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Patrick Osiegbu and his team at Century Triple 7 Investments Ltd make it their business to deliver according to their clients demands.These experts have the savvy in pinpointing and matching the right properties for the right client, first time purchaser or investor from overseas.

The property market is immensely lucrative and for those who want to maximize their earnings and who wish to construct a large property portfolio but are unsure how to go about it, Patrick Osiegbu and his crew at Century 7 Investments Ltd are the specialists who can be relied upon.  For those who dream of an early retirement, investing in the ever rising property market, trusting in Osiegbu and his team is a wise choice. 

Their familiarity with the property market puts them at a par and differentiates them from their competitors, they handle their customers independently, whereby they match and modify according to their customers’ needs.  The team at Century Triple 7 Investments Ltd also works in collaboration with financial establishments who have the means to offer the backup funding for the properties. 

In 2007 Century Triple 7 Investments Ltd was formed following Patrick Osiegbu’s exit from his management position at a leading bank in London in the United Kingdom.

His exposure to the various kinds of services that the bank has to offer to the public on a regular basis, such as credit cards, savings, investments, mortgages, loans and insurance, gave Osiegbu the leverage and understanding needed to launch his business.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Patrick Osiegbu  was a student at Clark Atlanta University, whereby he was simultaneously employed in 3 different jobs in order to cover the costs of his university studies.  This most certainly paid off for Osiegbu as in 2005 he successfully qualified for his Accountancy degree which was followed by his relocation to London. 

Hangar Road International Ltd was also formed in 2009 by Patrick Osiegbu, a company focused on leasing substantial weighty equipment for construction usage. Osiegbu relocated Hangar Road International Ltd to Nigeria in 2010 and initiated association with a global oil company in connection with petroleum products.

Patrick Osiegbu is located in London and is a righteous man who has virtuous morals and beliefs.  As a heartfelt catholic he regularly attends church with his family on a weekend. Osiegbu’s compassion also guides him and his role is countless in donating to The British Heart Foundation, which was originally established in 1961. The foundation places great emphasis on the research and treatment in heart disease to which Osiegbu openly contributes to.   

Osiegbu also has great concern and sympathy to the NSPCC, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, which was originally instituted in 1884. This non-profit society runs campaigns dedicated to raising the ongoing consciousness of child protection in the media.   

Patrick Osiegbu  also has a strong connection to Cancer Research and supports wholeheartedly this association that continues its constant investigations and studies in the fight against Cancer.

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