Patrick Searle

Patrick Searle

How you can help me?

If you like the way in which I got your attention, please help me by doing the following:

  • Send me an email, add me on twitter, post me a link on delicious, add me as a friend on facebook. It doesn't matter how but just talk to me, send me links about anything you think I should know or would find useful.
  • Tell the person in charge of your company's graduate scheme recruitment about how you found out about me:

      For McCann it's [email protected]

  • If your company secures a new client and ends up looking for new account assistants to take the strain, please think of me. Because although a grad scheme placement would be great, either way I'm going to work in this industry and I don't mind starting from the bottom and working my way up.

Thanks for reading, I hope I didn't take up to much of your time, hope to be hearing from you soon.



Why I did this?

"My name is Patrick Searle I’m an entrepreneurial 23 year old, who is fascinated by the developments of technology and social media and the effect that they’re starting to have on society and thus marketing as a whole. I speak Mandarin and have lived in China for nearly 3 years...." This was my original introduction when filling in McCann's graduate application form. However whilst reading over it, I started to realise that although it says I'm....                                                           a) Entrepreneurial                                                           b) Hardworking                                                           c) Fascinated with Technology/Social Media/Marketing                                                           d) Speak Mandarin doesn't show it!!! So instead, I decided to take these skills and create my very own Facebook ad campaign, targeting you, the people who already work at McCann and the one's who can help me get into that elusive first round interview stage. Once there, it will give me the opportunity to talk about how I believe that smart innovative digital campaigns that:
  •  play to community traits
  •  provide value to the consumer
  •  back up traditional advertising campaigns
...are going to be key when looking to market to modern consumers, who are turning to alternative forms of media and who have more power than ever before in shaping and defining brands.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2008 - Present

Chief Cyclist

Cycle Smoothies

Old Bicycle + smoothie maker + healthy organic fruit + trendy farmer's market + a dollop of marketing + a sprinkle of business knowledge =

Pretty good money and lots of fun

Mar 2008 - Present


China Ad Portal

Using the knowledge gained from my experiences at Adify (see below) and my personal interest in the Chinese Internet. I created the China-Ad Portal, a China focused advertising network that groups English written bogs together and sells off their advertising space to clients looking to market to foreigners doing business in China.

Aug 2008 - Sep 2008

Research Intern

CIC Data

During this two-month internship in Shanghai, I was responsible for writing and researching CIC's upcoming white paper on "The History and Development of IWOM in China",  whilst also helping them to edit and analyse client reports for customers such as Nike, Coke, and Pampers.

As well as giving me the opportunity to frequently discuss the origins and future structure of the Chinese internet, this internship helped to teach me what consumer information firms and agencies look for when launching a new campaign and how this information can then be translated into award winning campaigns.

Oct 2007 - Mar 2008

Research Intern


An 8-month internship spent working with Robert Proctor and Emmet Geaney, helping them to build the UK side of the company by creating market maps for clients such as the Guardian, Financial Times and Reuters.

As my first foray into the Tech/Media industry, I learnt the value of highly targeted advertising campaigns and the importance amongst new business in having multiple revenue streams that can easily be moneterize.


Sep 2004 - Present

BA Chinese and Economics