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My name is Paul Huxen but you can call me Hux. I'm a product designer with 10 years of experience. Design has always been my passion and delivering intuitive, innovative applications is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I spend my days creating UI‘s for apps and responsive websites in Sketch, designing user flows in Axure, making icons in Illustrator CC or just coding some quick prototypes.

You can find a selection of the work over at my website or drop me a message to have a chat.

TL:DR I love designing cool things

Work experience

September 2018February 2020

Senior Product Designer


Working with both Accenture and Karmarama clients such as UK Government, Astrazeneca and Ministry of Defence.

• Created an omni-channel experience for the Department of Work and Pensions along with a fully-fledged design system. Created a new visual language for the digital arm of the department which tested well with users. 

• Designed a podcast app for Astrazeneca for both iPhone and iPad.

July 2017August 2018

Senior Designer

Kingfisher Digital

Worked in multiple teams and projects:

• Plan My Bathroom: A new tool from B&Q that enables users to create the bathroom of their dreams.

• Design My Space: A website that enables people to improve their homes by giving them the knowledge and tools to do so.

• Design System team: My main responsibility was to ensure all digital touch points have a consistent look and feel. Along with talking to all the feature teams to ensure everyone is happy with the direction of designs.

Also ran the Design Guild which was a meet up of all designers within Kingfisher Digital and ran a mix of workshops, presentations and events.

August 2016July 2017

Senior UX & UI Designer


• Created a new digital identity for the brand to be used across websites, apps & other digital touch points.

• Took the lead on a redesign of the new website, booking system and internal delivery app as well folding feedback from senior stakeholders, marketing and sales teams into updates.

• Began user testing to explore ideas within the Portr booking system which needed to be expanded to accommodate a new product in partnership with British Airways.

• Further built on the new digital identity to create a set of guidelines for all employees with information about typography, colour, iconography, tone, style & illustrations.

July 2015July 2016

Senior Designer

Seven Seconds + BBH

I was brought in to work primarily within Boots BetaLab — an ideas lab made up with members of Boots, Seven Seconds, and Accenture. The workload consisted of quickly prototyping and testing ideas such as digital advantage cards, weight loss programmes, and package tracking + delivery methods. Any ideas that worked and tested well were then combined into a full redesign of the Boots app with a fresh new UI kit.

As well as working on Boots I worked on other clients such as British Airways, Virgin Media and PayDashboard.

Basically I designed a lot of cool stuff.

February 2012July 2015

Digital Designer


Working as part of the Digital Platforms Team, I was tasked with creating visually stimulating and engaging web interfaces. Notable contributions to the company include design lead on a new checkout process, design lead and UX support on Burberry World (an internal social network), design support to other projects including, a stock lookup app, an MPOS app and updates to the visual language and identity used throughout all platforms.

May 2009February 2012


Mr Site

Over the years my role in the company developed and evolved which enabled me to work on a wide variety of projects. These have included: A redesign of the company and product identities, website development & maintenance, web application interfaces and creation of print advertising such as tube adverts, flyers, tees and trade show stands.



BA (Hons), Graphic Design, 2:1

University of East London

An academic course encouraging development through experimentation and self propelled lines of enquiry, taught by a team of lecturers from a variety of creative backgrounds.


Foundation Diploma, Art & Design

South East Essex College

Multiple disciplines were taught including digital art, sculpture, traditional and modern drawing exercises, printing, fine art, fashion and textiles


"In addition to being a highly-skilled, rounded designer whose experience shows clearly in his work, he also somehow managed to be the most sociable designer in the office whilst almost always having his headphones on.

Incredibly technically proficient, Paul is also the go-to guy for design systems and all manner of Sketch wizardry.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul and will hopefully work with him again in future!"

Tom Ellis - Design Director @ Kingfisher

"Paul is an extremely talented designer. I had the pleasure of working with Paul at Kingfisher Digital. Paul is dedicated, hardworking and innovative. He is also a great teacher and support to his colleagues. Paul is always a joy to be around and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future."

Lottie Jones - Designer @ Kingfisher

"Paul is a talented and passionate designer who really cares about his craft. He's always looking for ways to incorporate new techniques and technologies into his workflow, and as such helps to keep other members of the team on their creative toes.

His design work is always aesthetically pleasing, but crucially, he works hard to address user feedback and is a great problem solver too. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again!"

Sam Gilbey - Art Director @ Seven Seconds

“Paul has a pretty good beard, Paul wears some pretty stylish clothes, Paul's a bit of a creative genius online. Working with this man was a constant source of inspiration for me over the years.

If your employment path crosses Paul's, don't pass up the opportunity to work with him.”

Craig Collie - Head of design  @ Mr Site

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