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Work experience

Nov 2007Feb 2009

District Operations Manager

AlliedBarton Security Services

I was the primary District Operations Manager for AlliedBarton Security Services in the Las Vegas area. I managed over 100 officers and 13 site supervisors for a total of about $3,690,336.00 of business annually. My duties included hiring, terminations, training, payroll, billing, scheduling, and management of daily operations. Daily operations included dispatch physical security maintenance, logs, reports, customer relations, incident control, etc. I also performed security assessments and dealt directly with up to 23 clients at locations such as Malls, chemical plants, gated communities, and warehouses.

Dec 2005Oct 2007

Assistant Security Manager

Rainbow Bar and Grill

As the assistant manager of security /gaming I was responsible for training all officers, identifying and correcting safety and security deficiencies, management of on duty security officers, and the development of a safety/security manual which will be used for all future franchise locations. I also provided real-time assessment of the security systems and programs including CCTV.

Nov 1999Nov 2005

Military Police Officer

US Air Force

As a member of the Air Force Security Forces, I was a military police officer with arrest powers for 5 and half years. My duties included but were not limited to: leading and dispatching a security response force of 15 or more armed personnel, entry control to the highest protection level resources in our nation, being part of the base S.W.A.T, utilizing advanced security systems such as ground radar and enhanced CCTV, and advising commanders in forward locations on security as it relates to terrorism.

May 1998Oct 1999

Correctional Officer

Florida Department of Corrections

As a Correctional Officer at a close custody prison, I was responsible for the security and general well being of any where from 130 to 800 inmates at any given time. Nothing teaches you the synchronicities of physical security, crowd control, and interpersonal skills like being a correctional officer. My primary responsibilities included secure transportation of inmates and responding to violent or medical situations but I was also on the riot squad and pistol team.

Jun 1996May 1998


VIP Security SPecialists Inc.

As the lead security supervisor for this private security company, I worked directly for the owner/general manager. I directed the armed and unarmed security for 6 different locations such as hotel/ bars, judge’s chambers, and office buildings. My primary duties included assisting officers in dealing with the public, enforcing company policy, and training new officers.



Certified as a correctional officer in the state of Florida. Awarded for best defensive tactics. Studied criminal law. Developed skills in deescalating dangerous situations and the use of liability mitigating physical restraint techniques.


US Air Force Training School, Security Forces

Studied criminal law, weapons, defensive tactics, installation security, and the legal aspects of use of force and arrests.


FBI Basic SWAT School

Designated as lead marksman. Studied team tactics for dealing with barricaded suspects and hostage situations. Trained with FBI SWAT and Las Vegas Metro SWAT. Became familiar with the roles and responsibilities team leaders, entry teams, designated marksmen, personal (executive) protection, and breach teams.


Expeditionary Readiness Training (desert warfare) School

Given the ‘top gun” award. Furthered my understanding of leadership as it relates to installation security and familiarized me with urban combat and the use of riot agents.


Department of the Army Anti-terroriwm school

Certified early in my military career by the Department of the Army to teach antiterrorism to Department of Defense employees. Studied terrorist tactics and motivations as well as defensive strategies and other tools for the mitigation of potential threats. This certification also qualifies me to officially assess the security of Department of Defense assets.

Jun 2002Jun 2008

Bachelor of Science

Crown University

Graduated Cum Laude with a 3.56 GPA. Some of the classes included were Criminal Courts, Fire investigation and Life Safety Codes, Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Justice Management, Forensic Science Investigation, Evidence, Security Administration 1 and 2, Criminal justice Information Systems, as well as Criminal Procedures and Constitutional Issues.