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With 13-years of experience in transceiver design/optimize/sustain , and also in RF module/tablet design , I am familiar with the total process of RF hardware design , and able to deliver the best of RF components' capability to ease RFIC of loading . I can design a PCB , decide what RF components to use , fine tune the RF performance , all flexibly depend on customer's requirement , and find out the risky in early hardware design stage to shorten the design period .
Willing to share any valuable experience with others , and cooperate very fine with SW team . With a responsible attitude and good RF technical skills , problems can be solved effectively.

Work experience

Sep 2011Sep 2015

HW Technical Manager

Quanta Computer Inc. , Taiwan

Product Brief :
1. Verizon Ellipsis 8 and Ellipsis 10 Tablet (Marvell PXA192x + 88RF858)

    (1) 8” Tab with LTE B4/B13 dual-Band , 10” Tab with LTE B2/B4/B13 tri-Band.
    (2) Passed through Verizon SFN and Lab conformance certification.
    (3) RF matching with excellent design margin to overcome Verizon’s RF
          conformance specification ; especially for B2 TR-isolation problem , use a  
          common B2 duplexer other than Avago's FBAR technology to achieve target. 

2. CMCC M.2 module (Qualcomm MDM9625M + WTR1625)
    (1) Design in 5 modes / 13 Bands within a 3042 size M.2 single-sided PCB.
    (2) According to PCB vendor’s capability to optimize stack-up and impedance.

Being responsible for the overall HW design , optimize the PCB stack-up and impedance control , fine tune the RF matching with enough margin and lower power consumption , discuss the technical issues with chipset vendor , pre-test for the certification to find out design issues then solve them , and finally , deliver the product to manufacture with good yield rate .
Nov 2009Jun 2011

Senior Engineer


Took responsibility for design the hardware of WiMAX 2.3GHz/2.5GHz/3.5GHz Outdoor CPE , and made a multi-SKU co-PCB design to cover all bands of CPE . I joined the initially establishment of the first LTE HW team in Zyxel , and designed the first platform with LTE / WiFi / Gigabit LAN / USB interface by using of out-sourcing LTE module , then performed field trial for Verizon .

Oct 2002Jun 2009

RF Engineer

Microelectronics Technology Inc.

Product Brief :
1. The sustain of OEM transceivers
2. The design of MTI ODM Point-to-Point Radio 7/13/15/18/23GHz ODU integration
3. The design of 7/13/15/18/23GHz Radio outdoor transceiver

Took responsibility for transceiver HW design of the P-to-P radios , the RF function blocks included PA , PA driver , LNA , filter , AGC circuit and frequency converter. The main job coverage was from product design , RF budget analysis , product sustain , failure analysis , to factory manufacturing .


Sep 2006Dec 2009

Master of Science in Communication Engineering, NCTU

National Chiao Tung University , Taiwan
Mobile Communication , Microwave Engineering


Test Instrument
Signal Generator, Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope,
Noise Figure Analyzer, LTE signal analyzer (CMW500 / MT8820C)
Agilent ADS, Ansoft HFSS, AWR Microwave Office, Power PCB, Cadence Aligro, OrCAD, CAM350 , AutoCAD