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Competitive Intelligence Software  Metacognition: "Learning to Learn"

SLA Knowledge Management Division Special Libraries Association - Competitive Intelligence Division Strategic Business and Competitive Intelligence Professionals  (SCIP)

NING Competitive Intelligence

The Intelligence Collaborative


REPOSSESS - South Puget Sound Christian Youth Movement

MWPHGL State of WA - Past Master


Over twenty years experience as an entrepreneur and in working in various capacities as a business consultant with small to mid sized businesses.Most passionate about helping companies and organizations seeking to gain and maximize competitive advantage through implementing competitive intelligence, knowledge management, and organizational learning strategic initiatives and practices.

Helps these companies and organizations harness the power of their intellectual capital, document and share that knowledge, as well as understand it’s critical importance in relation to their future survivability and growth.  Provides game changing contributions by helping to identify internal and external (competitor) strengths and weaknesses, threats, known and hidden assets, and in developing and implementing internal strategies and practices that minimize exposure, eliminate waste and redundancy, anticipate market changes, and takes advantage of opportunities as they are presented. Keen focus on increasing market share, revenues and increasing shareholder value. Web site temporarily hosted at

Additionally, I love challenges, always seeking to exceed expectations.  Turn-around agent and operations ninja of the highest order.  Enjoys the art of the "turn-around". Have previously turned a multi-million dollar property book operation around from a 40% ranking to a 86% ranking in 7 months, working 14 to 17 hour days, 6 and 7 day weeks in the process.  As a state employee, broke agency record for support services program year closeout efficiency, overseeing program year closeout of 46 Washington State WorkSource offices.  These results saved the agency over $120,000.00.  Goal oriented, results driven.

U.S. Army veteran (logistician) with over twelve and a half years property book experience at unit and battalion levels. Additional three years experience in Technical Supply (warehousing).  Eight years supervisory experience. Unique and varied experiences over a span of eight plus years in State Government (Washington State Employment Security Department and Department of Personnel). Currently open to employment and consulting opportunities.

Work experience

Research Analyst

Daily information retrievals from proprietary on-line databases, wire services, trade journals, financial publications, internet, confidential industry contacts, and other secondary sources.Analyzed content and briefed executive staff on findings.Developed and implemented a formal competitive intelligence programto provide first rate intelligence to executives.  Turned all types of data into actionable information which enhanced our department's ability to make sound decisions, minimizing risks, and capitalize on opportunities.Worked closely with research staff from Gartner Research, Forrester Research,Jupiter Research and Yankee Research. 

Disseminated critical information and findings to staff.Wrote and presented research findingsin clear and engaging manner for executive staff, technical teams and managers, making recommendations when appropriate.Additionally,used the latest technology for information gathering and sharing.Monitored company activity involving the use of copyrights, patents, intellectual property, and advised and alerted management of potential infringementswhenappropriate.

Demonstrated knowledge of tools and resources used to select, evaluate, filter, classify, synthesize, and analyze information about technologies, competitive environments, management methods, markets, services, and sales and marketing practices.Exercised independent judgment in identifying, analyzing, packaging and delivering information and thoroughly researched solutions to executive, technical, and management staff in supportof strategic planning, and product development goals.Additionally, research provided was instrumental in the company's ability to raise $35,000,000 in funding from Sequoia Capitol, and research was used in submitting a proposal for a $172,500,000 Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Contracts Specialist

WA State Department of Personnel

Worked in support of Information Services Division, managing and administering over 85 million dollars in contracts. Processed acquisitions and contracts which contributed to the delivery of various human resource support services, products and tools.  These included the areas of HR vendor (contractor) management and consultation, HR technology tools and user assistance/self-sufficiency including e-recruit, Business Warehouse, HRMS enhancements, payroll production and support for over 65,000 state employees, and others. Also assisted in the implementation of the contracts database in OEDS, ensuring that all OEDS contracts are entered into the database, and that the data was complete, consistent, and administered to in a timely manner..  Ensured that all assigned contracts were in compliance with various state laws, rules, and regulations, while balancing business needs. Prepared and administered agreements, amendments, and scope of work with private vendors, and governmental agencies. Additionally, negotiated terms and pricing on software maintenance agreements. Active participant in the Washington Association of Contracts Specialist (WACS) meetings and discussions through May 2008. Assisted in advising agency staff in contract policy and procedure. Transitioned to Customer Business Services unit in June, 2008.

Supply Sergeant

U.S. Army

Acknowledged by peers and superiors as “go-to guy” on procedural knowledge. Accounted for government property as prescribed by appropriate regulations including but not limited to AR 700-84, AR 710-1, AR 710-2, AR 710-2-1, AR 710-3, AR 725-1, AR 725-50, AR 735-5, AR 735-11,AR 750-1, DA Pam 710-2-1 10through 10-22,DA Pam 750-8 and DA Pam 738-751.Previously held Secret clearance.

Accounted for equipment that had been misreported, lost, damaged, or destroyed through Reports of Survey, Statements of Charges, Inventory Adjustment Reports, Administrative Adjustment Reports, Cash Collection Vouchers, and Damage Statements when applicable.  Successfully maintained Property Books, Hand Receipts, Sub-Hand Receipts, Shortage Annex’s, and Document Registers for all expendable, non-expendable supply and equipment transactions.  Managed assets in excess of $100M.  Requisitioned expendable and non-expendable supplies and equipment, components, SKO's and repair parts.  

Developed customized processes to meet customers specific needs, improving accuracy and on-time delivery.  Audited and edited supply transactions, ensuring compliance with supply procedures/directives, as well as managed the receipt, storage, issue, inspection and distribution of supplies and equipment.  NEVER received ratings LESS THAN commendable for supply operations during Command and Inspector General inspections.  Provided staff and chain of command with direction, expert advice, and leadership regarding policies, procedures, and guidelines on all supply matters.

Procured, maintained, and disposed of equipment in all classes of supply. Includes health and welfare items, subsistence, clothing, petroleum products and lubricants, construction and barrier materials, ammunitions, explosives, personal demand items, vehicles, major weapons systems, repair parts, components including sets, kits, outfits, assemblies, and items for maintenance support.

Managed supply operations through demonstrated knowledge of inventory control and management methodology, office organization, and management principles. Demonstrated extensive procedural knowledge in dealing with inventories that included additional authorized listings (AAL), basic issue items (BII), and equipment fielded with no National Stock Number (NSN).

Served as records management officer, monitored filing systems and ensured compliance with applicable regulations.  Demonstrated the ability to plan, organize, assign, review, and coordinate work production.Implemented several process improvements that were recognized and implemented as “Best Practice” throughout the various commands in which served.

On various assignments with the U.S. Army, was a key player in stratagizing, orchestrating, and managing military projects such as equipment re-authorizations, unit deployments from Europe to the United States and return, and unit deactivations, to name a few.Managed task duration's, dependencies and critical path (time).

As supervisor (8 plus years) performed various administrative functions, mentored and trained personnel, monitored and evaluated staff work performance.

UI3 UI Claims Spec / Program Coordinator II

Washington State Employment Security Department

Claims Telecenter - Unemployment Insurance Claims Specialist III, -  6/00 to 3/06

Provided world class customer service to citizens of Washington state in high volume government call center, handling on average of 45 to 50 calls a day, an average of 225 to 250 calls a week. Explained base year and waiting periods to claimants. Conducted immigration verification. Detected and resolved basic and complex claim issues.  Responded to requests and inquiries regarding opening, reopening, closing claims, and filing appeals.

Chosen for deployment in the field on rapid response/mass application teams.  Assisted employers and claimants facing pending large scale layoffs and plant closures.  Explained violations and administered various types of complex claims.  Key project participant on various Employment Security Department projects.

WorkSource Support Services - Program Coordinator II, -  3/06 to 8/07

Promoted to Program Coordinator II position to spearhead the turnaround of the underperforming Support Services unit. Broke record for lowest program year closeouts in 13 year program history.  Proactively conducted program monitoring reviews and evaluations.  Provided technical assistance, fiscal management guidance, and assistance to field staff in disbursement of funds, resolving vendor issues, and monitoring problematic client cases.  Monitored compliance with applicable Washington State laws for WorkSource Support Services program for all 46 state WorkSource offices.  Identified critical issues to make decisions or solve problems.

Office of Special Investigations – Program Coordinator II, -  9/07 to 12/07        

Temporary assignment working on various aspects fraud identification, fact finding, issue detection and resolution. Made binding claim decisions in accordance with prescribed legal guidelines.  Gathered and preserved documentary evidence specific to Employment Security cases, e.g., serving subpoenas, conducting field audits/surveillance. Investigated allegations of fraud, represented agency, provided testimony to Office of Administrative Hearings and Administrative Law Judges.

Jan 1990Present


RightChoice Consulting

Experience spearheading numerous projects in the private sector as Consultant/Project Manager with RightChoice Consulting.Manages costs, contingencies, and profits, as well as project scope covering/detailing the size, goals and requirements of projects.Prepares, writes and manages budgets.

Provides accurate analysis in all project phases and identifies specific challenges and barriers to successful project completion.This also includes but is not limited to managing and minimizing the effects of Project Creep (the piling up of small changes which by themselves are manageable but collectively become significant), and impact analysis, to analyze the impact of changes brought about by the project.  Skilled at identifying and maximizing areas of opportunity.

Strongest attributes center on providing strategy blueprints and performing audits on existing knowledge assets, learning systems, organizational practices and behaviors.  Effectively applies appropriate resources to problem-solving strategies and aligns Knowledge Management, Competitive Intelligence, and Organizational Learning strategy with existing or developing business strategies.

Specialize in implementing tailored knowledge management and competitive intelligence strategies and solutions that become cornerstones to organizational strategic planning.  Effectively identifies process and system redundancies, inefficiencies, the discovery and redirection of hidden assets, and the implementation of new or improved processes or systems.

Apr 2011Present

Customer Care Specialist

Xerox, Inc.

In it's aim to provide superior products and services, increase value for shareholders, and dominate diversified markets Xerox, Inc (a Fortune 200 company) acquired ACS, Inc.  ACS, Inc. (now formally Xerox, Inc.) provides integrated support service  including new technologies; supporting the delivery of key strategic initiatives in collaboration with Verizon, Inc.

Since coming on board in April, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a broad range of Xerox, Inc. activities. Some of the more 'milestone' type activities include Verizon's transition to new ALP account management system. I assist end users in configuring and troubleshooting their telecommunication devices and software, including 3G, 4G, MiFi, WiFi, and broadband. Utilized state of the art software to effect changes in end user plans, contracts, and equipment configurations. Troubleshoot equipment, orders, cancellations, billing errors, tier 1 technical support, and all disputable circumstances regarding business transactions and agent interaction with customers.

Gathers information, researches/resolves inquiries and logs customer calls. Informs customers of available services and assesses customer needs. Communicates appropriate options for problem resolution in a timely manner. Monitors priority of calls and shifts escalated calls to assure issue resolution.  Prepares standard reports, sets and tracks cases to track workload, response time and quality of input. Responds to telephone inquiries and complaints using standard scripts and procedures. All other duties as assigned.


Keith Gower

ESD King County Telecenter Seattle, Washington

Easter Taylor

Tyron Nixon

Apple Health for Kids- WA State DSHS P.O. Box 44502Olympia, Washington 98504

Meta Hill

Retired Operations Manager



Canarsie High School

Brooklyn, New York

Bachelor's of Science

Walden University

Currently Enrolled - Anticipated degree completion winter 2014






Bilingual - German
read, write and speak with fluency
Prioritizing Work
Organizing Tasks
Supporting Others
Listening to Others
Strategic Thinking
Decision Making







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