Patrick A. Skvoretz

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2014 - Present

Productivity Manager


Direct team of 32 employees focused on process and program automation, drive continuous improvement programs, automate non-value-add processes to reallocate resources, manage order processing, system reports, and back-office processing groups. Support franchisees and field sales employees through lean initiatives that reduce waste, improve service level, productivity, and quality controls, and provide on-demand or customer reporting tools.

  • Automations of NTR/BTR as well as off-enrollment-cycle revolving account processing saves a total of 840 hours labor annually, a cost avoidance of $20,000.
  • Directed the training and skills development of 7 employees in use of MSAccess to run business-specific queries in ERP and Data Warehouse environments, expanding team’s research & analysis capabilities.

Major Projects

Field Resource Database:

Developed business requirements, functional specifications, and scenario testing structure. Led design, development, UAT, pilot, training, and deployment of field resource database system for sales team of 500 in 10 regions across North America.

  • Improved order processing request volume by 65% by eliminating 300,000 email contacts
  • Increased service level by 23 hours by modernizing transaction feed between external and internal resources.
  • Automated data validation and business process improvements which improved department accuracy by 97% and reduced billing errors and rework of 2,000 lines of data.
  • Reduced sales order processing cost by $1.33 per transaction for 69% improvement via process automations that decreased staffing requirements.
  • Cut order-processing staff by 54% deferring $383,000 in salary expenses to other value-added initiatives.

Database Solutions for Special Programs:

Created point-of-sale database solution for 75 field sales representatives that improved big-ticket orders and tracked sales-cycle data from appointments to sales quotes through close of sale and order fulfillment.

  • 2 systems monitored over 7,300 appointments, 88,000 quotes, and $99 million in sales fulfillment during year 1.
Jun 2007 - Dec 2013

Administrative Services Manager


Directed systems development, lean initiatives, controls, and compliance, analytics, order processing, franchisee billing, and audit reporting for customer care center with 150 associates who support 4, 000 franchisees, 500 field sales staff, 300 corporate-operated mobile retail stores, and 75 special programs sales representatives. Responsible for forecast and analyses of $9. 5 million operating budget. Hired as customer service supervisor and promoted 3 times within first 18 months.

  • Saved approximately $1.2 million in administrative salaries by reducing staff by 61% through lean initiatives and projects, transferring employees to more value-added positions or retirement or performance-related reductions.
  • Led effort to collect invalid, expired, or missing sales tax exemption certificates to improve franchise business compliance by 74% and mitigating state tax assessment and penalty risk that cost tools division over $500,000 annually.
  • Directed design, architecture, business process of database project to streamline billing statement termination steps and opt in/out reporting for outgoing franchisees that saved $63,000 annually in labor costs and provided full, legal transparency of process flow.
  • Initiated project to formally document and manage 490 standard operating procedures(SOPs) for 36 administrative employees to ensure accurate, thorough, and consistent business processes, improved work accuracy and first call resolution.
  • Orchestrated business continuity and virtual work program to improve service levels, work accuracy, and productivity, and decreased absenteeism by 28 days annually for 66% year-over-year improvement.
  • Increased transparency of Mobile Company Store program and reduced processing time by 25 hours per week by directing the development of a centralized database to improve recording and reporting of program assets, including revolving accounts, sales tax, banking and inventory data, resulting in cost avoidance of $30,000 annually.
  • Partnered with Inside Sales Manager to promote an inbound sales program for the back office Administrative team, resulting in $226,000 in incremental sales and a $510 average sale per call.

Nov 2004 - Mar 2007

Manager/Consultant of Deployment Services

OutStart, Inc.

Partnered with leading companies such as Raytheon, IBM, and AARP to deploy software solution and implement operational procedures that facilitate online collaboration, improve employee effectiveness, and champion best practices and knowledge sharing. Managed 9 engagements through the statement of work, software development, implementation and operational phases, and actively worked with clients to ensure adherence to SOW.

  • Trained, supervised, and coached 10 account managers, personnel supervisors, and independent contractors providing client services and online community moderation, knowledge base, and site management functions.
  • Acquired and managed largest clients in terms of revenue and user base as the more seasoned client services manager on staff.
Dec 1999 - Nov 2004

Manager of Business Services

Participate Systems, Inc.

Managed daily professional services for largest clients including $1.5 million Microsoft account, AARP, AT&T,. Oversaw key performance indicator reports, online moderation services, hosting live webinars, coordinating site volunteer activities, and promoting user programs.

  • Contributed to improving value of online communities and increased return-on-investment by driving customer adoption and satisfaction, promoting self-help support options, and deferring contacts to lower cost channel.
  • Managed ongoing partnership and supported request for proposals and subcontracting process of Microsoft online help desk support to Canadian call center leading to 55% reduction in operating expenses.
  • Introduced formal workforce management program for 36 employees led to 30% reduction in employee attrition rate year over year, which helped to retain experienced help desk staff and decreased costs of candidate sourcing and training.
  • Exposed copyright infringement during development of client competitive analysis resulting in cease- and-desist order and media coverage, which forced competitor to eliminate services and enhanced value of company community management services.



Biology, Music minor

Ohio University

Electronic Production and Design

Berklee College of Music


Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University



Operations Management

Business Analysis

Lean / Continuous Improvement

Strategic Planning

Project Management

Budget & Forecasting

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