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Patrick is a leading visionary in online content, the “New Media.”At Yahoo!, Patrick pioneered the development of online publishing and webcasting technology and methodology as employee # 1 and Director of Technology.At the BCST spinoff Timberwolf New Media, Patrick pioneered multi-platform content publication and distribution.At Deer Channel, he pioneered bringing live wildlife “edutainment” with on-animal cameras.Most recently, Patrick launched, winner of the 2010 “OnMedia 100” Award.

Work experience


Cellular ringtone company built in partnership with a music label. The company was fully up and operational with a growing customer base. Unfortunately, the angel funding fell through before we were in the black and we had to shut the company down. Set technology direction, managed programmers, migrated data center, designed new socially interactive customer tools, corporate development, business planning, business development and general operations.

Feb 2009Present

Chief Publisher & New Media Vanguard

Whichbox Media

Winner, 2010 OnMedia 100 Award for the top disruptive companies.  Responsibilities include project management, corporate development, partner relations, contracts, business plans, product development and mentoring. whichbox™ is a turnkey online Publishing as a Service platform, delivering an integrated all-media, SaaS platform with advanced social networking.



Association Television

Designed technology and operations plans, corporate development, business plans, business model, technology architecture, facilities planning and overall technology and infrastructure planning for a B2B IPTV startup to build vertical market broadband TV channels with social networking features for trade associations.After several months of development and planning, the deal and funding fell through.



Deer Channel

Responsible for the overall technology direction. Designed and built a remote wildlife research center, with a fiber loop around the wildlife habitat, a series of tower mounted digital PTZ cameras, low power wireless camera mounted on the animals, server room, remote studio, editing suite, as well as high speed data connections to the remote lab area.The web component included live and on-demand webcasting infrastructure, encoders, studio integration, Akamai CDN, e-commerce, content management system, pay-per-view, and subscription model, and a network of over 50 web portals and ad network.



Timberwolf Press New Media

2000-2005 (part-time 1992-1999) – Spinoff company from & the first to publish an audiobook online, the first to publish on MP3 CD, the first to publish a podcast-style audiobook, the first to simultaneously publish in downloadable digital form, MP3, WMA, CD, MP3-CD, e-book, printed book and even tape.Responsible for corporate development, product development, marketing, graphic arts, communications and PR and was the senior technical editor. Designed and built web and e-commerce sites with social networking components, blogs, podcasts, UGC, author interview webcasts, round-table author/editor webcasts, etc.


Director of Technology

Vice President of International Development and Special Projects

Board of Directors: Japan

Director of Technology

Employee # 1,  Built the infrastructure, invented new Internet technologies and pushed the envelope to create the largest aggregator and distributor of audio and video content on the planet.Produced and directed the then largest Internet broadcast events, with 1million+ viewers, including the Super Bowl, World Series, Victoria’s Secret, 1st live broadcast from China (Intel product launch), Playboy CyberParty, NCAA Final Four, 400+ radio stations & TV/Cable networks, MLB All Star Game, and over 16,000 live events. Led expansion in into Europe and Asia and managed many hot-button special projects.

Past "stuff"



University of Texas at Dallas - School of Natural Science & Mathematics