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Engineering professional with 16 years of international experience in management of validation of new products and technologies, quality and reliability, supply management and procurement. Varied background including project management in multi-disciplinary environments. In-depth knowledge of standards and practices in key industries combined with an extensive experience in manufacturing capability assessment. Recognized for his strong interpersonal skills and commitment, his prowess at coordinating complex projects and strong focus on results. Excellent decision-maker, team player and leader. Seeking new challenges in a leading role in the high-tech or advanced technology sector.• International experience (USA - Canada - Europe - Asia)• 16 years in semiconductor, fiber-optic and electronic industries (ODM and EMS)• 11 years in corporate supply management/procurement and corporate technology group• Bilingual French / English• Canadian and French PassportsSTRENGHS• Broad technical expertise• Decision maker• Strong communication and interpersonal skills• Multi-cultural experience

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WHILE CURRENTLY WORKING ON A SHORT TERM CONTRACT (@ 3 months) AS INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT ... ... I AM STILL JOB HUNTING A FULL POSITION. Contact Information: Phone : (00) (1) 514-774-4240 email: [email protected]
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Staff Product Reliability Engineer

Manage quality/reliability of multi-million $ projects for Flextronics-designed products (e.g. a WiFi module) and platforms (e.g. a touch panel platform). Member of product assurance and reliability engineering team within corporate technology group. Product Quality and Reliability: • Performed technology risk assessments, provided risk mitigation strategy for consumer, mobile and automotive applications • Defined and planned reliability testing • Drove coordination of DfX processes • Completed suppliers’ audits • Successfully coached multi disciplinary teams (design, test, quality, production) • Diligently worked within multi-cultural environments (Americas-Europe-Asia) Component Quality and Reliability: • Wrote and implemented Procurement Specifications for electronics • Guided specification of new CE processes • Supported production lines on NPI/quality issues Key Words: CEM/EMS and ODM - FMEA, FA and RCA - HALT, ESS - JEDEC, MIL-STD, IPC, AEC - RoHS

Senior Component Reliability Engineer

Member of Nortel supply management team 2004 Lead qualification and reliability of electronic components. Support Nortel’s RoHS transition. 2002-2003 Lead quality and reliability of passive and active fiber-optic components, modules and high level assembly modules used in Ottawa designed products. • Supported design: performed technical risk assessments on new components/technologies development and roadmaps • Led and coordinated supplier completion of reliability tests • Managed and validated components/modules integration • Performed key suppliers’ technical audits • Supported production lines on NPI and quality issues • Collaborated with commodity managers for sourcing and second sourcing (RFI, RFQ, pricing) 2000-2002 Lead fiber-optics for Qtera LH4000 platform • Consolidated Qtera BOM with Nortel AVL • Implemented Nortel’s processes • Led fiber-optics quality/reliability Key Words: OEM - Telecommunication – FA/RCA - ESS - Telcordia/Bellcore, NEBS

Advanced Procurement Engineer

Alcatel Optronics
Drive procurement and sourcing of fiber-optic components in USA and Canada for Alcatel Optronics in France - Manage a Reston-based purchasing team. Member of Alcatel logistics and purchasing department. • Completed market surveys on components for production (2nd sourcing), and for new designs (sourcing) • Identified and validated sources achieving a 250% increase of parts supplied in North America • Performed suppliers’ technical audits • Negotiated world-class prices (cost reductions @15-20%) and million $ commercial contracts • Secured component supply to fulfill huge volumes demands in ‘98 to ‘00 • Supported Paris based designers on new components/technologies: sourcing, technical risk assessment and qualification • Assisted Paris-based production line on NPI, quality issues and shortage exposures Key Words: OEM - Telecommunication, Supply management, Negotiation, Cost saving, Quality, Reliability, Telcordia/Bellcore - NEBS compliances

Development and Application Engineer

Designer of Scantek photoluminescence systems Application engineer for Sentech Instruments GmbH. • Led mechanical, optical HW and SW photoluminescence development and performed customer training • Acted as application engineer for France on thin film metrology and plasma process equipment of Sentech portfolio Key Words: Design - Semiconductors’ metrology, wafer probing

Research Assistant

Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc (Montpellier II)
Research Assistant at CEM2 Research Team (Montpellier Micro-optoelectronic Center - CNRS and University labeled) - Director: Professor Claude Alibert, Ph.D. Lead a European research program involving CNRS - Alcatel research center - CNET - LAAS, France and CSELT, (now Agilent) Italy. • Designed (mechanical and optical HW, SW) innovative optical test equipment based on grating coupling technique • Completed highly accurate measurements of indexes (refractive and effectives) of III-V semiconductors used in telecom • Performed scientific and mathematical analysis to specify new or improved theoretical models • Released internal reports and published results for scientific national and international publications and events • 13 publications and communications in international reviews and conferences Key Words: Research in telecommunication - Design - Near infrared, waveguide, birefringence - InP, GaInAs, GaSb, GaInAsSb.




Universite; des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc (Montpellier II)

• ‘Index Measurements of III-V Semiconductors from Waveguide Structures’• Graduated with High Distinction



Universite; des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc (Montpellier II)

• Graduated with Distinction• 6 months as Junior Research Assistant at CNRS - Montpellier - France• 2 publications and communications in international reviews and conferences


Maitrise (MSc)

Universite; des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc (Montpellier II)

• Graduated with Distinction• 4 months as Junior Research Assistant at CNRS - Meudon - France• 1 publication in International review