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Laura Hesford

CDR Anderson is a visionary who understood the need for integration and a new operating model. He communicated his intent, guidance and focus, led 30 group sessions with over 100 personnel and completed organizational surveys across the enterprise to develop a range of options for our new organizational design and culture. He focused on pushing down decision making and developing more collaborative behaviors in order to continue to produce even better results for our customers.

He fostered an environment of collaboration, integration, and innovation to align and integrate Global Strike resources, training, logistics, facilities, security and information technology management into the regional divisions and operations.

Randy Kersey

Paul envisioned, planned and led U.S. Strategic Command's most important intelligence development in more than 15 years.  He personally orchestrated the networking across matrixed organizations, planned and refined complex relationships across numerous operational centers in order to leverage resources, and generated a new capability to process and report critical information and achieve operational results previously unavailable.He realigned JFCC Global Strike's limited resources, implemented process improvements and training enhancements, and developed a new structure for production that leveraged efforts across the organization to maximum effectiveness and sharing of like goals.

R.B. Porterfield

As Director of Naval Intelligence, I have had the opportunity to closely observe LCDR Anderson in the performance of his current duties.In each case, LCDR Anderson has shown remarkable insight and vision, and performed both with attention to detail and a leadership approach that fostered successful team solutions. He has become a by-name selection for high priority tasks due to his standard of delivering superior work regardless of timeline. He has quickly established himself as a leader across the Navy staff, and at the very top of his peer group within the N2 organization.


Leadership Management

Systems Architecture and Engineering

Structured Analysis

Education and Training Development

Regional/Cultural Training

Nuclear/Space/Cyber/Missile Defense/Collection Management Systems


Work experience


Director of Engineering and Supply Chain

Holland Integrated Metal Solutions (Liberty, MO)

Led an Engineering and Supply Chain team to ensure engineering solutions met customer designs and specifications, and that purchasing practices leveraged "just in time" approaches for lean production.

• Mapped and documented the company's business processes for the first time
Professionalized Engineering services through standardization in design, process and materials
• Established supplier list, scorecard and audit process to reduce hardware costs 18%
Integrated $900K in CNC equipment/software and cut programming time by 50%
Drove a $300K project back on track for on-time delivery


Operations Executive

Holland Integrated Metal Solutions (Liberty, MO)

Led operations for a fast-growing, multi-million dollar custom metal manufacturing company providing operator cabins and consoles to the Oil & Gas and Railroad industries. Emphasized lean manufacturing techniques in production operations.

Managed Business Operations to drive Profit/Loss and double output in 9 months.
• Led the company's Quality Management System to achieve ISO 9001:2008 recertification.
• Initiated a cost-of-quality program to save $192K annually.
Developed people and teams across six Functional Departments and 64 employees.
Implemented KPIs for measurement and improvement.
Led Risk Analysis to define 6 critical areas for quarterly goals and actions.
• Served as business partner with Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS).


Senior Program Manager

United States Navy (Omaha, NE)

Led an $8.5M program to develop innovative, operational capabilities to minimize mobile threats to the United States. Applied systems engineering approaches to production operations and incorporated data fusion, visualization services, business intelligence, and analysis.

• Established business partnerships with 30+ offices and agencies globally.
Doubled the program scope, expanding from two to five business areas, in the first year.
Grew a 28-person branch to 70 direct/indirect reports.
• Built a 24-hour Operations Center from scratch.
• Crafted the business plan to achieve a $1.2M contract.
• Developed software improvements to expand customer access by 200%.
• Used business intelligence tools to reduce processing timelines by 75%.
• Led business continuity and resilience planning to prepare for crisis or natural disaster.
• Implemented standard operating procedures and succession management program.
• Managed inteviews, hiring, and employee training, as well as performance awards.

Awarded prestigious personal award and two top national team awards from the principal advisor to the U.S. President, highlighting startup success demonstrating new capabilities.


Director of Operations

United States Navy (Omaha, NE)

Directed a 100-employee, $3.1M intelligence production center developing comprehensive studies and models on foreign military capabilities, to include weapons of mass destruction, space and cyber threats, for military planners worldwide.

• Created a centralized production planning process, to include schedules, standards and compliance, quality control, product and process improvement, training and customer requirements.
Led a four-month business case to strategically map the organization’s mission, policies, tasks, structure, personnel, systems, training, products and workflows. 
• Increased production volume by 150% and decreased production timelines by 33% in first year.
• Initiated capability needs analysis that resulted in 30% growth in the organization's size.
Built a crisis Operations Center incorporating IT databases, visualization services, and collaboration tools, and integrated 10 geographically-separated intelligence operations centers.
• Led the Directorate's reorganization by employing an innovative change management technique.
Rated #1 Operational Expert out of a pool of 23 national candidates.

Won personal award for managing senior executive transitions, hiring replacements while serving as Operations top executive.


Fleet Customer Liaison Office

United States Navy (Chantilly, VA)

Hand-picked for proof-of-concept position in the Navy’s Program Management Office for intelligence systems integration (PMW-120/Distributed Common Ground System). Led a functional team in the $139M program to translate user stories into requirements for technical development.

Conducted design reviews and technical exchanges to scope software, tools and standards.
• Guided IT development, user training, and test & evaluation criteria for program certification.
• Implemented management, processing, storage, and sharing of sensor data and products.
Led 5-member team to Persian Gulf to evaluate intelligence operations and help drive systems development.


Navy Service Team Department Head

United States Navy (Chantilly, VA)

Built and led an 8-person operations and systems engineering team within the Operational Support Office.
• Integrated space products and services into Navy operations, experimentation, training and exercises.
Turned an underperforming team around within first three months.
• Established customer relationships with over 300 Navy business units nationally.
Identified a $1.5 million programming sustainment shortfall and advocated for programmatic resolution.
• Mapped competency skills for business units and institutionalized into 12 training centers.
• Identified military operations needs and delivered quick-turn engineering and technical solutions.
Managed $120K budget to deliver trainers and equipment to global customers.
Led 5-member training team to Horn of Africa supporting counter-terrorism operations.

• Ensured 100% of future Navy units deployed to potential combat zones fully trained and able to leverage space capabilities for their mission needs.


Requirements, Concepts and Capabilities Architect

United States Navy (Chantilly, VA)

Member of pioneering architecture group supporting business analysis through operational concept development.

Forecasted Navy business/operational needs for planning, budgeting and acquisition of multi-million dollar programs.
• Developed first-ever enterprise architecture views and models of intelligence systems.
• Identified 27 capability requirements for IT and network-centric operations.
• Created exhaustive baseline of over 300 operating platforms, sensors, and tools for modeling and simulation.
• Efforts supported qualitative analysis for the 2006-2010 Future Years Defense Program.


Air Wing Intelligence Officer

United States Navy (Virginia Beach, VA)

Molded a 35-member Intelligence Team, providing critical targeting and threat assessments for 3,288 combat sorties during OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan.

Directed ten-member Imagery and Targeting Board for collection and analysis of emerging targets.
Created innovative method for tactical imagery support to two Marine Expeditionary Units; provided 72 digital terrain mosaics to Marine forces conducting combat and maneuver in the field.
Directed day-to-day analytical effort supporting Close Air Support and Kill Box operations.
• Identified intelligence requirements necessary to support future rapid targeting environments.

Top Secret/SCI