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Paul Muasa

Experienced Mercedes Benz Trucks Specialist at D.T. Dobie & Co (K) Ltd

Work experience

Nov 2013Present

Mercedes Benz Truck Service Center Manager and Product Specialist, Mercedes Trucks

CFAO D.T. Dobie & Co (K) Ltd

Provide leadership and supervision for reporting staff.

Ensure monthly revenue targets are achieved.

Consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

In addition to the truck service center I'm responsible for two Key Accounts-Motrex Ltd with a fleet size of 375 Mercedes trucks and Sanghani Ltd with a fleet size of 238 Mercedes Trucks. The combined monthly revenue is 114,800 USD.

Diagnostics for Mercedes Benz Actros & Axor HGV Trucks In the Workshop and In Customer yards mainly on the following systems: Electronic Engine Management Systems PLN & CDI (Common Rail). Electronic Brake Control (WABCO EBS). Electronic Gear Control (Mercedes Powershift 1 & 2). Electronic Networking System (KontAct and IES) Actros & Axor Trucks. Programming and Parameterization Of Control Modules.

Provide technical Guidance and support to Fleet customer technicians.

Roadside vehicle recovery and repairs.

Field Service.

Conduct Truck Test Drives.

Apr 2012Oct 2013

Service Manager

R. T. East Africa Ltd.

 Provide leadership and supervision for reporting staff.

Ensure monthly revenue targets are achieved.

Consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

Monitor Safety Standards and uphold safety requirements.

Provide technical guidance to technicians.

Conduct Truck Test Drives.

Oct 2007Mar 2012

Senior Workshop Technical Assistant.

CFAO D.T. Dobie & Co (K) Ltd

Diagnostics for Mercedes Benz Actros & Axor HGV Trucks.

Provide guidance and technical support to technicians and technical assistants especially with regard to Mercedes Benz Electrical & Electronic Systems e.g Braking, Gear Control, Engine Management systems etc.

Roadside Recovery & Repairs.

Field Service and repairs of Mercedes Benz Actros & Axor HGV.

Conduct Truck Test Drives.

May 2006Sep 2007

Chief Mechanic

Multiple Hauliers EA Ltd

Maintenance of all Mercedes Benz Actros & Axor Trucks.

Electronic Diagnosis of all Mercedes Benz Actros Trucks.

Provide guidance to and training for mechanics.

Field Service and repairs of Mercedes Benz Actros & Axor HGV.

Roadside Recovery & Repairs.

Conduct Truck Test Drives.

Jul 2003Apr 2006

Truck Technician

CFAO D.T. Dobie & Co (K) Ltd

Maintenance, Repair and general servicing of Mercedes Benz Actros trucks: Engine. Gearbox. Final Drives and Hubs. Electrical, Electronic and lighting systems diagnostics and repairs. Brake systems. Air Production systems. Pre-Delivery Inspection of new trucks.

Programming and Parameterization of control units.

Specialization in computerized Management Systems in a few Mercedes Benz Passenger Cars and all Mercedes Benz Trucks.

Recovery and Breakdowns.

Road side assistance..

Field service of trucks onsite including Strabag (Emali), H. Young (Machakos and Kisumu) and others.


Jan 2000Nov 2002

Automotive Mechanics & Mechatronics

D.T. Dobie Training Center

This training course covered Automotive Technology,  Automotive Mechatronics, Automotive Electrics, Metal work and repair instructions on Mercedes passenger car and Trucks. This course prepares one for the diverse Automotive Industry.


Truck Spec'ing

It is vital to provide a customer with a truck suitable for his operations. This way the customer does not incur unnecessary expenses especially increased fuel consumption. I do this by identifying the ideal engine, transmission and drive axle ratio for the customer before ordering the truck. This is part of Key Account Management.

Truck Air Production Systems Troubleshooting & Repair.

Trucks make use of compressed air for various tasks including brakes, gear control and so on. It is important to be familiar with the system so as to perform accurate diagnosis and repairs.

Key Account Management.

This involves providing technical solutions to one's fleet customers personally or involving the manufacturer via online dealer portals such as the Xentry TIPS for Mercedes trucks. It's always important to point out the benefits of Genuine parts and Service contracts.

Roadside Recovery & Repairs.

Accurate and quick diagnosis and repair in the field for broken down trucks is key to minimizing downtime and saving the customer money.

Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment

This involves performing accurate wheel alignment for truck and trailer with a by-the-book approach. This is important to the customer as misaligned truck and trailer axles increase the operating costs of the customer in terms of premature tyre wear as well as increased fuel consumption.

Unit Troubleshooting & Overhaul.

This is the fault finding and repair of major assemblies in a truck such as engines, transmissions and drive axles. It's vital this is done professionally so as to avoid future failures resulting in increased costs to the customer as well as downtime.

Engine Testing

It is necessary in many cases to test an Engine for lack of power, misfiring, oil consumption and so on. It is necessary that engine testing is done accurately so as to save the customer from unnecessary expenses occasioned by misdiagnosis.

Electrical & Electronic Systems Retrofitting.

Adding systems that are not part of the vehicle ex factory. This is a particularly useful skill as one has to perform the retrofit accurately and by the book so as not to damage the existing systems of the vehicle.

Computerised Auto Diagnostics

With the possession of this skill I am able to perform accurate diagnosis and repair on Truck Electronic systems quicker with the Mercedes Xentry Star Diagnosis so as to minimize downtime which I key to my customers. These systems include but are not limited to Engine management systems such as the PLN and Common Rail, Electronic braking systems such as WABCO EBS, Transmission Control systems such as the Mercedes Powershift and Telligent gearshift systems and so on.


Dec 2002Present

Automotive Trade Mechanics & Mechatronics.

CFAO DT Dobie & Co (K) Ltd

May 2003Present

Star Diagnosis CV

Daimler AG

Proficiency in the operation and use of the Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Equipment in Mercedes Trucks.

May 2003Present

Star Diagnosis

Daimler AG

Proficiency in the operation of the Mercedes Benz Diagnostic equipment in Mercedes Passenger cars.

Mar 2012Present



Introduction into Cummins engines plus training on the Cummins diagnosis platform.

Jan 2013Present

VW Constellation & Volksbus


Introduction into the Volkswagen range of commercial vehicles including the diagnostic equipment VCO 950.

May 2014Present

Mercedes Benz Workshop Managers Program 1

Daimler AG

The first part in Workshop manager's training by Daimler AG covering mostly on KPI's and Aftersales business development.

Jul 2014Present

Mercedes Benz Workshop Managers Program 2

Daimler AG

The second part of the Mercedes Benz workshop manager's training.