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Work experience

Aug 2008Oct 2008

Analyst Intern

CIC Data

A two month summer internship spent working at CIC Data, China's leading Internet word of mouth research and consultancy firm. Over the course of the two months I was responsible for:

Oct 2007Mar 2008

Research Intern

An eight month internship spent working with Robert Proctor and Emmet Geaney, helping them to build the UK side of the company by creating market maps for clients such as the Guardian, Financial Times and Reuters.

Working here gave me fantastic insight into the workings of the Media industry and showed me the importance of having clearly planned out business models, where revenue streams that can be easily monetarized.

Jun 2007Jul 2007


Fly Films

A two month internship working with Fly Films, a Shanghai based video and film production company. In addition to learning basic 'Final Cut Pro' I also:

  • Researched and sourced leads for the Al Jazeera documentary 'Moving China'
  • Helped to produce and edit a BBC World news report interviewing Danone. 
  • Translated and added subtitles to the PBS documentary 'Migrant Children'
Feb 2007Feb 2007

Personal Assistant

Renzo Arbore 2007 China Tour

On this twenty-one day five city 'Renzo Arbore 2007 China Tour' I was the P.A. and translator to Luigi Melecchi the tour's producer. My responsabilities included:

  • Coordinating the musicians travel, hotel and rehershal schedule.
  • Arranging city by city ticket distribution and allocation.
  • Helping to set up and manage the tour's press briefings.


Despite me being an avid technologist and believer in the benefits that social media has to offer the world. When not in front of a computer my favourite pastime is cycle touring.In a world where we are getting more and more digitally connected, cycle touring provides me with a way to completely disconnect and get back to nature. When travelling by bike although you cycle fast enough to cover a reasonable distance i.e. 100km a day, you move slow enough to also witness the gradual change of geography and people. This summer I cycled from London to Monte Carlo (making sure to do a lap of the Monte Carol Grand Prix track in 7mins 46seconds!) and this summer I’m planning on cycling from London to Istanbul. One day in the future I plan to take a year off and to cycle around the world.


Sam Flemming

“Patrick is a "go getter" with a passion for China and the Internet. He is disciplined, knowledgeable and willing to learn. He creates opportunities. He was with us a short time, but made great impact. Highly recommended!

Where you can find me...

My company:

I'm a diagonal thinker:

23 Days: London to Monte Carlo

My Company

China Ad Portal                                                                                                                                       March 2008 - PresentFounder 

Using the knowledge gained from Adify and my personal interest in Chinese Media.  Early last year I went on to create the China-Ad Portal, a China focused advertising network that groups English written blogs together and sells off their advertising space to clients looking to market to the China market.

About me

I’m a creative, entrepreneurial and hardworking 23 year old, who is fascinated in understanding the changes brought about by shifting technological, economical, and political conditions in the world today. As such, over the last few years my curiosity has slowly been drawn to what I believe are the two biggest instigators of these changes: China and the Internet.Ever since I first visited China aged eighteen, its dramatic size, diversity of the landscape and varying local customs, have continued to keep me enthralled. I have watched and tried to understand why despite some cities being nearly 4000km apart, coming from completely different ethnic origins and living in dramatically different geographic regions, the basic values of ‘being Chinese’ still remain strong, a question that has continued to keep my anthropological tendencies entertained for nearly 3 years.I became interested in the Internet after starting to read blogs around five years ago. Since then I have watched as online developments have helped to facilitate the creation of more advanced social organizations where information can be rapidly exchanged and filtered, resulting in the emergence of a smarter and more informed netizens than has ever been seen before. Now although due to censorship the Chinese Internet is often perceived to be disadvantaged, actually, in an effort to circumvent these rules Chinese netizens have helped to create an online architecture of participation that is one of the most ‘socially advanced’ in the world.  Something I believe that the Western Internet (who only recently started to adopt Web 2.0 technologies) has yet to fully realise and hence this is what I’m writing my dissertation on.However despite saying all this I don’t just want to be an academic. I’ve worked in many different types of jobs and in every single one, trying to understand the business logic behind them has always been the fun part. By studying Economics, it has simply allowed me to look at these business solutions from a more worldly perspective and have a better insight into what the world economy will look like in the future.Though I want to work in marketing, the skills I learn will one day allow me to act on these insights. Right now, it’s because for the first time in nearly 50 years, changing technology is forcing companies and agencies to come up with new solutions to understand, bring value and re-engage their consumers. This breaking down of traditional push marketing and the complete reinvention of what we now define as ‘consumerism’ excites me and I want to be a part of this change.


Sep 2004Present

BA Chinese and Economics

Dissertation: To what extent can 'New Confucianism' be used to explain the architecture that now exists on the Chinese and Western Internet's? Research project: Explain the proactive and reactive ways in which the Chinese government attempts to control the modern Chinese Internet.

Economic Modules:

Intermediate Economics, International Foreign Trade and Developement, Banking and Finance in Economic Developement, Economics of Developing Countries I, Economics of Developing Countries II, Economic Development of Modern China.

Language Modules: Intermediate Chinese Language Modern Chinese Language and Reading Comprehension Readings in Modern Chinese Basic Classical and Literary Chinese