Paula Sledzinska

Work experience

Work experience

Student Residents’ Assistant and Receptionist

University of Aberdeen

MARKETING: I organise and promote Scottish cultural events for the education and enjoyment of our international residents. To compete with the many student orientated social events in the city, I utilise social media, design and produce posters and flyers and book performance groups and individuals with a strong reputation. I regularly host popular music, food and storytelling events, bringing these traditional practises to a new and enthusiastic audience.

BRAND PROMOTION: The halls host the numerous potential residents and business visitors over the summer. I am a central point of contact for these groups, and a face of the University of Aberdeen brand. My role is to promote the values of the university and provide assistance to the visitors that may become students and residents in the year ahead. I provide pastoral care and help with cultural issues regularly. This positive, on-message contact is vital to the continued success of the university recruitment strategy.

IT SKILLS: I have developed fluency with the Microsoft Office package through constant use. Additionally I have experience with several independent administrative and booking software packages and am comfortable in their use as well as remaining adaptable to new systems. I also have experience with design software producing promotional material.

Event Team Coordinator

Aberdeen International Youth Festival

COMMUNICATION: Excellent oral and written communication was essential to leading my team and liaising between our visiting performers and local venues. I developed a professional register for use with AIYF business, and a more informal tone to ensure our performers felt relaxed and welcome.

LEADERSHIP: I trained and supervised a team of contracted staff and volunteers. Leading them demanded a clearly developed vision and a clear communication of the festival aims. This ensured a coherent team ethic and focus, resulting in the reliable delivery of team objectives.

ORGANISATION: As Events Coordinator I was tasked with bringing together young people, supporting artists and educators as well as promoting and facilitating the use of venues all across Aberdeen. This demanded careful planning and organisation, as well as an ability to personalise plans to specific needs or adapt to last-minute changes.

Training Manager

Out of the Blue Arts and Education Trust

ADMINISTRATION: To ensure the continued funding of the charity, I was tasked with preparing applications to numerous organisations for manifold grants. I generated reports to feedback the progress of our funded projects to our sponsors. I would analyse invitations for application for grants, and tailor our response to them.

TEAMWORK: As part of a paid central staff, I worked with my colleagues to ensure the continued achievement and development of our charity aims. Additionally I led the largely volunteer team in our café, and helped foster a team spirit that benefitted the charity and ensured that our volunteers gained valuable experience.

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: I furthered the aims of the charity by allowing our volunteers, who generally came to us in a period of personal difficulty, to develop practical professional and personal skills in a supportive environment. As well as delivering real-world experience, we broadened the horizons of our charges through exposure to our regular cultural events, such as art markets, workshops and exhibitions.



MA in English and Gaelic Studies

University of Aberdeen