of Bridgeport. During college, he worked in quality control for a number of businesses, including General Electric and Selectro. He graduated from Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, New York, where he played baseball and participated in the rocketry club.

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Holistic Health Counselor

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Holistic Health Counselor and American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

Institute of Integrative Nutrition