Operational Excellence Director

GOJO Industries
Provide aligned strategic leadership on the development of action plans and approaches to establish effective information exchange between SFDC, SAP, Tableau, Quality Companion, and Project Optimization systems. Leverage knowledge of using strategic supply chain optimization planning software to develop and provide enterprise inventory, scheduling, and production planning enhancements. Lead the overall operating performance, including department budget approvals in support of P&L accountability. Ensure security and privacy of intellectual property and protected information. SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS:  Formulated innovative network design strategies to determine supplier, plant, and production line capacities while addressing freight and warehousing costs, which brought forth higher customer service levels  Designed and implemented cost-savings strategies to streamline high priority strategic enterprise-level business process enhancements resulting in $20M+ savings  Participated in the development of an innovative healthcare compliance monitoring system  Led the integration of new cost saving policies to achieve optimal results in leading team-sponsored lean six sigma (LSS) projects  Developed a networked material and inventory process flow to succinctly define new capital infrastructure requirements  Implemented cost and productivity analyses, and provided recommendations to Value Chain Improvement and Profitability Improvement teams  Served as primary resource for optimized SAP enhancements, which entailed providing recommendations to mitigate operating costs