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Energetic with an active healthy lifestyle, I enjoy a broad span of interests that includes:rock climbing, kiteboarding, yoga, hiking, biking, kayaking, ultimate Frisbee, woodworking, and homebrewing.


“With boundless energy, extensive knowledge, and contagious enthusiasm, he was a modern day pied piper to cadets; they regularly lined up outside his office to talk with him and seek his guidance.With diligent study and charismatic presentation, he dramatically improved the metallurgy and civil engineering materials science courses resulting in the highest recorded cadet ratings of these courses.In every course he taught he left a legacy of improvement, innovative teaching techniques, and increased cadet learning that will be felt long after his departure."

          - Rear Admiral R. C. Olsen, Jr.


            Coast Guard Academy


“CDR McMillin is a true leader who has the complete package of critical thinking skills, strategic vision, high energy, and a passion for excellence.”

          - Captain Craig Bone

District Fourteen Chief of Staff


“Captain McMillin ranks among the most respected leaders in the DCMS community, with technical prowess in engineering, resources and strategic planning.”

          - Mr. J. G. Orner, SES

Deputy Assistant Commandan

for Engineering and Logistics


“A distinguished officer with strong leadership/mentoring skills, keen analytical mind, amazing energy & creativity, and the proven ability to execute.”

       - Captain Virginia Holtzman-Bell

MLC Pacific CE Division Chief

Work experience


National Engineering Director for Housing, Training, and Community Support Facilities

U. S. Coast Guard

National technical authority and resource director for all $3B of Coast Guard Mission Readiness facilities, including 6,400 housing, training, and community support structures (40% of all Coast Guard buildings).

  • Led the standup of the Coast Guard’s inaugural shore facility product line asset management program.Navigated within broad strategic guidelines and with extensive horizontal and vertical collaboration across the organization to create the agency-wide community, culture, architecture, and configuration standards for Mission Readiness assets and services. This sweeping change-management effort provided the first standards-based understanding of needs and an unprecedented visibility of the condition and configuration of like facilities - resulted in a credible and stable national investment strategy.
  • Initiated & supervised a comprehensive $5.2M nationwide assessment of the housing portfolio.A landmark initiative and a cornerstone to the Commandant’s focus on the family, the results were briefed to congress and have lead to significant inventory reduction actions (~ 25%) for saving millions, as well as programming of $40M+ in targeted surge resources to correct systemic housing safety and habitability issues.

Commanding Officer - Civil Engineering Unit Oakland

U. S. Coast Guard

Principle director for strategic planning and execution of shore facilities depot maintenance, construction and environmental protection and remediation at 62 bases throughout the 10 western states valued at $1.9 billion.

  • Led a staff of 88 engineering, environmental, planning and contracting professionals to new levels of performance, increasing average historic output by 20%, achieving a record $33M annual program.
  • Fostered ethos of providing ‘awesome facilities’ through relentless focus on attentive customer support and delivery of quality services.
  • Highly diverse projects from $50K to $5M+ spanned the spectrum from non-routine and emergency maintenance of conventional facilities, dredging, in-water work, and environmental remediation.
  • Drove $1.8M of progressive energy-savings initiatives to certify the unit’s first projects with the US Green Building Council for Leadership & Environmental Design (LEED).

Deputy Commander - Shore Maintenance Command

U. S. Coast Guard

Nation-wide operations manager of the Coast Guard’s 6 Civil Engineering Units w/ ~300 technical personnel providing depot level maintenance of the service’s $14B shore infrastructure inventory.Tactical budget manager for $171M shore maintenance and $8.5M environmental compliance and response funds.Provided service-wide programmatic approval of all major work exceeding $750K. Directed 23 person multi-unit engineering campus.

  • Supervised standup of this new command.Developed and executed a seamless transition plan to disestablish decades-old organizations fractured across east and west coasts, and revitalize legacy functions in a single flatter, streamlined unit.Success was instrumental to agency modernization of logistics services.
  • Led creation of first nationwide prioritization of depot maintenance requirements to focus limited resources on highest operational priorities.Strategically positioned program to obtain execute an additional 20% ($30M) in maintenance funds.
  • In response to the President’s direction to terminate the costly LORAN-C mission, oversaw the shore facility efforts of a $138M 10 month comprehensive plan to decommission the system and transition $600M of infrastructure from operational to caretaking status.Completed on time, this has been lauded as the largest cross-programmatic effort executed in the shortest timeframe in recent Coast Guard history.

Lead Rock Climbing Guide / Vertical Rigger

Climb Aloha

Guide and instructor of rock climbing fundamentals for recreational and professional/military (i.e. Navy Seals) application.High Angle Rigger for TV/Commercial industry (i.e. Discovery Channel).


Commanding Officer - Civil Engineering Unit Honolulu

U. S. Coast Guard

Regional director for strategic project planning, design, construction, and environmental protection and remediation support for all Coast Guard facilities in the Central and Western Pacific valued at $240M – the service’s largest and most remote area covering 12.9 million square miles including Hawaii, Guam, Japan and emerging Pacific Nations.

  • Directed a team of 15 professional engineers, architects, and environmental specialists.Inspired a doubling of production to strategically deliver $7M of critical depot level construction annually.
  • Leveraged relations with the Navy in Guam to secure no-cost use of underutilized facilities to accommodate a newly commissioned Coast Guard Station.
  • Directed correction of numerous environmental issues concerning human health at remote sites including Guam, Kure Atoll and Yap.These efforts removed harmful contaminants from entering the food chain and preserving nursery areas for endangered species in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.
  • Collaborated with state and federal agencies to develop and execute an innovative strategy to smoothly remediate and transfer excess Coast Guard property to the State of Hawaii for construction of critical housing for the homeless.
  • In support of the Governor of Hawaii’s request for Coast Guard participation and leadership in Hawaii’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program, initiated and launched the first in on ongoing series of CG STEM Expos.Assembled a multi-unit Coast Guard force and leveraged relationships with HI governor’s office, University of Hawaii, engineering associations, and military education programs, to stage a highly acclaimed fair showcasing the wide application of technology and science used by the Coast Guard.

Chief of Resources and Performance Management - Coast Guard District Fourteen

U. S. Coast Guard

Primary strategic advisor to the District Admiral on current and future resource capability, acquisition and allocation in the Central and Western Pacific, encompassing 1,700+ personnel, $240M in facilities, and all operational platforms (aircraft, cutters, and boats).Liaison to Federal, State, and local government resource managers, political staffers, and development authorities.Supervised operational performance metrics program as well as organizational improvement staff.

  • Established a comprehensive, future-focused strategic planning process and organizational performance metrics that significantly improved planning and operational effectiveness including a well coordinated unity of effort toward achieving annual Fourteenth District strategic goals.
  • Was the leading architect of ground-breaking enhancements to the Fourteenth District’s operational portfolio including the redistribution of boats and cutters, adding an additional 110’ patrol boat in Sector Guam, an 87’ Coastal Patrol Boat in Sector Honolulu, and a 47’ Motor Life Boat in Station Maui, correcting severe gaps in operational response capabilities.
  • Marshaled a $1.5M joint interagency fuel farm project through a compressed and intricate planning process with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that ensured mission critical Midway Island refueling capabilities for Coast Guard C-130 aircraft, preserving maritime safety and security in the remote Central Pacific.
  • Initiated and executed the first annual Hawaii Cultural Orientation Fair for over 300 active duty and family members.Reflecting a commitment to cultural education and diversity, the event brought together community, business, and local support organizations to showcase customs, traditions, and history of the islands, as well as provide resources to best prepare new arrivals.
  • Director of volunteer Auxiliary forces that augment Coast Guard active duty operational and support activities in Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan, including 400+ personnel, 20 boats, 12 planes, and 36 comms facilities.

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering - U. S. Coast Guard Academy

U. S. Coast Guard

Taught undergraduate engineering courses to civil, mechanical, naval, and electrical students, incl: Statics, Engineering Material Science, and Civil Engineering Senior Capstone Design.Academic Advisor: to 27 cadets.Adventure Sports Coach: taught fundamental rock climbing course. Outdoor Club Faculty Advisor: supervised outdoor adventures incl rafting, ice and rock climbing, winter hiking/camping, park cleanups, etc.Rugby Coach: for nationally ranked Division 2 Men’s Rugby team.


Chief of Planning and Management - Facilities Construction and Design Center Pacific

U. S. Coast Guard

Supervised planning, budget/financial, environmental, drafting and admin programs of the 49 person engineering office to deliver a $32M annual program of large-scale facility construction throughout the western US and Pacific.

  • Developed and implemented a project management tracking database that increased the quality and quantity of information available for critical project decisions, directly resulting in on-time execution of over 34 projects.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA Remediation Program Engineer - Facilities Design and Construction Center Pacific

U. S. Coast Guard

Engineer-in-Charge/Project Manager for the Coast Guard’s most complicated environmental remediation of its largest shore facility in Kodiak Alaska - a $30M decade long program to clean 42 regulated sites.

  • Corrected a longstanding challenge of the Coast Guard to execute its environmental restoration program by awarding fully 1/3 of the agency’s total budget, peaking with the award of $5.6M in 50 tasks to remediate 19 sites, positioning the service to meet congressional obligations and preserving the programs funding levels.“This action is unprecedented in FD&CC Pacific’s environmental restoration program and the history of the EC&R appropriation.”    Captain J.T. Peck, Commanding Officer FD&CC Pacific

  • Led the remediation of a 5 million gallon fuel farm, and affordable closure of an abandoned landfill that had been out of compliance for a decade.

Project/Construction Engineer, Tall Tower Program Manager - Civil Engineering Unit Juneau

U. S. Coast Guard

Lead design engineer and construction inspector for $2M+ annual portfolio of CG facilities projects throughout Alaska.Managed inspection, maintenance, and program/policy administration for tall towers in Alaska up to 1350’.


Underway Engineer, Deck Watch Officer, Damage Control Assistant - USCGC VALIANT

U. S. Coast Guard

Shipboard auxiliary engineering and damage control officer on 210’ Coast Guard Cutter responsible for all aspects of emergency response, stability, and watertight integrity.Primary shipboard gas-free engineer, damage control training coordinator, fire marshal, chemical/biological/radiological officer, and haz-mat coordinator.Qualified Deck Watch Officer responsible for underway operations of the cutter (navigation, engineering, and deck departments)



Master of Science

University of Illinois

Honors Graduate, 5.0 GPA


Bachelor of Science

U. S. Coast Guard Academy

Honors Graduate



Registered Professional Engineer - Civil Engineering

State of Alaska

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Certified Instructor

Franklin Covey

Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America

Pacific Leadership Academy Senior Fellow and Executive Consultant

Federal Executive Board and Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Certified Top Rope Climbing Guide

American Mountain Guide Association


Mike Bowlus


U. S. Coast Guard