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Strong analytical, problem-solving and project management skills. Ability to transfer ideas and concepts from technically complex solutions to easy to understand terms for business users. Deliver complex solutions, on time, that meet the customer requirements and provide real improvements. 

16 years application development experience using PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, MySQL, SQL Server. 9 years of Java web application development, 3 years of mobile development for iOS, Android and Chrome OS. – all predominantly while working in a business to business environment. 

Specialities: Mobile development, web application development, desktop applications, customised e-commerce, project management, hosting, build management and zero downtime deployments.

Work experience

Haywyre LLP

Sep 1999Present

Partner/ Founder

Successfully established and built a software development company providing services to blue-chip companies in the Staffordshire, Derbyshire and West Midlands region. Led software development for a wide range of operational needs providing intelligent, unique solutions for clients’ mobile apps, web applications and internal systems.

  • Established a solid reputation for delivering efficient, high quality, innovative solutions to support business development for customers
  • Managed all aspects of project and business development from account management and initial scoping through to testing and delivery.
  • Provided outsourced services to TOYOTA and LaSer UK, including support, development, change and lifecycle management and hosting.
  • Introduced build management and continuous integration
  • Introduced unit testing, version control and source code integration

Sample of recent projects:

TOYOTA Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd - Recruitment Portal

  • Upgraded recruitment portal for internships, industrial placements, graduates, specialists and engineers within the UK manufacturing side of TOYOTA.
  • Processes 3000 applications per vacancy
  • Online scoring and management of applications
  • Online management of all aspects of recruitment vacancies
  • Technologies used include
    • Bootstrap, JSP, Java, Spring, Gulp, Grunt, Ajax, AngularJS, MySQL, SASS, Bamboo, Maven

TOYOTA Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd - Medical Questionnaire

  • Medical screening application integrating external providers of temporary workers into the Toyota recruitment process. Includes administration, process flow control, external application questionnaire
  • Delivery of an application that reduces the lead time from 6 weeks to 1 for processing temporary staff applications
  • Technologies used include
    • Bootstrap, JSP, Java, JavaScript, Spring, Gulp, Grunt, Ajax, AngularJS, MySQL, SASS, Bamboo, Maven

Birmingham Aiport - Transit Passenger Tracking

  • Security application used within a UK airport to enrol and track transit passengers, preventing unauthorised access to restricted areas - such as domestic departures. 
  • Uses Cognitec's FaceVacs engine to provide facial recognition for 
    • Enroling passengers as they depart a transit flight
    • Monitoring passengers entering domestic lounge, with alerts and reporting processes
    • Security checking passengers within different sections of the airport
    • iPad application for boarding passengers back onto the transit flight with security checks and missing passenger reports
  • Technologies used include
    • AngulaJS, Bootstrap, C#, CSS, Razor, SQL Server, Windows Service

MfSF Parents Evening iPad Application

  • Mobile recording of people attending an event
  • Provides specific tools for non-office based representatives to provide consistent data entry and communications
  • Online administration allowing office based staff to manage the schedule of events
  • Automatic synchronisation of events between iPad and office based administration  
  • Technologies Used
    • Objective-C, iOS9, Java, Tomcat, Ajax, REST, API

Creation Financial Services

  • Content managed site for financial services company
  • Provides access to online account management, landing points for pay per click advertising, loan applications and credit card information.
  • Receives 9-10k visits/day
  • Load balanced hosting with zero downtime
  • Technologies Used
    • Bootstrap, JSP, Java, JavaScriptSOAP, REST, API, Tomcat,  MySQL, CSS, SASS, Gulp, Maven, Bamboo

Argos Personal Loans

  • Microsite to manage personal loan applications for LaSer customer Argos
  • Loan data extracted using SOAP web services
  • Technologies Used
    • JSP, Java, SOAP, REST, CSS, JavaScript

TOYOTA Motor Manufacturing Part Shortage

  • Internal application to accomodate shortage of parts to the production line
  • Allows searching of logistics trailers to find avilable parts
  • Manages tap creation
  • Current and future planed taps visualisation
  • Connects live production and logistics data
  • Technologies used
    • ASP.Net, DB1, SQL Server, REST, Ajax

BTR Change & Technology Services

Jul 1998Aug 1999

Senior Specialist

Responsible for consulting, development and training across the Artificial Intelligence and Design of Experiments user groups. This included:

  • Developing new training material.
  • Delivery of training courses
  • Organising group events
  • Consultancy providing advice and solutions for member issues

Provided support and training in Lotus Notes groupware across User Group member companies.

Continued developing the partnership with Cardiff University to bring emerging technologies to manufacturing companies within the User Group.

BTR Change & Technology Services

Jun 1997Jul 1998

Specialist - Artificial Intelligence

Responsible for development of the Artifical Intelligence User Group and providing consultancy and support to it's members.  This included:

  • Improving and updating existing training material.
  • Delivery of training courses
  • Organising training events
  • Consultancy providing advice and solutions for member issues

Formed a partnership with Cardiff University to bring emerging technologies to manufacturing companies within the User Group

Development of Expert systems to improve knowledge retention within businesses and provide easy access to expert knowledge.

Delivery of an intelligent product selector for Worcester Controls and presentation of business benefits at the Global Marketing conference.

BTR Change & Technology Services

May 1996Jun 1997


Responsible for assisting product specialists with development and implementation of solutions for member companies of the following User Groups:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Design of Experiments
  • Manufacturing Modelling

Preparing and delivering training material to User Group members along with on-site support.

Permali Gloucester 

Nov 1995May 1996

Development Technician

Responsible for development of glass/phenolic composite products for use in the commercial aerospace industry. Primarily used in the structure of cargo holds.

Planned and organised short production runs of new products and testing against industry standards.

Introduced two new product lines from development to full-scale production.


University of Teeside

Sep 1991Jun 1995

BEng Hons Chemical Engineering



Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows


Android Studio, Bambo, Bitbucket, Confluence, Fireworks, Illustrator, IntelliJ IDEA, Jira, MySQL WorkBench, Navicat, Photoshop, SourceTree, Visual Studio, XCode


Agile, Continuous Integration, Unit testing, MVC, MVVM, Rapid Application Development, Waterfall Process, Build Management

Application Severs

Apache, IIS/.Net, Tomcat,

Source Code Management

Git, GitFlow, SourceSafe, Subversion


DB1, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server

JDBC, ODBC, JPA, Core Data, Hibernate, Eclipse Link


AngularJs, Bootstrap, Foundation, Gulp, Grunt, JQuery, Spring 4, ASP.Net, Razor, REST, MVC, MVVM, SASS, Maven


C#, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Objective-C, PHP, Swift, VB.Net, XML


Hawyre LLP