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I am a graduate from Portland Community College. I have an Associates of Applied Science in Multimedia. My computer skills are proficient.  I have training in Adobe software such as Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Premier. I also know how to use Adobe Soundbooth. As for Apple products, I can use Final Cut Pro, Garage Band and DVD Studio Pro. In addition I have skills working with Office programs such as Word, Excel and Power point. I organize files on computers every day and have developed clerical knowledge.

The projects that I worked on for multimedia helped with problem solving and time management skills. Many projects that I completed required an eye for detail and at times requires multi-tasking and interaction with people.

Under skill bases section, Visualcv requires to put in a rating on skill level. This may or not may reflect my actual skill. So if you have any questions to ask me during interview or correspondence through email. Please feel free to ask.


To share my enthusiasm, positive attitude and excellent customer service, in addition to building interpersonal relationships with coworkers. My willingness to offer a professional work ethic and punctual code is a good fit at your corporation.


Jun 2007Jun 2011

Associates of Applied Science

Portland Community College

I am a graduate from Portland Community College. I have earned my degree in multimedia and graduated with highest honors. I have worked with programs such as a Autodesk Maya Final Cut Pro and the Adobe products such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects and Flash.

Aug 2004May 2005

Pacific University

I attended Pacific University for about a year from 2004-2005. At that time I was studying Japanese and I was taking basic courses for my freshman year in college.


Adobe Photoshop
 I have 2 years of academic training in Photoshop CS3 and approximately 7 years of self taught experience in using Photoshop doing my own personal projects by using Photoshop CS2 in the past. I have confidence to say I know 90% of the features of Photoshop CS3. I am currently keeping up with the new technology of of Adobe's creative suites. I am currently using Photoshop CS5.
Microsoft Office

I have experience using Microsoft Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I am most skilled in using Microsoft word and I have a good understanding of Excel and have used it to organize data. I've used PowerPoint plenty of times so I am familiar with how the program functions. The version of Office I am most familiar with is Office 2010 and Word. I have a good handle on how to use the software. 

Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premier

I have about 1 year of academic training with Final Cut Pro.  Since I don't own a Mac, I am currently using Adobe Premiere CS5 and have been using it for a 5 years to edit my videos.  I have used Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere on other school and personal projects. I know the fundamentals of video editing and can do color adjustment, sound editing, etc. I mostly use Adobe Premiere at home. Since Final Cut Pro and Adobe are very similar so I am confident the transition from one program to the next should not be a problem.

Adobe After Effects
I have at least 2 years of academic experience with Adobe After Effects.  The numbers showing longer than that is from using After Effects for personal projects. I know more than a beginner and can create interesting projects with After Effects. Most of my usage of After Effects so far has been for personal projects either dealing with video intros or animation.
Web Design
I have at least 1 year or so of academic training with Dreamweaver.  I also have about 1-2 years of academic training in creating Cascading style sheets and working with html code in a text editor. I know a bit of javascript and the very basics of jquery.. I know HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding and I feel confident in designing small professional looking webpages. Even today I'm doing my own personal projects of web design. My main source of website building is Dreamweaver or the current trend which is
3D Modeling and Animation
I have about 2 years of academic training in Autodesk Maya to model and rig 3D objects. Because the program costs so much i rarely use it. I am currently using a program called Metasequoia.  While it's listed as beginner, this reflects my modeling an rigging skills, I have a basic understanding of modeling. I also, have a much wider understanding in 3D animation and have been animating a bit longer than I have rigging and modeling. I've used other programs to animate objects and characters that I've either created myself or used from an open source. 
DVD Studio Pro
I have one year of academic training in DVD Studio Pro. I have knowledge in DVD Studio Pro but I do not own a MAC and therefore my knowledge is limited to using the program at school. However, I have confidence in picking up any new versions of the program.
Adobe Flash + VB

I  took a class on Visual Basic back in 2006.   I have 1-2 years of academic training with Adobe Flash and coding in Action script 3.0. I last touched flash as of 2010 working on a personal project. I have confidence in my skills in using the Graphical Interface and timeline of Flash.  I am slightly above a beginner when it comes to my Action script 3.0 skills. My knowledge of Adobe Flash is trained using the Creative Suite 3 package but I should have no trouble picking up the new functions of the versions of Flash.  Thus I have basic understanding of coding.  

Work History


Data Processor & customer support

Specialty Toys Network

I work with processing data from manufacturers through excel and process images through Photos hop to make them usable to view on out server for retailers to view.

410 NE 3rd Street, Ste. #8, McMinnville, OR, 97128

tel: 503-434-9706
fax: 866-640-5987

Jan 2015Feb 2016

Call Center Receptionist

Arc of Southwest Washington

I am hired on as as receptionist to receive phone calls from clients who wish to donate to the ARC, and schedule them out if they accept. My boss also has me help with data entry when needed, and I have been placed on the pick up routes the truck take as a helper. My task there is to pick up bags and help the driver navigate if he needs help. 

6115 E. 18th St. Vancouver, WA, 98661              

Pickup Service Front Desk: (360)546-3158                             Arc Main Office: (360)254-1562

Nov 2014Dec 2014

Bell Ringer

Salvation Army

Temporary Job during the Christmas season. I worked as a bell ringer and greeted people to give donations. The job is for either volunteers or paid worker. I was a paid worker.

1500 Northeast 112th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98684

(360) 892-9050

Jul 2014Aug 2014

Contacted by Aerotek as Temp Worker


I work in the factory making pumps. I work at many different stations such as in molding, boxing, building the houses for pumps, magnet making, etc. By doing this job I have gained experience with dispatch, lot control, etc.

1402 NE 136th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684

(360) 253-2008

Oct 2005Jun 2006


Pizza Hut
  • Organizing and maintaining food ratios
  • Maintaining sanitation of kitchen and shop
  • Handled food orders
  • Was Responsible  for opening and closing the shop
  • Transported supplies and food products

818 W. Vineyard Dr, Kennewick, WA. 99337


Jun 2005Sep 2005


Tri-City Radiology

As a self-contractor, I was contracted into Tri-city Radiology as an employee to work on organizing and disposing of x-rays mammograms and radiology film.

7221 W. Deschutes Ave, Ste. A, Kennewick, WA, 99336




  • Packaging food in bags
  • Delivering food to schools for hungry children.


Portland Community College

  • Volunteer Multimedia Teacher assistant (Teacher Assistants help students with the multimedia software and make sure computers are shut off when the school closes)


The Arc

    • Data entry on compiling Truck routes, millage, inventory, etc. From  August 2014 to January 2015



    • Gaming Console Booth help desk and attendant. October 28th-30th.

    School Club leadership experience

    I was the President of the Anime Club from 2009 to 2011. I was in charge of various duties as President. By being the President of a club I gained organization, communication and leadership skills. Listed below are the skills I dealt with as President.

    • Calling to reserve a room for club
    • Organizing signatures during club week, while greeting and explaining the purpose of the club.
    • For events I had to plan a budget for games, food, trips and advertizement.
    • Was in charge of advertizement.
    • Delegated decisions for PR and hosting. I also was partially responsible for contacting members and updating status.
    • Attended the College Student council meetings to discuss the year's plans for budget and events.
    • Organized movie showings and discussions.


    Final Cut Pro Video Editing Montage

    I worked on this in Final Cut Pro video editing class. This project was done as a group. The footage was taken and then each member would take the footage and edit it to how we interpreted it. This is my version.

    Adobe AfterEffects: Touhou Promotion Video 2

    This video was all made in Adobe After Effects for a multimedia class. Realizing I could do more in After Effects I made a different promotion video for the Touhou visual novel I am working on in After Effects. Touhou is the ever popular side scroller shooting game that came out for the PC years ago by ZUN. This video is based on one of my projects for class.

    Flash CS3: Touhou Promotion Video

    This video was created for a Computer Application Science class. I used this video as part of flash work for the class. This is the original version of the Opening PV movie that I was going to use for a Flash interface class in college. This is all done in Adobe Flash CS3.

    3D Modeling - Modeling

    Here I did some 3d modeling in programs such as Autodesk Maya, Metasequioa and a foreign program called MMD. (Note: The picture links to a Photobucket gallery with images of my 3d modeling art work. Unfortunately the high resolution pictures are on my older PC which crashed. So Photobucket is acting as a temporary backup. Photobucket downgrades the image quality but at least you'll get to view the pictures.)

    Check it out at or at

    Web Desgin - SCC Pets Home Page

    This is a sample screen shot of a design I did in Multimedia 220 class. The Mulitmedia 220 design class had its students recreate an outdated website for the non profit organization, SCCPets back in 2009. A web designer from SCCPets would then choose a design he liked the most from the class and use it for the updated website.

    Website Design 2 - Website Works

    Here is as listing of examples of websites I have created for other people or as side projects. At the top of the page is a profile website I made for myself. Below will be list of websites. I have created for other people. Over time this list may get added on so please check the online version of the resume from time to time.

    DVD Studio Pro Final Project - DVD creation

    I recoded the DVD I made. Back in 2008, I did a project for my DVD Studio Pro class where we were to make DVD menus. My final project took digital files I had recorded off of my TV called Macross Frontier. This was long before the actual DVD and Blurays came out. I decided to use this as an example to make a DVD of 4 episodes and speculate what the DVD might look like if it came out to the United States. Please note that all images, music and video I used in this project was for a class project only and for learning purposes. Thus the contents fall under regulations of fair use.

    Multiemdia 250 Advanced Project: Project Documentation and Proposal

    This will link you to the documentation for all the work that I put into the project. I did not include the call list for the sake of privacy of personal information for the actors in the movie. Project documentation can be found at the link or in PDF attachment

    Multimedia 250 Advanced Project: Graudation Project - Film Production

    This is a parody video of Kamen Rider I made for a multimedia 250 class. In the class we were supposed to create a project that uses all the tools we learned in other classes. By choosing to do a movie I had to write the script myself, do CG myself, storyboard, do filming, video editing, gathering actors and even act in in myself. I shot the film with a HD Flip camera so the sound quality maybe low in some scenes. Due to time constraints of having only 3 months to create this film, I was not able to complete all the scenes I wanted. Please take note that I do own rights to any of the music used in this video. This video was done for educational purposes and to promote my skills in video editing, script writing, 3D modeling, and planning a large scale project; thus this video follows all laws and regulations under fair use.

    Web Presence

    To See Online Version