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Project Portfolio

Below is a collection of my favorite assets, actions or ideas that I was either the lead on, or was part of the core team that executed it.

These go above the standard PR and marketing tasks such as campaign planning, coverage reporting, media pitching etc that I have worked on, so to keep things concise, only the standout ones are listed here.

Feel free to contact me to find out more about these in detail.

Dying Light

The game that put Techland back on the map. 5 months prior to launch, I was brought in to revamp and lead the international PR for Techland's make or break title. Through a clearly planned out PR campaign with a multitude of creative assets selection we undid years of negative player and journalist sentiment towards Techland and got people generally excited about what many played off as  "just another zombie game"

All in all, we managed to get an immense volume of coverage for the game prior to launch and sustained much of it for the next 6 months through post launch initiatives.

Despite a potentially devastatingly delayed release in EMEA, Dying Light debuted as the top game in the USA and soon followed with all the major EMEA countries after release. To date we have had over 8.5 million registered players.                                                         

Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition

A year after the release of Dying Light we simultaneously launched the Enhanced Edition plus the massive expansion Dying Light: The Following. Our task was to cut through the stigma of this being just a Game of the Year edition and tacked on DLC along with the confusion of how the two products were related and differed.

A huge Gamescom reveal started the campaign with over 450 hands-on demos, 270 of which were industry journalists which led to 147 unique publication pieces.

From there we charged into launch by systematically showing off how the expansion plus Enhanced Edition add to the overall Dying Light experience. 

This culminated in a carefully planned out review strategy led Dying Light The Following to be Techland's highest rated product to date.


Currently consulting privately on Lince Work's debut title, Aragami.  Primarily I've worked to help elevate the indie title's exposure after needing to rebrand along with setting up various media related initiatives. So far I have worked the game's reveal, E3 presence and pitching various pieces including the upcoming ING First pieces, previews and reviews.                                                                                    

Additional Projects

Along with the projects listed above, I've also worked on various Techland and Techland Publishing games in smaller forms and roles. These include mobile games (Gun Cat, Litron), VR concept game The Collider 2, niche motorsport simulator FIM Speedway and as well as all work on the upcoming RPG juggernaut Torment Tides of Numenera from inXile Entertainment which is part of Techland Publishing.